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86 71% As bestas (2022) - Rated 14 May 2024
""Straw Dogs" vibes with a different motivation. Not as strong, but still impressive. The movie started very promising with edgy one hour, but it did drag here and there as it carried on. Once you figure out what is going to happen, it felt like something was missing to make this a masterpiece. Don't know what it is."
80 54% Ölümlü Dünya 2 (2023) - Rated 10 May 2024
88 75% Red Rooms (2023) - Rated 09 May 2024
90 81% Monster (2023) - Rated 07 May 2024
"This was a banger. Very good storytelling and built-up. Incredible ending. The brass scene was particularly powerful. A few times, it showed a little bit of Hollywood influence, but other than that, I can't tell anything negative about this movie."
67 24% The Zone of Interest (2023) - Rated 06 May 2024
"Very original idea. Presenting holocaust without actually showing it, insisting on the contrast, making use of the sounds almost non-stop, etc. These are all great, but is it enough to make a movie? There is almost no story here (or at least no depth) at all. This would be an impressive short movie, but not in this form. Good idea, but not good execution."
74 36% Anatomy of a Fall (2023) - Rated 04 May 2024
"Not bad, but definitely doesn't deserve the Palme d'Or. I understand that the point isn't really what happened, but more about the story behind it, but is it worth making a 2.5 hour movie? I don't think so. Not necessarily boring, but not that interesting either. Good time killer. That's about it."
74 36% Conan O'Brien Must Go (2024) - Rated 02 May 2024
79 50% Incendies (2010) - Rated 29 Apr 2024
"Good story, but alright delivery. I like that the Middle East image wasn't too cliche for a Western movie. However, I couldn't really engage with any of the characters. The story lacks depth, especially the characterisation. The way the story was told wasn't very impressive either. Not a big fan of constant context switch. Still, the story was quite interesting, the cinematography was good, but that's about it."
82 60% Three Identical Strangers (2018) - Rated 26 Apr 2024
60 17% Baby Reindeer (2024) - Rated 25 Apr 2024
"Good story, not a very good story telling. I found it hard to engage with, despite knowing it's based on true events. The problem is it's constant lecturing style. There is almost no subtlety with all the social messages the series tries to deliver. Nothing is left for the audience to figure out. I can't help but wonder how this would've turned out in HBO's hands. Nevertheless, it was entertaining to watch, but not something particularly memorable for me."