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Bio: I have stopped rating films, except maybe in a very rare case. Sit back, relax, enjoy, and move onto the next movie. Albeit, I will continue contributing to Criticker community by adding stuff; it's fun.

Movie connoisseur; every movie from anywhere in the world!

Ratings are a constantly evolving process. Many of my past ratings are not consistent with my current rating standard. It's likely that I will rate something only 70 that I rated 100 previously (or v.v.), but I do not have the inclination to go back and update all of these; it would be too mammoth of a task (now I realize why standardization process is important; at least some level of self consistency can be achieved). Being inconsistent in such a fashion is really agonizing. So how do we overcome this agony? I find my solace in the following imperfect answer: Any opinion about a movie is always limited to a particular individual; therefore, ratings, which are quantification of this opinion, is also personal. They should ideally not affect the judgement of any other person. Unlike formal systems, classification of cinema as good or bad is subjective. I can only hope that I was honest when I gave my former ratings.

I used to follow the 10-100 (with increments of 5) rating system.

Looking back at many of my mini-reviews, I think they are not articulate, but it's work in progress and will probably always remain that way.

There is a clear lack of Indian films on this site. India has 122 major languages, and films are made in many of these languages. In fact, India produces the highest number of films in any given year in the world. The Hindi language film industry is known famously as Bollywood, which is a term coined to sound like Hollywood. Out of these 122 languages, exceptional world class cinema (a few films) is made in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, and Malayalam languages. Good films might also be available in Telugu, Kannada, and Punjabi languages, but I am myself not very familiar with many of these movies. As much as the Indian cinema is under represented here, more so the excellent films of the Marathi language is a rarity to find on this site. As we all are here on the look-out for good cinema to watch, I take it upon myself to add Marathi movies on this site. Few of these are India's official entry for "Best Foreign Film Category at the Academy Awards", few of them are winner at the Cannes, the Venice film festival, the Berlin film festival, and so on... Help yourself to these movies. You can find my ratings of these movies in my profile. It would be a good idea to check my ratings because, like any movie industry, many Marathi language films can be absolutely crappy. To search for these movies just type "Marathi" in the search bar, and you will get a collection titled the same. Finding subtitles and good prints of these movies might be an ordeal but fear not; just message me, and I will help you find one if at all possible. Happy hunting, watching cinema.

I have started adding any Indian movie not present on this site without any language restrictions.

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10 3% Ba Bai (2020) - Rated 27 Apr 2021
100 94% Dark Waters (2019) - Rated 27 Feb 2021
"Ok, this piece of work here is not about the movie. Anybody fcuking rating this anything other than a 100 has lost it as a human being."
100 94% Woman in the Dunes (1964) - Rated 22 Jan 2021
"There are times when you are utterly stunned, speechless when you watch a movie. This is one of them."
0% Betaal (2020) - Rated 24 May 2020
100 94% Better Call Saul (2015) - Rated 24 Mar 2020
"Watched the first season. Touched me. Exceptional."
65 53% Ghost Stories (2020) - Rated 01 Jan 2020
"Zoya: Story is simple and predictable. But her craft is nice. 4/5 Anurag: The story is truly upsetting, and the visuals made me cringe—horror. Unfortunate, paranoid woman, but the toll of losing a child can be immense. 4/5 Dibakar: The out-of-focus part in the opening scene is such any eye sore. Never excepted such shoddy skill from him. Disturbing story. Unfortunately, such social incidents are part of this "real" world. 3/5 Karan: VAIN. Some of the dialogues here made me cringe."
100 94% Laal Kaptaan (2019) - Rated 18 Dec 2019
"A very very special film."
100 94% Article 15 (2019) - Rated 01 Sep 2019
"What a hard-hitting film!"
10 3% Solaris (1972) - Rated 02 Aug 2019
"How is this the best science fiction film ever, I know not. Atrocious and painful to watch. What's the word---pretentious! Arrgh!"
100 94% Free Solo (2018) - Rated 08 Mar 2019