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96 95% Memorias del subdesarrollo Memorias del subdesarrollo (1968) - Rated 06 Feb 2012
"Comparisons to Godard or other New Wave filmmakers are superficial at best. This is not merely a French bourgeois's Marxist pseudo-intellectual ramblings, it's a very human story shot in the midst of post-revolutionary material and psychological turmoil, and the malaise provoked by the cyclical nature of underdevelopment (pretty words I KNOW). I'm surprised at how few rankings this movie's got at this site, don't know if it's a distribution thing in the US or what."
97 97% The Battle of Algiers The Battle of Algiers (1966) - Rated 12 May 2011
"Incredibly intense political film about two sides of a coin who are both right and wrong at the same time. If there's got to be an essential film about the inherent contradictions of colonialism this is the one. Perhaps the only thing missing here for me is the side of the Arab loyalists, who stood with the French until the end. That would have made the film even more interesting imho."
96 95% Aguirre: The Wrath of God Aguirre: The Wrath of God (1972) - Rated 22 Jul 2009
"The definitive descent into madness."
94 93% Days of Heaven Days of Heaven (1978) - Rated 10 May 2011
"Shooting exclusively in the magic hour should be considered cheating in filmmaking."
92 88% Eraserhead Eraserhead (1977) - Rated 24 Dec 2011
"I've had my doubts about fatherhood, but after this there's no way in hell I'm having any children ever."
56 23% Requiem for a Dream Requiem for a Dream (2000) - Rated 11 Dec 2009
"After seeing it a second time, I decided it's shit."