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T5 Phantom Thread (2017) - Feb 04, 2018
T2 Thor: Ragnarok (2017) - Jan 22, 2018
T2 Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) - Dec 17, 2017
"A convoluted plot that ultimately doesn't achieve much takes this franchise into a direction that doesn't integrate well with either the original trilogy or the Force Awakens. I for one appreciated some of the socially progressive messages, but some were poorly conveyed. What kept my attention was that a couple of key characters are still well written and some action scenes were masterfully choreographed. Ultimately though I lost a lot of enthusiasm for the franchise."
T7 Dunkirk (2017) - Dec 16, 2017
"The timeline of this movie is initially a bit confusing, and the aspect ratio changes for IMAX are jarring as ever (though not as frequent as past Nolan projects), but the scarce dialogue combined with the excellent technical prowess behind the shots result in a tense and worthwhile experience."
T5 A Ghost Story (2017) - Nov 20, 2017
" Stunning cinematography in an interesting aspect ratio, and a number of deeply unsettling and poignant scenes, but most of the themes it explored left me cold. Could've worked better for me if some of it was more ambiguous."
T7 Kedi (2016) - Nov 13, 2017
T10 Manchester by the Sea (2016) - Oct 18, 2017
T7 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Oct 07, 2017
"This is a really good sci-fi film, but a bad blade runner movie. Ultimately Villeneuve and Deakins did their own thing, and the result is breathtakingly beautiful, but it's anchored to something it cannot live up to. Worth watching in a theater for the sound design and cinematography alone though."
T5 Blade Runner Blackout 2022 (2017) - Oct 06, 2017