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America 2-Night (1978-) TV Series

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The second season version of "Fernwood 2Nite". The small time talk show from Fernwood, Ohio has moved to Alta Coma, California, where it has taken on a more national flavor. This satire of Merv Griffin, Johnny Carson, and all the other big names in 70's Talk TV promised each week that it would offend some, if not many, with its unusual brand of humor. In this newer version of the show, many well-known TV and movie stars came on as guests, where they often joined the cast in making fun of themsel

Genres: Comedy, Talk-Show

AKA: America Tonight

Country: USA

Created By: Norman Lear

Written By: Tom Dunsmuir, John Boni, Bob Illes

Starring: Fred Willard, Jim Varney, Kenneth Mars, Martin Mull, Bill Kirchenbauer, Frank De Vol

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