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Inspector Morley, late of Scotland Yard (1952-1953) TV Series

Inspector Morley, late of Scotland Yard
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Depicts the continuing battles between the master criminal Terence Reilly and Inspector Morley of Scotland Yard. Reilly has escaped from prison and Morley is called in to recapture him. This was an unsold series. Select episodes were spliced together and released as feature films - King of the Underworld, Murder at Scotland Yard and Murder at the Grange. Episodes were eventually aired on TV in the early 2000′s.

Cast and Information

Directed By: Victor M. Gover

Starring: Patrick Barr, Tod Slaughter, Frank Hawkins, Tucker McGuire, Ingeborg von Kusserow, Leonard Sharp, Anne Valery, Dorothy Bramhall, Tom Macaulay

Genre: Crime

AKA: Inspector Morley, Late Of Scotland Yard Investigates

Country: UK

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