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Flick Fan - 81 Films Ranked
Member Since: Mar 29, 2011
Location: Quezon City, Philippines, Philippines
Bio: I\'m just a guy who likes movies and some comics.
Recent Rankings
T1 The Avengers (2012) - May 24, 2012
" It%u2019s funny, it%u2019s witty, it%u2019s action-packed, it%u2019s expectations met or surpassed. It%u2019s not The Dark Knight, it%u2019s practically its polar opposite, but it still stands as a good movie, a testament to the genre%u2019s versatility. Not in a long time have a movie filled the audience with this much childlike enthusiasm. This is proof that a popcorn movie can have a heart. For whole review "
70 T7 Knocked Up (2007) - Mar 31, 2011
85 T9 Face/Off (1997) - Mar 29, 2011
67 T5 American Pie 2 (2001) - Mar 29, 2011
84 T9 Mean Girls (2004) - Mar 29, 2011
70 T7 The Wrestler (2008) - Mar 29, 2011
43 T2 Along Came Polly (2004) - Mar 29, 2011
"Flawed movie that tries to be charming but just doesn't work."
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