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85 T7 Jaws (1975) - Oct 24, 2007
"Damn fine piece of film! How Spielberg was flawless those days... Impeccable pace and performances."
92 T9 Brazil (1985) - Oct 24, 2007
"Gilliam's powerful Orwellian satire. Even a bit (as usual) clumsy on the technical side, the thought-provocativeness flows like a torrent. A must for political wannabes."
95 T10 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) - Oct 24, 2007
"Best Gilliam. A very accomplished adaptation of a tough and sublime novel. Depp and Del Toro shine intensely."
100 T10 Blade Runner (1982) - Oct 24, 2007
"Perfect photography, perfect narrative, perfect pace, perfect performances, perfect production design, perfect movie. Not a thing to be revisited frequently or just for kicks, but I'll be very hard pressed to rank anything as high as this."
87 T8 12 Monkeys (1995) - Oct 24, 2007
"Excellent Gilliam, Willis and Pitt in great shape. A mind-bender instead of a political statement this time."
65 T2 Heavenly Creatures (1994) - Oct 23, 2007
"Wobbly narrative, poor execution. A necessarily poor movie when coming from Bad Taste, Braindead and the Feebles into drama. Which should never have happened."
90 T8 The Fly (1986) - Oct 23, 2007
"Groundbreaking concept, brilliant actors, very enthralling story."
75 T4 Sphere (1998) - Oct 23, 2007
"Almost good terror scifi. "
82 T6 Young Frankenstein (1974) - Oct 23, 2007
"Great Brooks, great Wilder. A wonderful movie for movie fans."
80 T5 Tremors (1990) - Oct 23, 2007
"Great action scifi, like no one seems to know how to make these days."
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