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Torsk på Tallinn (1999)

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Summary: A bunch of lonely, desperate Swedish single men buy a trip from a shady agency to go to Tallinn and find themselves a bride, maybe even love. (Jarmann)

Genre: Comedy

Country: Estonia, Sweden

Directed By: Tomas Alfredson

Written By: Robert Gustafsson, Jonas Inde, Andres Lokko, Martin Luuk

Starring: Tiina Tauraite, Tõnu Kark, Johan Rheborg, Robert Gustafsson, Jonas Inde, Andres Lokko, Merle Palmiste, Martin Luuk, Tomas Almgren, Birgit Lilienthal, Karolina Palutko, Lena Söderblom

AKA: Screwed in Tallinn, Torsk på Tallinn - En liten film om ensamhet

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