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Curiosity Kills the Cat ()

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This story takes place in a city by the Yangzi River where skyscrapers stand around falling slums... In a luxurious apartment an enchanting story of modern China unfolds... As the Chinese economy blooms so does the gap between rich and poor... These events unite an unlikely cast of a lady of noble decency, her power- hungry husband, a manicure store owner, a security guard, and a countryside girl and series of mysterious events haunted them... What happens in this luxurious apartment building? (imdb)

Genres: Drama, Mystery

AKA: Hao qi hai si mao

Country: China

Directed By: Yibai Zhang

Written By: Xin Huo, Yibai Zhang

Starring: Carina Lau, Jia Song, Jun Hu, Fan Liao, Yuan Lin