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45 19% Men in Black: International (2019) - Jun 14, 2019
"I was hoping the Men in Black franchise could work without Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones. Chris Hemsworth can be funny, but here he falls flat and just feels awkward. His partner played by Tessa Thompson doesn't gel well and she's fairly bland. There's not much chemistry between them. The plot itself is not that interesting. The supporting characters and the villain are weak. The musical score is good, but that's because it's the original Men in Black music. It's just not all that funny, sadly."
55 30% Dark Phoenix (2019) - Jun 05, 2019
"It's neither good or bad really, just mediocre to passable. There's a few okay parts here and there, and the acting is still pretty solid from the main cast. Some action sequences are decent. Jessica Chastain mostly plays a one-dimensional and predictable villain. Jean Grey has never been the most engaging X-Men character and she can be a bit bland to watch. Hans Zimmer's score is fairly decent for what it is. As a solid conclusion to the X-Men prequels? You'll probably be underwhelmed with it."
85 85% Chernobyl (2019) - Jun 04, 2019
"This is a fantastic TV miniseries that studies the Chernobyl disaster in a gritty, realistic approach that elevates the feel and emotion of the people. The atmosphere is superb thanks to awesome cinematography and the haunting musical score that perfectly illustrates what it was like to be there. There's top notch acting from everyone, as well as gripping storylines knowing almost all of it actually happened makes things so poignant. It's definitely a show you won't forget and a must watch!"
75 67% The Little Orphan (1948) - Jun 03, 2019
75 67% The Milky Waif (1946) - Jun 03, 2019
80 77% Heavenly Puss (1949) - Jun 03, 2019
85 85% The Cat Concerto (1947) - Jun 03, 2019
80 77% Mice Follies (1954) - Jun 03, 2019
80 77% Jerry's Cousin (1951) - Jun 03, 2019
15 4% I Know Who Killed Me (2007) - Jun 03, 2019