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Cinema Addict - 1898 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 5, 2008

Location: Riverside, USA

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13 6% A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014) - Jun 09, 2014
"I should have walked out as soon as the first scene bombed, as all the following scenes sucked as well. The only people I heard laughing consistently were the 8 year-olds of very negligent parents. Almost tries to mix high and low humor but fails miserably, never settling on a tone. Basically 3 comedies in one and they all clash. Its a 'three stooges' era light comedy, filled with Farley brothers' gross outs (stolen rather than homage), slopped in the cutting room floor of 'the aristocrats.'"
81 73% Neighbors (2014) - Jun 08, 2014
55 27% The Other Woman (2014) - Jun 08, 2014
70 45% X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) - Jun 08, 2014
3% Godzilla (2014) - May 16, 2014
"Makes the '98 disaster look like 'Citizen Cane.' Absolutely Horrible. I think the studio must have robots voting on imdb for them, was 8.3 (11,015 votes) when I caved and saw it midnight screening with my fanatic friend, now down to 8.0 after it ended, and I'm sure it'll be in the 6's by the end of the weekend. Save your money and skip it, you'll thank me. Cranston dies real early on and that should have been my cue to walk out. I'd have saved an hour and a half of mind numbing garbage."
85 83% Simon of the Desert (1965) - Mar 22, 2014
75 58% Duck Soup (1933) - Feb 18, 2014
"More pun-ny than funny. Definitely a few classic one liners and routines, though I feel it is much too short and lacks transitions and/or connections between scenes."
88 91% Heaven Can Wait (1943) - Feb 17, 2014
75 58% Celda 211 (2009) - Feb 17, 2014