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55 21% iBoy (2017) - Jul 06, 2020
"Skillfully polished, and somewhat to its detriment: the concept is too silly for the execution, and uncomfortable tropes and cliches hold the film far back from transcending it, despite a surprisingly nuanced performance from Maisie Williams. (Culture Night Feature)"
45 10% Pom Poko (1994) - Jul 06, 2020
"A few genuinely funny moments of visual comedy are not nearly enough to make these long two hours worth sitting through. The film flounders without pace or character, relying on constant expository narration to make up for a shallow plot that could have been wrapped up in a ten minute short. Also, so many raccoon testicles . . ."
90 95% Only Yesterday (1991) - Jul 05, 2020
"A stunning pastoral and a beautiful reflection on childhood and maturity voiced by a superb Japanese cast. Moving and immersive vignettes washed in watercolours flow into scenes of naturalistic dialogue and silence that breathes deeply and fresh—a sunrise is a moment of holy pause, conversations in the car wander through profundity as the vehicle winds through the fields. Authentic and utterly singular, patient and lovely. Beautiful."
75 64% The Tiger Hunter (2017) - Jul 05, 2020
"A bit rough around the edges, especially in its opening minutes where it really does come across as a TV movie, but by the end it won me over with humour, charm, and a mother’s wisdom, its few shallow tropes forgotten beneath unique characters, their hilarious americanisms, and a feel-good ending. Funny and heartwarming."
55 21% The Rhythm Section (2020) - Jul 02, 2020
"There are a few compelling elements here—Blake Lively is solid and the highlands can’t fail to be lovely on screen—but the story is a mess of conveniences and leaps of logic which just about altogether fails to live up to Lively’s efforts."
75 64% Ponyo (2008) - Jul 01, 2020
"Neither the world-ending stakes nor Fujimoto’s character are ever properly established, somewhat marring the finale, but the kids are adorable and easily innocent enough to smooth over the “she needs a man to become human” angle. Ponyo’s pattering feet and enormous grin as she runs with the tsunami and Lisa’s sensitive parenting and reckless driving are the highlights here, and they’re delightfully memorable."
60 30% The Ocean Waves (1993) - Jun 30, 2020
"As intended, this is a boring and baffling film: the romance is questionable at best and nonsensical or simply absent at worst. However, the relationship between Morisaki and Matsuno, along with the emotive synth soundtrack and unambitious slice-of-life visuals, develops in slow and subtle strokes that honestly do engage despite being accidental. A curious picture. (Watch eliquorice's video essay “Ocean Waves - Studio Ghibli’s (Accidental) Queer Film” for a great look at this film)"
70 52% The Secret World of Arrietty (2010) - Jun 29, 2020
"Arrietty is a delightful protagonist and everything is exquisitely pretty, the bobbing flowers and the sunbeams and the rain, but the script is lacking and the soundtrack (though also exquisite) never quite clicks. What’s with the whimsical harps while characters are discussing extinction (and what’s with characters casually discussing extinction)? Gorgeous to look at, and the story could have been something, but in the end it’s a largely disappointing, if still pleasant, effort."
95 98% My Neighbor Totoro (1988) - Jun 28, 2020
"Pure and captivating. From utterly heartwarming to deeply affecting, always imaginative and completely convincing. From the first moment, I delighted in the children’s ebullient joy, and wept in aching fear and happiness from the telegram through the final credits. And that tremendous soundtrack!"
75 64% Howl's Moving Castle (2004) - Jun 28, 2020
"The story is too sparse to have great effect—the romance is taken for granted and just kind of happens and the war is nothing but thematic flavour (and is dispensed with far too conveniently)—but the film is stunning in design and animation. Old-Sophie is a great character and the world is intriguing, so it’s a shame there’s not more to them or for them in the film."