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Member Since: Apr 3, 2015

Location: Canada

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20 0% Fullmetal Alchemist (2017) - Jun 03, 2019
"An incredibly bad film and an even worse adaptation. Characterless, uninteresting, and unclear. The costumes look like unworn convention attire, the settings are lifeless, the effects are mid 00s cheap, and the story is flaccid. Truly inspiring. Please don't watch this."
65 39% Always Be My Maybe (2019) - Jun 01, 2019
"Keanu Reeves is a riot and steals the show and the ending was surprisingly touching. The rest was relatively unremarkable, but pleasant enough."
85 89% Booksmart (2019) - Jun 01, 2019
"The central relationship is stellar: refreshing, hilarious, and touching in turns, though the betrayal beat felt disingenuous. The film is a comedy of substance, focused on friendship and character (primaries and secondaries are given moment, meaning, and laughs), and its humour is effective and smart. Unique in its genre. Strong performances, script, and music. A great comedy and a solid film."
65 39% Sucker Punch (2011) - May 31, 2019
"Visually arresting, featuring a number of excellent takes and fantastic set pieces. With the focus squarely on looking good, however, the story suffers, its potentially provocative subject becoming instead, for the most part, uncomfortably problematic."
60 28% Rough Night (2017) - May 31, 2019
"Has its moments, but is relatively rote within its genre and nothing will stick with me."
55 19% Dead Leaves (2004) - May 29, 2019
"A maddening riot and unceasing chaos of colour and image. Messy and often physically painful to watch, it nonetheless deserves some credit for not only striking out with its own unique style, but for committing to it for a full hour."
75 64% Mid90s (2018) - May 28, 2019
"Has its moments of nuanced angst, childlike wonder, and emotional weight, but an equal number of “honest” moments that are just uncomfortable or painful to watch and serve little purpose other than to be uncomfortable or painful, and made me feel bad for the actor instead of the character."
60 28% Merantau (2009) - May 22, 2019
"The concept is overdone and nothing about it is new here, but the colours are fun and the martial arts are engaging, if not magnificent. The shipping crate ending was bad, the tomato-picking ending surprisingly touching."
40 5% Maria (2019) - May 21, 2019
"Wooden and uninteresting. The acting and writing were poor, the pacing clunky, and the choreography unexciting. (DNF)"
80 77% John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) - May 19, 2019
"Loud, brash, and violent—and delightfully so, ramping up the B-movie silliness of Chapter 2. Its pace is almost literally breakneck. Relies a bit too heavily on its predecessor to stand alone, but within it each separate, creatively staged action scene is singularly engaging."