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85 90% Shadow in the Cloud (2020) - Jan 17, 2021
"Don’t dismiss this as a B-movie genre flick. The first two acts in the turret are a taut thriller—excellently written and performed—and they’re followed by a gripping action-packed finale. The creature-feature isn’t there just for kicks, either; it may not be profound, but when Moretz hands the package to the supporting male and single-handedly solves not only the explicit problems facing the crew but the “inexplicable accidents” too, well heck—call me inspired."
90 96% Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020) - Jan 14, 2021
"A film absolutely powerful in its intimacy. Natural performances and lighting and a soft touch behind the lens give its all-too-real content an almost documentarian quality that simply aches in its subtleties. The touch around the pillar, the shared suitcase on the escalator, the makeup in the bathroom—these quiet scenes and tiny moments overwhelm the heart while the titular scene midway through utterly rends it. Also, this film is *not about men*, so quit complaining."
70 53% The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) - Jan 10, 2021
"“For Adventure!” wasn’t good enough, so the filmmakers cried, “For a MacGuffin!” instead, and really that’s the worst of the film (alongside the awfully designed dragon): the green mist is a boring device and a crippling blow to the source material. But everything else is the best of the series so far. The direction is energetic, the action rollicking, the comedy (Poulter is superb as Eustace) on point, the scenery and design strong. Honestly, it’s better than you remember."
55 22% The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008) - Jan 10, 2021
"Absent any exposition, the film can be embodied by the Telmarine catapults of the climactic battle: constantly firing, scene after scene, without any impact at all except to ultimately close the door on the sustainability of the series. It’s not that the scenes, or even the performances or effects, are necessarily bad. They just don’t mean anything—are utterly insubstantial. A disappointing miss."
85 90% First Cow (2020) - Jan 06, 2021
"A soft-spoken homosexual walks through the PNW harvesting mushrooms before setting up a baking business in a nasty little town with his entrepreneurial partner. A beautifully shot, patient, precisely told little Western. Any synopsis will undersell this: despite the lack of up front drama, the tale is all in the subtleties and atmosphere, and is engagingly told."
55 22% Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) - Jan 04, 2021
"Hidden in a mire of boomer jokes and eye-rolling plot developments (if they can be called that) are one to three genuinely funny moments (for your consideration: the energy pill, London Lemming, the commitment to the virtual mission). Unhesitatingly the worst of the series."
70 53% Johnny English Reborn (2011) - Jan 04, 2021
"The delightful idiocy at the center of the character is enhanced in this outing by a clever suaveness conceit and new bumbling efficacy, and it's all polished just enough to give the film a sleek look without diminishing Atkinson's linchpin performance. If only they could have lampshaded the Bond girl, too: the "romance" added nothing but discomfort."
65 42% Johnny English (2003) - Jan 04, 2021
"Atkinson's charm would embue all but the tackiest of the jokes and slapstick with appreciable humour but for the sheer number of weaker efforts on the page. Ultimately an effective package, but only due to its inimitable star, and only just."
80 79% Anna Karenina (2012) - Jan 03, 2021
"The theatrical conceit is uniquely effective, moving the story along creatively and with good pace. The production design and choreography are sumptuous, but it is difficult to keep up with all the characters and relationships, which diminishes the power of the romance and tragedy. Ultimately, the lavish spectacle is at the forefront, and Macfadyen’s moustache is the especial highlight."
80 79% Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (2020) - Jan 01, 2021
"A perfectly plotted showcase of tremendous performances, just a little too theatrical to feel natural—though once the monologues start, their effects are undiminished by the stagey feel. Well paced and pleasingly packaged."