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Member Since: Aug 8, 2018

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81 79% Inception (2010) - Oct 05, 2018
"The charm of Inception seems to be in the need to watch it more than once. An interesting movie that explores dreams far past expectations. "
28 22% Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010) - Aug 15, 2018
"Way too fast paced. I am also forced to wonder if they read the books, the mythology, or rewatched it after they put it all together. I would appreciate someone telling me why Poseidon felt the need to walk out of the ocean very, very large when he was going to a meeting that was clearly meant to be at least mildly incognito."
45 31% Hook (1991) - Aug 15, 2018
"Robin Williams gave this movie all of its points, and that one scene that has never left my mind where they lock a guy in a chest and throw him overboard. The rest of it loses interest awfully quick and for the most part I'm wondering if Pan has lost his mind or I have."
12 4% 13 Reasons Why (2017) - Aug 15, 2018
"It is such a problematic show, and I hate it. I'm sure it has its good qualities but I can't see them past how much they make suicide seem to be this great revenge. It's not all that accurate and I'm left watching a show that makes suicide not seem like it isn't the worst option ever."
23 14% The Hangover Part III (2013) - Aug 14, 2018
"Why did they make this movie. It feels like the wanted to close off the set with a bow but it feels like they just took a nail gun, shot at everything and still missed the target. The stakes are too high, tacked on, and ridiculous enough to make me cringe. Ken Jeong is the only reason to watch this movie but he can only do so much."
70 52% The Hangover (2009) - Aug 14, 2018
"Hilarious, and would have been a great stand alone. The simplicity of the problem keeps the story focused, and the stakes are made clear. The movie was made to be laughed during and it succeeded. I wish the series had stopped here."
78 68% The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) - Aug 14, 2018
"Strong finish to the Bourne trilogy. I felt satisfied with the ending, and the action that led it there was well done, though maybe a tad repetitive of the prior films. I also wish they'd stop shoving love interests Bourne's way, even if they didn't say it the subtext was clear and it was in the way for me."
83 88% Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) - Aug 14, 2018
"I loved it. Comedy was strong and hit the mark for me. I cared about the characters, the outcomes, and the decisions that lead them there. The ingenuity of the cast when it came to improvisation was also a tick for this movie."
72 59% Push (2009) - Aug 14, 2018
"Enjoyable. It has action, a strong concept, Chris Evans, and an ending I didn't immediately see coming. I cared about the outcomes of the battles, even though I did feel left behind sometimes when it came to the powers of people. The ability to persuade someone just by looking them in the eye still gets me with how it's used in the film. "
82 83% Coraline (2009) - Aug 14, 2018
"Gave me nightmares but boy, it was a great time! Made me think with all the creepy parallels. Would watch again, multiple times. In a row. However, the dogs with wings haunt me to this day, along with that forsaken carnival."