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Member Since: Apr 21, 2013

Location: Minnesota , USA

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Bio: Chicago sport fan, die hard Chicago Bulls fan. Obviously like my film like most here however you’ll find some of my writes to be a little personal and sometimes very critical. Specifically if it stuff I relate to or in the case of critical, stuff that i feel is blatant, repetitive, and or disingenuous.

You’ll find me consistently praising the work of old horror franchises like Evil Dead and Alien, as well as the stupid but entertaining Fast and Furious franchise.

Deep Rooted Opinion: I’m also a big defender and fan of Neill Blomkamp. I think his vision and creativity is unmatched in the film industry. Even his worst work aims higher and more interestingly than 85% of other filmmakers, and I find him under appreciated amongst film enthusiasts. I also find the idea of people comparing all his work to District 9 quite the annoying discussion and limiting in creative scope.

70% is the mark of a average movie for me, I do my ranking based of a U.S school grading system, so 70 ranks as C- to C for me, anything below, it’s considered below average or worse.
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82 83% Bad Boys For Life (2020) - Jan 19, 2020
"My only real issues with this overall are the fact it feels more like Smith’s movie than Lawrence and just how “by the numbers” it feels. However, the movie does well on its comedic elements and the twist to it gives this the best villain in the whole franchise. It does just enough on its formula, and while not as big in spectacle to the Bay ones, it provides solid enough action. If I had a dollar for every time Lawrence said “oh shit” in this...I’m going back again to do a count."
70 37% The Purge: Election Year (2016) - Jan 16, 2020
"This movie feels like it was trying to explore the more political and morally driven arch’s of the purge. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like it was well executed, instead feeling convoluted, inconsistent, and a tad in generic in its approach to what would be a interesting social experiment in the real world. Not to mention, it’s predictable and lacks any tension the previous one presented. Grillo is still great, and it’s still a dumb thriller movie in the end. Could’ve been more though."
80 78% The Purge: Anarchy (2014) - Jan 16, 2020
"This is what the first one should’ve been. While I was satisfied with the first one, this kinda takes on a more grander scale and does explore the social experiment and sociology part of this premise. At its core, it’s still a dumb and fun thriller. However, this movie lacks any sense of security unlike the first, this does present a little bit of tension, since the movie is pretty much consists of watching are characters on the run. I feel like this was a huge improvement. "
75 59% The Purge (2013) - Jan 16, 2020
"This had lots of potential to show us a global experiment about our society. This premise is filled with potential, but the movie takes a very isolated approach and it turns out to be a house invasion film. I do enjoy what we got, and I feel like while it plays into tropes and clichés, I kinda look past them. It’s a solid film, but undoubtedly I feel like they didn’t realize the potential in this idea until later down the road, but it’s a decent stepping stone movie. "
84 86% The Negotiator (1998) - Jan 12, 2020
"This is just a fun and dumb action movie. There is nothing incredibly deep or different about it, it’s actually quite cliche and recycled in so many aspects, especially for today’s standards. However, I get to see Jackson and Spacey go at it, and sadly I’m a big fan of Spacey as an actor, so I found myself really entertained. There is a fine line where I know this isn’t great, but yet I really enjoyed it and it makes it hard to judge based off that notion. It’s a guilty pleasure."
91 94% The Nice Guys (2016) - Jan 12, 2020
"This is one of my favorite comedies in a long time. I love this concept and setting, and I don’t think you could’ve done better than Gosling and Crowe as your leads. It’s creative, cruel, and somehow light heartedly offensive, but I don’t think you see Hollywood take these chances, and having Shane Black dips his toes into something like this was a real treat. It’s at its best when it plays to into the more cliche society standards of the time, which really embraces this tone. Great."
83 85% Deadpool (2016) - Jan 12, 2020
"Probably the most risky of a comic book adaptation, but I’ll give Fox props for trying to adapt the material as best as possible. Reynolds and the writing team carry this film mightily, as it’s one of the most basic stories you’ll see, and in typical fashion, it’s predictable, but being predictable is okay when you’re having this much fun. Wether the humor lands with you or not, it’s different, and definitely distracts from the film’s holes. It’s good, if not without its faults. "
85 88% The Way, Way Back (2013) - Jan 12, 2020
"I really dig these types of movies that present a lot of themes and developing maturity. I grew up with some of these themes present in my life, so I give it brownie points for capturing the situations well. Not to mention the inner struggle a lot of these characters face. Rockwell and Carell are the notable cast highlights, but it’s safe to say this is just a really well crafted film that weighs heavily on a “coming of age” touch that serves it well. It’s a nice little project."
93 95% 1917 (2019) - Jan 11, 2020
"I absolutely love this. The cinematography and sound capture might be the best I’ve ever seen. The grainy, dirty, and muddy spectacle and tone, carried by the slow burn of a movie that continually teases the dark and disturbing parts of war is magnificent. The only discredit is the character development is semi dull, leaving the emotional and depressing scenes somewhat empty. Mendes really nailed it though. This film deserves all the praise it has gotten and will continue to get."
87 90% Straight Outta Compton (2015) - Jan 07, 2020
"Being a major hip hop head, I knew when I originally saw this, I was going to love it. It’s not perfect, and they certainly left specific things out because you do wanna paint a certain spotlight on the group. That doesn’t stop it from being a great documentary/homage to the group, as they really did change how rap is today. I don’t think we have some of the people we today without them, especially Dre. Regardless, you gotta give props to Gray for pulling this off. This wasn’t easy. "