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83 T7 Annihilation (2018) - Mar 19, 2018
76 T6 Lucky (2017) - Mar 12, 2018
"Feels a little bit forced sometimes, especially when it comes to the humor, but most of time it works. Stanton and Lynch are pretty cool and while the movie is kind of a stringing together of moments of reflection for Lucky, which is a bit repetitive, the moments themselves are quite powerful."
35 T2 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) - Mar 11, 2018
"Carrey is funny for a minute or two but then his stupid shit is gets annoying very fast and the sexism and transphobia is disgusting."
75 T5 Godzilla (1954) - Mar 09, 2018
91 T10 The Trial (1962) - Mar 08, 2018
31 T2 The Brothers Grimsby (2016) - Mar 04, 2018
73 T5 Dredd (2012) - Mar 02, 2018
"Too cool for it's own good. Despite Slo-Mo it didn't take its time to slow down here and there to really reflect what kind of justice is brought to the people. Too bad because the rudiments were definitely there. But yeah, it's still thrilling and the depicted violence delivers strange images of beauty and ugliness."
72 T5 The Dead Zone (1983) - Mar 01, 2018