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88 T9 The Square (2017) - Oct 17, 2017
78 T6 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Oct 14, 2017
"Probably the best disappointing movie ever. It's not nearly as visionary as the original and feels like a compromise between atmosphere and story and the way the story is told is off the rack. Furthermore the soundtrack and the product placement sucked. But I liked the politics. Wright talks about building walls to keep the order up but of course this goes hand in hand with the practice of Othering and the first film and real live taught us that the others might no be so different after all. "
85 T8 Casa de Lava (1994) - Oct 13, 2017
79 T6 David Lynch - The Art Life (2016) - Oct 10, 2017
73 T5 The Third Part Of The Night (1971) - Oct 05, 2017
"The movie starts with a quotation of the Book of Revelation and this sets the apocalyptic mood. It's interesting to see how much of the stuff that made Zulawski unique is already here. Crazy dialogues, close-ups of crazy looking people, wild camera movements, the fear of loosing one's individuality and identity and so on, but it all felt a little too jarring like Zulawski didn't know yet what he really wanted. It's confusing but not in a good way like his later works."
88 T9 Story of My Death (2013) - Oct 01, 2017
"Truly something else. In the first part you can watch Casanova as he eats, drinks and shits and how these things provide him his pleasures. In the larger part, set in the Carparthians, Dracula comes in and even though he is barely visible, his presence gives the whole thing an eerie feeling. I can't quite wrap my head around this mystery of a film, but I just loved the atmosphere and the acting."
86 T9 American Honey (2016) - Oct 01, 2017
"The kids try to take their place in the world with the means of making money which they see is the way all the other people get through their lives. But still they are not really allowed to play along because of their social backgrounds. They live a bizarrely shaped form of the American dream. Outside of the system where another system is quickly formed and established. I wonder if Jakes love was real. I think it was but it didn't have a place here."
T1 Firewalker (1986) - Sep 30, 2017
"Native Americans, Mexicans and Chinese through the eyes of Chuck Norris. I think you know what to expect. And this could easily be a stoner comedy because the protagonists are the most stupid dipshits I've encountered in a very long time."
65 T4 It (2017) - Sep 30, 2017
"Evokes feelings of youth just through means of identification so what you get here is a bunch of worn out motives which never get a intelligent treatment. Like Nathan S said, this leads to the fact, that all that this movie has to offer are the jump scares. But even though they are effective, real horror never got hold of me. At the end of the day, I prefer Stand By Me."
73 T5 Creepshow (1982) - Sep 26, 2017