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72 68% Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train (2020) - Sep 06, 2021
"The first act was too long and the animation was inconsistent. Sometimes way sharper and refined and sometimes a bit more blurish and blendy. Also, meat/tentacle CGI was terrible. And that part was so dragged. The story and action in the 2nd act were also so strong in the manga. So it's not a surprise that the studio delivered that superbly. Alsıo there is almost zero "stand-alone" value in it. You have to knew this verse. "
73 71% Friends: The Reunion (2021) - Aug 24, 2021
"This isn't an artwork or very scripted Documentary. It's just admiration for the work and a great throwback for some generation. And For Us, this thing was heavy to watch. It was emotional. Loved it. But there was too much irrelevant stuff (like Lady Gaga's Smelly Cat thing or all celebrity talks and etc.) "
44 15% Sweet Girl (2021) - Aug 20, 2021
"Seriously ... This is one of the most unrealistic action thriller I've ever watch. A little girl beating adults who are professional mercenaries just cuz daddy takes her to his gym too? Plus, Why Jason Momoa's ghost need to babysit this all movie. It's pathetic. No proper security around big people xD Lol just blocking their roads like that and no one sees :D Shitty movie, I really want this to be decent. Cuz I love Momoa and Moner. But man this was hilariously bad. "
73 71% ?yi ki Yapm???m (2020) - Aug 14, 2021
67 54% Untold: Malice at the Palace (2021) - Aug 14, 2021
62 39% Masters of the Universe: Revelation (2021) - Jul 28, 2021
"The show ain't that bad but it miss led so badly. Also, 5 episodes per season was a bad call. They give the season break somewhere terribly to do. That's why people have gone mad. And they're right but actually, it's not that bad in terms of the "What If" type of story. But it's too radical for a series titled "Spiritual Sequel of the original series". Cuz it's not! "
76 81% Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) - Jul 16, 2021
"Moral Lesson is obvious. The plot is formulaic and nothing unique about character designs. This is basically Mulan + Moana mash-up. BUT ! The delivery about "what matters most" or "what makes you feel in a certain way" is kinda spot on imo. I really sensed the soul of this story. Great world-building and fantastic art design. Raya is a bit boring and that 3 Monkey+ Baby thing was super annoying and unnecessarily bland comical relief. But Raya Vs Namari stuff was good and Sisu was just amazing."
77 84% Tout en haut du monde (2015) - Jul 14, 2021
38 10% Funny Face (1957) - Jul 14, 2021
"inappropriate, creepy, boho for no reason, sexist and materilazing, anti-intellectuality. Astaire's 5 minutes Matador Dance in Paris for no reason ? An American in Paris doing an aggressive spanish dance for his love for no logical reason ? Lol Creepy Love Interest and poor plot. Very poor on musical part cuz nobody can sing here. Good production, nice sceneries and fine color grading. That's all. "