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100 96% The Master (2012) - May 16, 2013
"The Master is so hard to digest because it is an 'anti-redemption' film. Freddy is no more likely to find redemption in the hands of an egomaniac pseudo-spiritualist fraud than he is in his poisonous moonshine. If the plotline of this film frustrates you, you have missed the point. I recommend re-watching the scene where Freddy repeatedly walks from the wall to the window. Watch it on a loop for at least 2 hours until you understand!"
69 18% Interstellar (2014) - Nov 09, 2014
"Too grand, too serious, too ambitious. Since the Dark Knight, for me Nolan has been like one of those bands that you love and annoy people by saying "I love their early stuff, man, but since they became popular they just got too commercial". The plot trickery reminded me of The Prestige, but this isn't half as good. The cheesy love stuff edged it towards the same kind of pseudo-philosophical silliness as The Matrix. WIth an editor, could've been a great 90 minute film."
93 86% Listen Up Philip (2014) - Dec 30, 2015
"This is the film Greenberg should've been. The main message here is that if you're a dick you always will be a dick and in fact you'll only get worse, make friends with other dicks and ruin the lives of people you get romantically involved with. Unless you were born into a tinsel-town dreamworld, you won't find a woman who will soothe your pain and solve your problems. No happy ending here and that left me a happy man!"
52 7% Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) - Dec 23, 2015
"What a crushing disappointment. Basically a remake dressed up as a new film. Totally wastes the great atmosphere and first-half buildup. Worst aspect was that, in the context of a remake, they had not earned the right to the one major impact scene (those who've seen it will know the scene I mean!) which manages to actually ruin the original series for me. At least episodes I-III tried to be original. This just bottled it, and badly."
90 75% The Two Faces of January (2014) - May 24, 2014
"Some may say this is an unremarkable film, but I think it serves a very important function of continuing a vital tradition of well-plotted, well-styled and perfectly-acted thrillers tracing back to the early days of cinema. Films don't always need to be groundbreaking - just well made and well-acted."
12 2% Noah (2014) - Apr 25, 2014
"Boring! Dire! Depressing! Pseudo-intellectual! Miserable! Boring! Monsters! Fighting! Angry men! Crying women! Men fighting and women giving birth at the same time! To twins! Boring! Russell Crowe is sad! Frustrated! Conflicted! Serious! Miserable! Boring! Transformers plus 'biblical gravitas'=Noah=formulaic drivel. I felt the full weight of mankind's boring, sinful and misguided past weighing heavily on my shoulders as I struggled to stay awake for 138 minutes."