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Celluloid Junkie - 4713 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 3, 2006

Location: NYC, NY, USA

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Bio: I'm a writer. I lean towards arthouse cinema, realism and old Italian stuff, and some guilty pleasures include horror, kung fu, and anything strange and unusual. Favorite filmmakers include (in no particular order): Jacques Rozier, Mario Monicelli, Maurice Pialat, Emir Kusturica, R.W. Fassbinder, Asghar Farhadi, C.T. Dreyer, Antonio Pietrangeli, Dino Risi, Werner Herzog, Lina Wertmüller, Luchino Visconti, Claude Chabrol, Nicolas Roeg, Sidney Lumet, Satyajit Ray, Sam Peckinpah, Sergei Parajanov, John Cassavetes, Michelangelo Antonioni, Lynne Ramsay, Abbas Kiarostami, Woody Allen, Federico Fellini, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Alan Clarke, Terry Gilliam, Costa-Gavras, Aki Kaurismäki, Jafar Panahi, Douglas Sirk, Ernst Lubitsch, Kaneto Shindo, Jean Renoir, Ermanno Olmi, Cristian Mungiu and Francesco Rosi.
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2% Freddy Vs. Jason (2003) - Sep 30, 2009
"Two atrociously trashy, overcommercialized and endlessly repetitive horror franchises converge into one super duper crapfest. Slavishly obedient to the series' preprogrammed storyline conventions, the film successively kills off a flock of obnoxious teen-like things led by a theatrically incompetent but enormous-breasted blonde. Their two dusty but still cartoonish executioners are then pitted against each other, setting the unfortunate precedent for the year after's Alien vs. Predator."
40 27% The Tomb of Ligeia (1964) - Oct 21, 2010
"I liked the atmosphere created in the first act, but by the second the mystery is entirely transparent, which effectively removes any "horror" from stories like this. Worse, Poe neglected to see that cats are adorably cute rather than scary, and no amount of crafty staging from a talented film director seems to change that. In a showdown where Vincent Price fights the small furry animal, armed with whips and iron pokers, I was unequivocally rooting for the cat."
15 7% Dead Girls (2014) - Jul 03, 2015
"Turned me off dead girls for good."
38 23% The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932) - Oct 30, 2009
"Evidently the Chinese of all people (rather, orientalist stereotypes thereof) are interested in bringing Ghengis Khan back to life - in order to "wipe out your whole accursed white race" no less. It's hard to decide whether a movie like this is charmingly naive or inexcusably silly. With the riveting Karloff as the "hideous yellow monster" Fu Manchu, and quite endearingly quaint effects and art design, one does lament that the text and rest of the cast are not just a little bit more intelligent."
68 69% The Babadook (2014) - Dec 29, 2014
"A movie teeming with uniformly spectacular illusions, save for its rather poor illusion of depth. It suffers from the unfortunate ailment common to many modern horror movies, of wanting to be an allegory about guilt (another recent chiller displaying this hubris was "As Above, So Below"). In fact, it is best enjoyed at face value - as a perfect visualization of a scary book coming to life and haunting a mother and child. The ideas and their performance and artistic rendering are ace."
40 27% Breaking the Waves (1996) - Oct 19, 2009
"Intriguing at first, but very soon one gets the message and for the rest of the 2:30 hours all that is left for Trier is to flog his sacrificial lamb with ever increasing fervor, to predictably, almost ritualistically martyrize Bess by escalating her "sacrifices". Breaking the Waves is a familiar Christian sermon praising deaf and blind devotion as a virtue. Bess' self-destruction, meant to appease an unworthy spouse, is unrewarded in her life but gets her sainted by the camera."
10 4% The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015) - Nov 10, 2015
"It is a testament to the poverty of his discipline that a criminally insane fuckwit like Zimbardo was ever employed and sponsored by a reputable institution like Stanford. The movie is terrible; at once ridiculously over-the-top and oblivious to the gravity of its subject. It rightly portrays Zimbardo as a sociopath (albeit crudely), but at the same time seems dogmatically convinced that his "experiment" had actual scientific validity, and that his conclusions were true."
2% My Name Is Lisa (2007) - Nov 15, 2008
"My name is Lisa and I'm the protagonist of a really lousy short."
40 27% Audrey Rose (1977) - Aug 14, 2010
"There is a spark of creativity in De Felitta's script, presaging his rather decent directorial debut Dark Night of the Scarecrow, but besides its general triteness Audrey Rose is just too silly. The supernatural aspect might have worked better if there was more believability to the dialogue and behavior of the characters."
40 27% The Wayward Sun (2013) - Jan 14, 2017
"Largely unfazed by the fact that one of them has just killed their best friend, Wren and the suddenly sober Chaz leave their overturned jeep on the road and wander off into the desert, walking at a snail's pace and never checking google maps despite their phones' phenomenal battery life and reception. Wren hallucinates an exotic dancer and reaper-like phantom, which are creepy the first couple of times out of their zillion reappearances. Later, a stoner cactus preaches existentialism."