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Cinema Addict - 1192 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 9, 2017

Location: Virginia, USA

Bio: My personal web site is at
(I keep a "Greatest Films" list there, as I'm trying to watch most -- if not all -- of the 1001+ Movies You Must See Before You Die and the Criterion Collection)

I generally rate movies 1-5, so I just multiply that out on the 100 scale:
5/100: Excellent, well worth watching again and again
4/80: Pretty good
3/60: Average [general rating]
2/40: Pretty bad, but with some redeeming characteristics
1/20: Terrible; not worth watching ever again

Top 10 Movies:
1. Citizen Kane
2. Throne of Blood
3. Star Wars: A New Hope
4. Le Samourai
5. The Magicians
6. Stagecoach
7. Los Olvidados
8. Rear Window
9. The Third Man
10. North by Northwest

Comfort Movies:
1. Camp Nowhere
2. Midnight Madness
3. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
4. Tremors
5. Rat Race

Worst Movies I've Seen:
1. The Five (2010)
2. Percy Jackson II: Sea of Monsters
3. Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief
4. Radioland Murders
5. Into the Storm
more Recent Ratings
40 7% A Treatise on Japanese Bawdy Songs (1967) - Jun 16, 2019
"Not much here I enjoyed. We have some late-age teenagers about to go to university, and the boys' only dreams are to get laid. Then their teacher dies, but the boys are so lost in their fantasy that it barely registers. Eventually, they get to a point where they may have a chance to make their dream a reality, but there are so many intercuts with fantasy elements that it's hard to tell "what really happened." And they keep singing that incredibly annoying song throughout the movie."
60 35% La Notte (1961) - Jun 16, 2019
"Another film about falling out of love. The characters are typical upper-class people whose lives are filled with boredom and dissatisfaction, which makes it difficult to enjoy their company. Technically, the film is impressive, showing us the way modern architecture appears to box us in, but that just doesn't make the film any more interesting."
80 74% Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) - Jun 16, 2019
"Acerbic British humor that is sometimes a little too understated. Since a good part of enjoying this film is identifying Guinness' many roles, I idly wondered if he wasn't also playing the femme fatale with her incredibly husky voice (sorry, Joan Greenwood). It's a little "talky" but that helps keep the movie clean and proper for the censors of the time. Enjoyable throughout, even with the twisted ending."
40 7% The Rainbow Tribe (2008) - Jun 09, 2019
"First sequence: Boy flushes his brother's head in the toilet, towel-snaps the brother in the family jewels, and sasses off to his mother (among other things). Second sequence: middle-aged guy is dying of a brain tumor. From there, the movie ping-pongs between slapstick and Lifetime drama, never quite finding its footing along the way. There are a few poignant moments strewn in too, making it sound more preachy than entertaining. Recommended only if you think fart jokes are still funny."
80 74% Le Deuxième souffle (1966) - Jun 09, 2019
"Impressive French caper film that follows not only the heist, but the planning and the aftermath. There are a lot of characters, but it's casted perfectly. It feels very long -- not boring, just lengthy -- but that's to get that "feel" of anticipation: will the criminals get caught, and if so, when? (I'm not usually a fan of movies with all unsympathetic characters, but I saw Army of Shadows first and I love Ventura as an actor.)"
60 35% Funny Girl (1968) - Jun 02, 2019
"A movie from a musical, based partially on Frannie Brice's life. The first half is a comedy and love story, but the second part gets a little lost when it drops those elements. Enjoyment of the movie depends on whether you like musicals, and whether you like Streisand's singing. Best lines, though, come from Christmas Vacation's "Aunt Bethany" (Mae Questel)."
60 35% Zazie Rides The Metro (1960) - Jun 01, 2019
""How a kid sees the world" could be the subtitle, as we follow a seemingly sugar-infused child holiday in Paris for a few days. The story really isn't there, but there's a lot of camerawork and early special effects that I enjoyed. But I never liked Tom & Jerry cartoons, and this is a life-like version of those. A bit too madcap for my tastes, but I bet it would have been fun to have watched it as a kid."
60 35% Murder by Contract (1958) - May 27, 2019
"Generally fine noir where we follow a hitman around LA before he finally gets to work on his job. The performances were OK, but the "handlers" did a good job with putting enough humor in this to keep it from being sleepy. It gets a little talky at times, and the ending is rather weak, but it's short enough and has enough little moments of brilliance that it still gets an average score."
60 35% The Witches (1990) - May 26, 2019
"Pretty creepy kiddie flick that may be more for adults. There are a lot of logical inconsistencies and plot holes that sometimes break you out of the dream world, but the special effects and puppetry are really impressive (talking mice or not, I'm still putting out glue traps). Most of the actors really excelled in hamming up their roles (always a fan of Rowan Atkinson). Not a "must watch," but there are certainly worse movies out there."
60 35% Three Colors: Blue (1993) - May 26, 2019
"There's a lot of symbolism here, but I just didn't enjoy the movie. It's a philosophical take on depression and sadness, and shutting people out of one's life -- and slowly learning how to bring them back in. While Binoche was magnificent, the others were a little wooden. Of course, as an artistic film, the mood set by the predominant blue color and the incredible close-up shots are impressive, but I didn't find the music to quite hit that high standard."