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Cinema Addict - 1449 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 9, 2017

Location: Virginia, USA

Bio: My personal web site is at
(I keep a "Greatest Films" list there, as I'm trying to watch most -- if not all -- of the 1001+ Movies You Must See Before You Die and the Criterion Collection)

I generally rate movies 1-5, so I just multiply that out on the 100 scale:
5/100: Excellent, well worth watching again and again
4/80: Pretty good
3/60: Average [general rating]
2/40: Pretty bad, but with some redeeming characteristics
1/20: Terrible; not worth watching ever again

Top 10 Movies:
1. Citizen Kane
2. Throne of Blood
3. Star Wars: A New Hope
4. Le Samourai
5. The Magicians
6. Stagecoach
7. Los Olvidados
8. Rear Window
9. The Third Man
10. North by Northwest

Comfort Movies:
1. Camp Nowhere
2. Midnight Madness
3. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
4. Tremors
5. Rat Race

Worst Movies I've Seen:
1. The Five (2010)
2. Percy Jackson II: Sea of Monsters
3. Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief
4. Radioland Murders
5. Into the Storm
more Recent Ratings
60 35% Dead Reckoning (1947) - Aug 05, 2020
"A noir that tries a little too hard to be clever. Bogey tries to track down an old war friend, and gets involved in a real love triangle. The plot twists and turns until it ties itself into a ridiculous knot, but there are enjoyable spots along the way. It's not a film you use to introduce someone to noir; best watched by those who already enjoy the genre."
60 35% Story of a Prostitute (1965) - Aug 04, 2020
"Decent love-affair-in-the-middle-of-war movie; what makes it different is the moments of fantasy, dream-like sequences that sometimes catch you off-guard. It playfully questions the military code while generally toeing the line. My favorite camera shot was seeing the guy on one side of the dining hall with an overhead tracking shot shot then showing the girl on the other."
80 75% Tokyo Olympiad (1965) - Aug 02, 2020
"Gorgeously filmed, even though some sports -- especially those in the second half -- get incredibly short shrift; the camera spends almost as much time on sunlight reflecting on water as it does for the rowing and sailing competitions. As a *sports* fan, I was a little disappointed with so many abrupt clips. The film does do a good job with showing the humanity of sport, both in the short segments of a few competitors and the many crowd shots."
60 35% Alphaville (1965) - Aug 01, 2020
"A strange mix of pulp noir and science fiction, with JLG's surrealistic humor tossed in. This dystopian future (that somehow sees Paris as a new galaxy within the universe) is obsessed with the collective good, somewhat personified by an Oz-like voice box, which reminded me of those anti-cigarette ads in the 1990s. Like most of Godard's films, there are parts that are captivating visually and intellectually, but a lot of it feels like it's just pieces taken from somewhere else."
60 35% Cowboy (1958) - Aug 01, 2020
"What starts out as a "fish-out-of-water" western seems to take a completely different turn; it's almost as if one screenwriter wrote the hotel scenes as comedy, and a different one wrote the trail-riding scenes as drama. There are a lot of sudden, jarring character shifts that don't make much sense, even though Ford and Lemmon try to make the most of their roles. "
60 35% Storm Center (1956) - Jul 31, 2020
"A old librarian plants a Communist book in the town's public library so that the townfolk will suddenly be enlightened by intellectual freedom. Except they shout, "Better dead than Red!" and the movie becomes a melodrama. It's pretty clear early on that this will be a one-note drama; most of the characters seem to spit their lines out through clenched teeth. I wish I could rate this higher for being one of the first librarian-hero movies; there's just too much poison in this well to do so."
60 35% David Holzman's Diary (1967) - Jul 31, 2020
"I'm not a big fan of "slice of life" films, and this one, due to the lack of a standard plot and any other significant characters, felt really long. It's tongue-in-cheek, though, which we only find out when we get to the credits. I wonder if its time has passed, as we now have millions of hours of similarly-styled content on YouTube, with narrators wandering aimlessly through fish-eyed life, wondering if any of it really *means* anything."
60 35% Blade of the Immortal (2017) - Jul 30, 2020
"Somewhat like a long video game, this starts with a big-boss-fight to finish off one level (life), and then continues from character-fight to character-fight until another big-boss-fight at the end. Thankfully, the fights are well-choreographed and, if you like that sort of thing, filled with spurting blood. The plot is basic enough to hold the story together, but the young girl character is terribly annoying."
80 75% Olympia 2. Teil - Fest der Schönheit (1938) - Jul 26, 2020
"Although this is a continuation of Part 1, this half of the film has some of the less-telegenic competitions, and feels a little more chopped up. (We see parts of India's trouncing of Germany in field hockey, but don't get the final score of 8-1.) Some are still gripping, like the bizarre equestrian rounds. But the documentary gets a little long -- perhaps even to the translators, who dozed off and forgot to caption the ending song."
80 75% Olympia 1. Teil - Fest der Völker (1938) - Jul 26, 2020
"Simply one of the best sports documentaries ever. Unlike today, where we get hours of biographical stories with minimal sports coverage, here, the camera stays on the sport, only straying to linger on the beautiful form of the athletes. (That's even after the somewhat surreal introductory connection between the ancient games and the modern ones.) The staging -- yes, with Nazi imagery all over -- of those camera shots is still copied today. "