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Member Since: Aug 5, 2016

Location: Romania

Bio: My life is a series of movies, mostly comedy, with some tragedy thrown in for good measure.
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87 61% Marriage Story (2019) - Dec 12, 2019
"It was really well-written. I just... don't feel like I learned anything new from it about hetero monogamous marriage or romance or divorce or anything. But it is really beautifully written and gorgeously acted. Though I needed more Merritt Wever in it. "
95 91% Watchmen (2019) - Dec 11, 2019
"After the first 8 episodes, I'm obsessed. Episode 6 sealed the deal forever. Hope Lindelof sticks the landing with the finale, I'm pretty sure he will. It's so well-plotted, even when confused, there are so many fun things to see and churn in your head. But once it comes together, it soars. "
65 10% It Chapter Two (2019) - Dec 11, 2019
"Wtf was this? Did Muschietti forget how to make films between the first IT and this one? He forgot to build up the characters and their relationship and it's a big ol'nothing thematically. Bill Hader is the best though in this, he shined. I think Muschietti forgot what makes good horror. In the first film it wasn't really about 'IT', it was about their lives, their panics. All of those elements are forgotten (get it?) here. Also, whyyy did he bring Bowers back since he used him for nothing? "
89 70% Fremvandrerne (2019) - Dec 07, 2019
"What a wonderfully imagined world. It's sooo well plotted, the characters are amazing, I really love Alfshildr, she is phenomenal, but a lot of the side characters are given plenty of room to shine. And the worldbuilding is top notch. Loved the twists at the end of the first season. Cannot wait for season 2. "
89 70% Bronson (2009) - Dec 06, 2019
"Really loved this during my 'I'm obsessed with Nicolas Winding Refn' days. "
91 80% Death Becomes Her (1992) - Dec 06, 2019
"Pretty much loved this every time I saw it. It's magical and evil. But mostly magical. "
53 4% Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) - Dec 06, 2019
"Uuuuurgh. No! *facepalm*"
85 51% Perfect Strangers (2016) - Dec 06, 2019
"Haaaaaated the ending with every beat. It's a really nice tension builder, but it's a pretty bleak and cynical way to look at life and especially the life of those characters. It feels somewhat dated. "
87 61% Primer (2004) - Dec 06, 2019
83 45% Perfect Strangers (2017) - Oct 31, 2019
"I mean... I liked this. I actually meant to see the Italian one, but I accidentally saw this one first. And I really love Alex de la Iglesia's Balade Triste de Trompeta, but there was something off about this version. Did not like the ending. Was annoyed by most of the characters. But it was a pretty good: 7 people in a room, chaos ensues sort of thing. Why are there two other remakes of this, though?? I saw a bit of the Italian original and this Spanish one is more thriller-y than drama. "