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Cinema Addict - 1015 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 5, 2016

Location: Romania

Bio: My life is a series of movies, mostly comedy, with some tragedy thrown in for good measure.

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90 75% The Northman (2022) - Jun 21, 2022
"A brutal & gorgeous dissection of the performativity, rituals and myth-making in masculinity. The game sequence is a stand out in how it's shot to have rich meanings. Eggers amply shows the futility and utter emptiness in vengeance and 'badassery'. Standout moment: a bloodied man who just massacred a village saying: 'these savages will make fine chattel'. It's skewering patriarchy, colonialism, class and all of the invented hierarchies a lot of people still buy into."
90 75% Peacemaker (2022) - Jun 15, 2022
"Quite an excellent deconstruction of toxic masculinity. James Gunn really knows how to write abuse dynamics and also difficult and redeemable characters. Really loved the whole team on this and I found the edgy humor hilarious. It never punches down, the punches go exactly where they need to go in this one. I particularly loved seeing Danielle Brooks in this and Jennifer Holland was a standout for me as well."
43 3% The Hustle (2019) - Jun 11, 2022
90 75% Never Have I Ever (2020) - Jun 11, 2022
"Such an enjoyable ride. Really fun teen characters and Devi as a protagonist is a breath of fresh air. Could do without the romantic triangle, but they're teens, so I am going to give them a pass! It's nice to finally have these shows which are specific, rich in detail and characterization as opposed to bland teen drama retreads."
95 90% Heartstopper (2022) - Jun 11, 2022
"Just adorable, wholesome and heartfelt. Really great characters and it has this kind of simplicity and most of the characters are well-intentioned and they're learning and the casting is perfect. These kids are stars! This is a cozy (with pitch perfect writing and characterization) watch that is just full of hope."
79 33% The American Astronaut (2001) - Jun 11, 2022
"It is interesting and kinda fun in this very offbeat way, but I didn't really connect to it. it is just so *well-made* considering the (lack of) budget."
80 36% The Batman (2022) - Jun 11, 2022
"Saw this a while ago and forgot to rate it. And now I'm like... I don't even remember that well what I though about it. I did enjoy some things about it, but it was overly long and like all Hollywood fare, it is very muddled politically, it really doesn't go hard enough on the commentary on the rich, while remaining familiarly vague on the nature of the extremists. Loved Pattinson and Kravitz tho. Paul Dano is good as well."
95 90% Fisshu sutôrî (2009) - Jun 11, 2022
"Gorgeous little film gem about a story about... a fish? No, it's about the apocalypse, the birth of punk, it's also about kindness and action. The non-linear story, the mish-mash of genres, it all ends up working so well until the triumphant ending. It's a satisfying story about interdependence and also fuck doomerism!"
50 4% Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022) - Jun 09, 2022
"This might look like a story with a plot, but it is just a rehash, a snake eating its own tail, it has nothing to say. Baby Leia is adorable and the cast is good, but this show has nothing to say about anything, no emotional stakes, emotional conflict, engaging characters. The public is invited to connect some dots in all aspects of what makes a story. Very flimsy show. Also, the 'story' is kinda the same beats as Mandalorian: loner guy is forced to protect kid??"
85 51% Old Joy (2006) - May 28, 2022
"A rather sad tale about two friends walking through the woods, one normative, one not, one really craving intimacy and the other avoiding it. It's a meditative film about growing distance and silence (the good one and the bad one). Really loved this line: 'sorrow is just worn out joy'."