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Member Since: Aug 5, 2016

Location: Romania

Bio: My life is a series of movies, mostly comedy, with some tragedy thrown in for good measure.
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82 42% Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) - Jun 01, 2020
"Finally saw this one and it was quite fun. I like the Ant-Man movies, with no expectations of depth. Nice Sunday afternoon time spending and it's always great to see Evangeline Lilly in things. "
70 19% Iron Man 2 (2010) - Jun 01, 2020
"Pretty much meh. I'm really tired of the military imagery and all the bulshit. Not to mention the... dum dum... capitalism. "
17 1% Fantastic Four (2015) - Jun 01, 2020
"Fant4stic doesn't resemble a film in any sense of the word. It doesn't even touch upon the concept. How do you waste this kind of a cast? Whatever! "
85 51% Labyrinth (1986) - Apr 30, 2020
"I somehow never saw this and... I actually liked it. It was pretty visually inventive and I love how practical effects always hold up. I wasn't that huge on the emotional arcs though. If I had seen this as a 13 year old, I'm sure I would have carried a huge nostalgia and emotional attachment to it. Like I did Ladyhawke, for instance. "
95 91% Phantom Thread (2017) - Apr 24, 2020
"An engrossing experience and a twisted love story to give me the shivers. Simply wonderfully acted and shot. Nice atmosphere. And to me, it's all about the vulnerability of Woodcock that Alma challenges in unexpected, pretty um toxic ways. "
81 39% Southland Tales (2007) - Apr 24, 2020
"I first watched this around 2010, I think, and did not really get. But in a post-2016 world and in isolation, it made so much more sense and I liked it a whole lot more. The problem is that while it explores interesting dystopian ideas, there's not a strong 'human' character to ground it for me and that makes it rather cynical. Still a worthy watch in my book. It's funny how much my flatmate adores is though. Lots of love for prophetic sex worker entrepreneur played by lovely SMG. "
94 88% Withnail & I (1987) - Apr 24, 2020
"A really jolly good time. I love Richard E. Grant so much. "
87 61% 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) - Apr 21, 2020
"What a relentless, tense experience that was. (The tensest moment was when they were missing pieces of the puzzle, jk) Mary Elizabeth Winstead was an awesome comparably relentless protagonist, a woman who finds she can simply flow in massively escalating chaos. I loved her. Goodman was also reliably great in this. (Perfect to watch in isolation during a pandemic)"
83 44% Punch-Drunk Love (2002) - Apr 19, 2020
"It is absolutely wonderfully made, the music, the cinematography, some really funny frenetic moments, Sandler is amazing in it, and ofc PSH. But Lena is a non-character and I see nothing romantic about this story. Just a man with anger issues who is 'cured' by love? Therapy is advised for both people. Just by making Lena a character commenting upon the obvious anger and repression would have made the actual plot richer. "
97 95% Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) - Apr 17, 2020
"It's my favorite show ever, because of so many reasons and I'm watching it again for the 10th-11th time. Awesome, experimental, bold, thematically rich, with such lovable characters and zippy lines or daring masterpiece episodes (Hush, The Body, Once More with Feeling), this never gets old. Yeah, it has plenty of problematic elements, in a way it's very 90s progressive, but my love for it cannot be budged. "