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Member Since: Sep 21, 2015

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60 27% The Lodgers (2017) - Sep 07, 2019
65 39% Us (2019) - Jul 26, 2019
"The movie is entertaining for its duration, but falls apart with the ludicrous, batshit reveals of the second half. The husband is moronic to a point that strains belief. He would be right at home taking over as a Doppelganger for Homer Simpson, except this isn't a comedy and the movie is not trying to be funny. It's as if his sole purpose in the script was to be told off by the "smart, empowered female lead", or something. "
70 52% As Above, So Below (2014) - Jul 26, 2019
"It's like the Da Vinci Code, except not shit."
70 52% The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014) - Jul 26, 2019
80 79% The Endless (2017) - Jul 26, 2019
50 13% Le manoir (2017) - May 05, 2019
55 18% Cargo (2018) - May 03, 2019
20 3% The Open House (2018) - May 03, 2019
"What's the point of this movie? None of the relevant questions are answered, everything happens essentially for no reason, characters serve no purpose in the plot. There's no resolution, no catharsis, nothing. Netflix should be ashamed of hosting this shit show."
65 39% The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) - May 03, 2019
40 9% Summer of '84 (2018) - May 03, 2019
"It seems nowadays any movie set in the 80/70s will receive a tsunami of glowing reviews. This is a glorified version of Scooby Doo. All the adults act heavy handed and cheesy. The movie attempts "suspenseful" sequences, oblivious to the fact the suspected killer couldn't believably lay a finger on the protagonists without making it obvious to anyone with two brain cells it was him. When you think the movie couldn't possibly get any more contrived, get ready for the ending. Stupidest Police EVER"