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55 T2 Predator (1987) - Mar 29, 2017
70 T6 Paris Is Burning (1990) - Mar 28, 2017
70 T6 Contempt (1963) - Mar 24, 2017
65 T5 The Princess Bride (1987) - Mar 21, 2017
55 T2 28 Days Later (2002) - Mar 18, 2017
"That third act lol. So fucking dire. This actually had me going for the first 30 min or so. Could tell the story wasn't going to be all that from the get-go but wasn't expecting it to turn out as horrible as it did. Atleast they got the atmosphere right."
65 T5 Only God Forgives (2013) - Mar 03, 2017
"Epic cinematography, this has almost exclusively good shots in it. The story is as shallow as it was in "Drive" (except it takes itself even less serious here) but the minimalistic dialogue and emphasis on the beautiful décor make it easily endurable. "
15 T1 A Cure for Wellness (2017) - Feb 27, 2017
"Went to see this movie with my girl in hopes of casually making out throughout the film and losing my cinema-kiss virginity. This expectation got completely shattered during the commercials when this weird looking guy sat right next to me (who doesn't keep a goddamn empty seat in-between?) and some guy from class seated himself in front of me, making me feel way too conscious about the entire ordeal and thus forcing me to actually pay attention to the movie. It's a piece of shit."
55 T2 RoboCop (1987) - Feb 17, 2017
"Stereotypical terrible plot but luckily doesn't take itself serious. Acting is ok for the one dimensional characters they're playing. Directing is also ok. Robocop himself is a stylish badass."
35 T1 Enemy (2014) - Feb 11, 2017
"Pretty faces that can't act for shit. Terrible dialogue & interaction between characters. Some excruciatingly slow scenes for a movie that's supposed to be suspenseful. It's also funny how this movie tries to be something artsy or intellectual (& being neither) whilst at the same time treating its viewer like an idiot by making sure every action is certainly understood."