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Member Since: Mar 28, 2021

Location: USA

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90 The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010) - Mar 28, 2021
"This movie tells an epic story that has probably been remade countless times over the years. This is my favorite version with lots of action and magic for the Swords and Sorcery fans. Also a bit of humor and romance. The plot is solid and keeps you tuned in. Love it."
100 Dirty Dancing (1987) - Mar 28, 2021
"This is a wonderful movie about a summer romance complete with incredible music throughout. Jennifer grey and Patrick Swayze couldn't have done better as they seem to have a chemistry that is hard to match. Overall this is a feel good romance with a little bit of comedy. I love the end dance scene."
100 The Birds (1963) - Mar 28, 2021
"This is a classic horror movie as only Alfred Hitchcock could tell it. I am a big fan of his work and it is clear that he went on to influence many later movies and tv shows. If you are looking for a solid horror film look no further. I love this movie."
90 Carrie (1976) - Mar 28, 2021
"This was an excellent adaptation of the book by Stephen King. I loved the film but don't expect a happy ending. It follows the character of the same name as she goes through high school and desperately wants to fit in, but it is not to be. At least the end is satisfying when most of the people who 'burned' her get what is coming."
100 Highlander (1986) - Mar 28, 2021
"This movie started my love for Swords and Sorcery. Focusing on an immortal who has lived a very long life we see when he became immortal and the many friends and mentors he has along the way. In addition we see how the normal people around him react when they learn he is immortal. The story is nothing short of epic with incredible music throughout. This sparked several sequels (not all good) as well as a tv series (overall very enjoyable)."
100 Sleepy Hollow (1999) - Mar 28, 2021
"The last version of this film i watched was animated and somewhat disappointing. This version stars Johnny Depp and delivers a solid plot and lots of action. There are a number of gruesome scenes featuring the recent victims of the horseman but i found that added to the plot nicely. It keeps you wondering why the horseman is taking the heads from his kills and is there a reason for killing the persons he does? I wont spoil it."
100 Star Trek (2009) - Mar 28, 2021
"I am a big Sci-Fi fan and this movie did not disappoint. It has an original story that keeps you hooked from beginning to end with lots of action. I feel the writers definitely were Star Trek fans and wanted to make this movie as much as the fans wanted to watch it. Love it."
100 Braveheart (1995) - Mar 28, 2021
"Based on a true story this movie does NOT have a happy ending (or maybe it does depending on how you look at it). It is a good movie full of action and romance, as well as a compelling story of how one man can make change that can effect an entire country. Well worth the watch but a bit long so maybe divide it into parts."
90 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) - Mar 28, 2021
"This a dark but entertaining movie that focuses on poor girl forced to fight for the entertainment of her government. It is very entertaining but also gives you an idea of what could happen if the government is given too much power (Scary thought). I feel this is something everyone should watch at least once."
90 The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) - Mar 28, 2021
"I am a big fan of Sci-Fi. I loved this movie as well as the first movie. It follows an unusual convict named Riddick in a non stop action flick. The action is a bit over the top at times but it was fun. And the plot was very entertaining for anyone with a little imagination."