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85 92% My Octopus Teacher My Octopus Teacher (2020) - Rated 08 Dec 2021
"My rating might be a little biased. This checks off a lot of boxes for me. I happen to be fairly fascinated by sea creatures, with a particular interest in cephalopods, and octopuses being my favorite animal. Diving to film an octopus every day in its wild habitat is a big endeavor to just sort of fall into, but I can totally relate to developing an obsessive fascination with such a creature. I didn't agree with or like all the choices this filmmaker made, but this was still incredibly touching."
75 76% Kim Ji-young: Born 1982 Kim Ji-young: Born 1982 (2019) - Rated 01 Feb 2022
"I went in completely blind just going off of the summary. It is not some supernatural fantasy fiction. This is one of the most accurate portrayals of the constantly pervasive sexism women face through all stages of life every single day. Stunning and well done. Blew me away."
100 99% The Farewell The Farewell (2019) - Rated 10 Mar 2021
"This just might be the best movie I'll watch this year"
100 99% Turning Red Turning Red (2022) - Rated 26 Mar 2022
"Every second of Turning Red is an enjoyable delight. This was my friends and I in 2002, so there's plenty of relatable nostalgia for me personally. Yet this is a fresh coming of age story both kids and adults should find easy to watch and love."
70 63% On - drakon On - drakon (2015) - Rated 11 Dec 2021
"I wanted more kissy kissy but I'm totally down for a decently done dragon shapeshifter supernatural romance"
70 63% Joy Ride Joy Ride (2023) - Rated 17 Nov 2023
"Hangover, Euro Trip, and Crazy Rich Asians but raunchy girl style. Good enough to have us quote lines and make references the rest of the night."
70 63% Nomadland Nomadland (2020) - Rated 18 Aug 2021
"The other side of the nomadic lifestyle that isn't well curated and shown on Instagram and Youtube."
100 99% West Side Story West Side Story (2021) - Rated 24 Feb 2022
"Exceptional, vibrant, emotional, fresh. This is definitely how to do a remake."
90 95% Three Identical Strangers Three Identical Strangers (2018) - Rated 05 Dec 2019
"Absolutely appalling. Wtf."
80 84% Eternals Eternals (2021) - Rated 04 Feb 2022
"The characters weren't morally black and white, which made them interesting. I believed and was invested in the identity crises. I'd also rather watch these actors and follow their careers over the Avengers or Guardians crews. Sorry, not sorry. This cast is actually diverse, wickedly talented, and guided by an amazing female director. Do that more often! Plus, the soundtrack is damn good, even if we didn't get enough of BTS. Wtf to that mid-credits scene though. Didn't expect that cameo."