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43 23% Top Secret! (1984) - Feb 23, 2019
"Top Secret! is a clumsy hodgepodge of funny jokes, terrible jokes, filler and scenes that are "clever" but not really jokes. Some of those work, some don't. The overall tone is just too stupid, immature and American for me. The worst part is that the East Germans dress like Nazis and speak awful fake German. It's no Naked Gun, that's for sure."
74 65% Black Panther (2018) - Feb 22, 2019
"The main problem with BP is that both sides are unappealing. T'challa is an privileged king, Warmonger a Black Lives Matter parody. We see too little of Wakanda too, it's one street and a bunch of nobles. BP is also too similar to other films, especially The Lion King. A less safe and predictable plot would have gone a long way. They could have cut some of the music, bad CGI and fight scenes to make room. It's also grating that Africa is used as a prop and only two of the actors were born there."
41 22% High Anxiety (1977) - Feb 21, 2019
"There's only one Mel Brooks movie that i love and that's Spaceballs. His other movies, including this partial Hitchcock spoof, never quite get it right. High Anxiety has a couple of good laughs and some at best mildly amusing references. Dated jokes, unfunny overlong skits and a plot that goes nowhere result in a subpar product."
42 23% Octopussy (1983) - Nov 09, 2018
"Octopussy is a mix of Austin Powers, The Naked Gun, The A-Team, Indiana Jones and a super-serious spyfilm with an atomic threat. Guess what, that doesn't work. Some of the jokes are ok but fall flat. The plot starts ridiculous (MI5 investigates jewel theft) and never gets interesting because you already know what will happen. If you cut 30 minutes of "serious" stuff and Moore (55) staring at breasts (~20) it might be an effective spoof. Also her dad called her Octopussy? Is her last name Trump?"
39 15% The Ipcress File (1965) - Nov 09, 2018
"Michael Caine stars as 'middling charismatic guy'. He likes champignons, Mozart and staring creepily at women. I kept waiting for him to tip his fedora and go "M'lady". The plot is interesting at first but the pacing is terrible. The film has a quick start, gets bogged down in a swamp only to end in about 5 minutes. The villains aren't given any motive, which makes the Scooby Doo reveal near the end only sillier. Oh yeah, and the music is sleep-inducing and awful."
62 41% Double Indemnity (1944) - Nov 01, 2018
"This is one of those classics that doesn't live up to its reputation. The dialogue is fun, the atmosphere is great and the story is somewhat engaging. On the other hand, the world feels 'dead', there are a few too many unrealistic plot elements, Walter is a creep and it's about 15 minutes too long. The biggest problem is that the two main characters have no chemistry. This makes Walter falling so hard for someone as unattractive as Phyllis come off as really weird."
41 22% Troll 2 (1990) - Nov 01, 2018
"The camera work, sound and special effects of Troll 2 are all decent (aside from one goofy goblin). This makes the other parts seem so weirdly bad in comparison. The acting is amateurish, aside from Reed hamming it up. Much of the dialogue feels unnatural, and the story is nonsensical. Where it really shines is the utter insanity of the writers. The overabundance of green food, the corncob sex scene, apples in the fridge. Few things have made me laugh as hard as the "don't let them eat" scene."
49 24% Ingrid Goes West (2017) - Oct 21, 2018
"The main problem with the movie is that it throws a bunch of balls into the air but the writers forgot about gravity so they never drop. The movie is charming despite opening with the inevitable ending, but it completely fails to present the characters as real people in a real world with consequences. Are we're really supposed to believe Ezra keeps tolerating Nicky? Why isn't Taylor bothered by her stalker living next-door? Is Dan a robot programmed to always forgive Ingrid? It makes no sense."
35 14% Byzantium (2012) - Oct 09, 2018
"Byzantium is a mess that's all over the place. Clara's backstory is fairly nonsensical and the rest of the script isn't much better. Eleanor steps into the street, 'Macaulay Culkin' falls and magically cuts his wrist, she visits him in the hospital and now they're in love? The movie meanders from one convenient event to the next. It doesn't help that Eleanor is mopier than Bella, or that Clara is unsympathetic. A film either has to make you care or entertain you, this does neither decently."
34 14% The New York Ripper (1982) - Oct 09, 2018
"This is a case of "the trailer is better than the movie". You see an ad for a movie about a serial killer who talks like a duck, so you would expect a comedy right? Instead, it's played 100% completely straight and the hilarious quacking scenes are supposed to be menacing. The tonal disonance completely disolves all tension. The murders become boring instead of gruesome. It doesn't help that the psychoanalyst's magical diagnoses are a complete joke too. And you know who did it halfway through."