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81 88% Full Metal Jacket Full Metal Jacket (1987) - Rated 02 Apr 2010
"The first part of the film is absolutely BRILLIANT... the story, the acting, the directing is amazing. However the movie lost me at the second part. It got a lot weaker as it progressed. The directing is still amazing, but the story isn't that interesting. But the first half more than makes up for the second."
57 65% Troll 2 Troll 2 (1990) - Rated 03 Jun 2010
"I cannot give this movie anything less than a 50... Yes it's bad, but its entertainment value is priceless. Watch it with a few friends and I guarantee you'll have a great time. A must see."
48 52% Hard Candy Hard Candy (2006) - Rated 10 Aug 2010
"It starts of great but by the second half it gets stale and slightly boring. With the subject matter I expected it to be much more interesting. The girls character is annoying, unbelievable and unlikable. And the ending is just laughable. All in all a mediocre film that didn't live up to my expectations."
81 88% I\ I'm Still Here (2010) - Rated 19 Dec 2010
"Hoax or not, it's brilliant either way. If it's indeed a hoax then Joaquin is a truly amazing actor. He plays his part brilliantly, especially the Letterman interview. A truly amazing performance. It does a great job of showing the fickle nature of the media and people. If it's all true then it's a really disturbing story of a man making a fool out of himself, with his friends just standing by and encouraging him. I don't really like rap music but I'd buy his album."
84 91% Inception Inception (2010) - Rated 26 Jul 2010
"A great, interesting story, very well made, almost all the actors are superb, but there is something missing. It just didn't make me care for Cobb and his life, plus all the other characters were not developed at all and I just didn't care if they make it or not. Also the ending (last five seconds or so) just pissed me off, it would have been much better without it. But in the end it is an exceptionally well made film and I left the theater thoroughly entertained and amazed."