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68 32% Iron Man 2 (2010) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
"I'm all for suspension of disbelief but this had distractingly stupid plot holes. Still entertaining, but less humor than the first, and I can feel myself starting to dread this Marvel Movie marathon I've committed myself to already."
65 24% The Incredible Hulk (2008) - Rated 20 Jun 2024
"Just barely passable. Feels unsurprisingly dated 16 years later. For how cheesy it is, it is not enough fun."
83 72% Proof (2005) - Rated 16 Jun 2024
"A Beautiful Mind and Good Will Hunting's stepchild. But it's pretty good. Well acted and very entertaining."
70 36% Moonlight Mile (2002) - Rated 16 Jun 2024
"Held my attention despite being slow and sad. Well acted by a good cast. The main characters never seemed messed up enough by what happened but I didn't mind because I wouldn't have like the movie to be too much darker."
60 14% Spirit Untamed (2021) - Rated 15 Jun 2024
"Famous cast, bad animation, cliche plotline. Nothing is really bad but it's just very mediocre across the board."
75 50% You Hurt My Feelings (2023) - Rated 09 Jun 2024
"Worth a watch but not great. Interesting with some laughs."
65 24% Jiminy Glick in Lalawood (2004) - Rated 08 Jun 2024
"Not a good movie at all but it surpassed my extremely low expectations. I legitimately laughed out loud a few times. Once or twice at really dumb crude humor and once or twice at something sort of clever hidden within this really dumb movie."
87 80% American Fiction (2023) - Rated 08 Jun 2024
"The drama side of this is fine but the comedy is where it shines. I laughed a lot and enjoyed the relatively subtle level of goofiness and exaggeration this movie chooses to use compared to some satire. It doesn't go over the top like Idiocracy or Don't Look Up. There are easy to laugh at moments, but there is some deeper irony going on as well."
86 77% The Holdovers (2023) - Rated 03 Jun 2024
"Well made and touching with a good balance of comedy. All three main performances are strong."
58 12% Highway (2002) - Rated 31 May 2024
"2nd bad early 2000s Jake G movie I've seen in a row. This was more tolerable than bubble boy, however."