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Member Since: Jan 24, 2013

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Age: 26

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20 17% I'm Thinking of Ending Things (2020) - May 09, 2021
"Didn't work at all for me. I put in a good effort to stay engaged but became frustrated about halfway through. I should have just given up because it only got worse for me. One of those movies where maybe I'm not smart enough but more likely this movie is just pretentious crap. I side with the users over the critics in film with a large rotten tomatoes disparity!"
40 37% Concrete Cowboy (2020) - May 09, 2021
"I had the same thought as another reviewer. Felt the movie was pretty average and quite predictable, which was disappointing because the setting was so unique and interesting. Worth a watch with tempered expectations."
80 80% My Octopus Teacher (2020) - May 04, 2021
"Beautiful documentary. I thought the filmmaker was actually what made this even more interesting than it would have been if it were just a Planet Earth crew stalking an octopus for months on end. His passion/obsession made it more fascinating for me. And though his vague story about his life and the octopus being parallel was a bit odd, I appreciated his thoughts about nature and his connection with his son."
50 48% Love, Rosie (2014) - May 02, 2021
"Very cheesy but it works more than most similar movies. Not great or even good but passable. Ridiculous but funny and heartfelt."
65 64% Stowaway (2021) - May 01, 2021
"Maybe I tend to overrate movies set in space, but I was pleasantly surprised given the mixed to poor reviews. The Good - Entertaining and pretty suspenseful. The Bad - Character Development is bare bones and solely done to help the moral dilemma become more challenging."
25 22% The Last Blockbuster (2020) - Apr 29, 2021
"The subject is interesting ,and therefore there were a few interesting moments in this documentary. The lady who manages it seems nice. But there is maybe 30 minutes of material in this 90 minute movie. I don't think this was well made, and some of the supposed celebrities that were interviewed were obnoxious and oversold how much they loved the video store, perhaps in order to maximize their appearance time in the documentary."
20 17% Ted (2012) - Apr 26, 2021
"After all these years I finally watch this, but I wish I hadn't. A few good laughs but this leans much too heavily on the humor of a vulgar teddy bear and doesn't have anything else going for it."
65 64% Point Break (1991) - Apr 24, 2021
"A lot of fun as a ridiculous action movie. Like Speed but takes itself a little bit more seriously. I thought it stumbled a bit towards the end."
30 28% Wanderlust (2012) - Apr 12, 2021
"Some of the vulgarity leads to extra laughs and some is pointless. A few funny scenes but mostly a stupid movie."
40 37% Mulholland Drive (2001) - Apr 10, 2021
"I love movies that get better with additional viewings, but I don't like to have to watch a movie again to enjoy it at all. Donnie Darko falls into the first category. This falls into the second. I'm not sure when I will want to watch it again though. This was frustrating for me. A rare case where going in blind probably hurt my enjoyment of the film rather than helped it."