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Member Since: Jan 24, 2013

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Age: 26

Gender: Male

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45 42% Booksmart (2019) - Oct 20, 2020
"Obligatory reference to Superbad. Occasionally very funny, but unoriginal and out of touch. Most of the supporting cast were better/funnier than the leads. All of these movies have to be at the richest, most elite high school."
50 48% This Means War (2012) - Oct 17, 2020
"If you can enjoy mindless and ridiculous, it's fun and actually has some laughs. This is kind of bad, but I really didn't care and was enjoying thoroughly until the stupid ending but a damper on it."
85 84% Hamilton (2020) - Oct 10, 2020
"Genius idea and some great songs. A lot of plot is crammed into what is still a very long play."
75 74% Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) - Oct 08, 2020
"Fast paced and I enjoyed the premise. My only complaint is that I thought it spent a little too much time in his mind."
50 48% The Way Back (2020) - Oct 05, 2020
"Pretty good as your typical basketball movie, albeit with less than the normal in game and in practice scenes. With the extra time though, it focuses almost entirely on one character. It does so well, but the conclusion was unsatisfying. Are we to believe he's made a sudden and complete 180 degree turnaround with total closure and a positive outlook?"
65 64% Kamera o tomeru na! (2017) - Oct 04, 2020
"The more you know the less you'll enjoy. Go in blind and commit to seeing it through if you choose to watch."
60 59% Insomnia (2002) - Sep 25, 2020
"A few star actors do pretty well despite playing some underdeveloped characters. The scene in the fog early on was a high point. It feels a lot like many other formulaic and forgettable detective movies and thrillers, but something raises it slightly above that bar. Still I wouldn't be surprised if the original were a better film."
35 32% Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020) - Sep 21, 2020
"The tone wasn't what I expected. More often charming than funny. It dragged in the middle and could have used with some trimming down, like most of my reviews. A movie like this doesn't need to be over two hours, especially if the other countries' songs aren't given much time. I'm not too familiar with the actual competition, but the screen time that was given to the music seemed to parody and pay homage to it pretty well."
65 64% Ford v Ferrari (2019) - Sep 19, 2020
"Very entertaining and I really enjoyed the racing scenes for the most part. However, it bothered me to no end that it repeatedly insults the viewer's intelligence by over-explaining everything. -- "They played us in order to get a better deal!" OBVIOUSLY! THAT'S QUITE CLEAR TO EVERYONE. -- "He still has to lap him again!" YOU'VE ALREADY TOLD US THIS. STOP SPOON FEEDING ME PLEASE."
50 48% An American Pickle (2020) - Sep 17, 2020
"Though not consistently funny, it is somewhat clever without trying too hard to make any kind of point, and it was worth the watch for me. It's not totally dumb like some of Seth Rogan's movies, but it doesn't take itself too seriously either. He has a decent double performance."