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Celluloid Junkie - 4778 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 10, 2010

Location: Venezuela

Bio: 10=pantheon nominee
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40% Cold War (2018) - Jan 19, 2019
"Very moody, and pretty, and slow, and one of the longest 88 minute movies you will ever see, hopefully. Directed the hell out of it, that guy. Great camera angles."
60% The Wife (2018) - Jan 19, 2019
""I'd like to thank the Academy and Meryl Streep for letting me do this one". Welcome to Glenn Close's show. Jonathan was good too, and the movie was solid and well told. In its modesty, better than most of the 2018 award contenders, if you ask me."
40% Boy Erased (2018) - Jan 17, 2019
"Good performances, but feels very routine, and as subtle as those ludicrous conversion program things."
23% BlacKkKlansman (2018) - Jan 17, 2019
"Big, tacky, jolly parade of stupid and manipulations galore. As expected. "
40% First Man (2018) - Jan 16, 2019
"Various highlights of technique and production but the story doesn't register and hardly has any dramatic pulse. MVP: Sound artists."
40% A Star Is Born (2018) - Jan 16, 2019
"Nice, well made little ditty. That this is a frontrunner for the best picture Oscar is very telling about Hollywood maybe going to sh*t for good this time. Sad!"
23% Suspiria (2018) - Jan 15, 2019
"Messy, disparate emo-art house remake of the giallo "classic". Style overdose."
40% Vice (2018) - Jan 13, 2019
"Republicans-so-evil, barely-congruent-flashy editing, elite-actors-mimicking-real-people subgenres mishmash for the awards. Flavor blandish."
23% The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018) - Jan 11, 2019
"Nice, generic. Too dark for kids? And too lame for everybody else."
60% Green Book (2018) - Jan 09, 2019
"Such a very, very nice movie. I guess Peter is the lame Farrelly. Didn't know there was one. No kidding, it was nice. Funny, and some concern for racism in there too."