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93% Monster Monster (2023) - Rated 27 Jan 2024
"A master humanist, the best ever director of children, and of children stories, in top form. Very glad and very confident in writing that in the darwinian history of movies about homophobia -or childhood- this will stand at the higher echelon once the human race is extinct. Its layers demand a rewatch."
61% Talk to Me Talk to Me (2023) - Rated 16 Sep 2023
"Good "don't do drugs" horror. Spoiler: If you do drugs doing more drugs isn't getting you out of it. You're welcome dumb youth. Next."
22% Blood and Black Lace Blood and Black Lace (1964) - Rated 03 Dec 2023
"Giallo wheelhouse: Visual ravish, plot silliness, and a general atmosphere of sleeze. Somehow, indifference to production and spiritual values seem linked."
11% Batman Returns Batman Returns (1992) - Rated 13 Dec 2010
"Carte blanche from Warner? A very unique movie in that such lavishness is spent on what frequently feels like a teenage mad hatter's feverish fantasy with seemingly no intervention from any surrounding adult. There's many nonsense quotes from classics - Citizen Kane, Vertigo, Sunset Blvd.-, and the expected highlights of gothic design -but lesser quality compared to the original-, also a couple of game thespians as villains, but it's all to little avail. Timmy didn't return after this."
93% Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes (2023) - Rated 05 Jan 2024
""There are no miracles in movies since Dreyer died", yes, but here Erice slowly conjures up the closest challenge we have seen since then. If he failed -and I'm not sure he did- we at least got one of the greatest endings in movie history. And a beautiful, detailed movie, full of inner life, sense of purpose and small pleasures. If not a masterwork, clearly the work of a master. And a movie lover."
40% Saltburn Saltburn (2023) - Rated 11 Feb 2024
"It unabashedly fails in all ways that really matter and mostly excels in those which really don't. "superficially smart and deeply stupid", somebody said. And it doesn't offer any sensible excuse to wallow in such nastiness."
93% Dune: Part Two Dune: Part Two (2024) - Rated 14 Apr 2024
"Villeneuve can thump his chest after this: No movie in recent memory has had this outrageous and cunning a combination of lavish spectacle -money- and brooding tone -soul-, and he's not only lived to tell the tale but he's running away with a top scifi movie and a huge b.o. success. Talk about the one that points the way. Zimmer's idea of scoring it was dead on: STAR WARS was orchestral pop, LOTR was Wagnerian opera, and DUNE is middle-eastern new age dirge plus dark metal."
93% The Detective The Detective (1954) - Rated 26 Nov 2023
"Gentle and witty comedy-thriller, not only quite a jolly time but also good for your soul, and fairly touching a major issue without going heavy with it. "They don;t make 'em like that anymore", quite impossible something like this getting made in 2023 and you know what, they actually never made them like this. A gem to cherish. --PSI was 6 so in this case Halliwelll wins."
22% EO EO (2022) - Rated 06 Nov 2023
"The inevitable comparison with Balthazar is devastating: Bresson made a movie about the moon, the sky, the universe and the people in it, while this guy's idea is to actually make a movie about the finger that points to the moon, and everything else is in a hazy, ocassionaly neon blur. Also: The depiction of the donkey's POV as cinematic reveries presents deep problems of its own that the director doesn't seem to acknowledge and are best left to Disney cartoon musicals."