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Celluloid Junkie - 4549 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 10, 2010

Location: Venezuela

Bio: 10=pantheon nominee 8=strong 6=satisfactory 4=mediocre 2=bad 0=zero
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39% The Danish Girl (2015) - Jul 16, 2018
"The kind of movie that gives prestige costume dramas a bad rep. So bland that itr seems devoid of any personality of inner life whatsoever. But: Grand decor, garments, and performances. And let's not forget the very liberal compassion."
39% Love & Friendship (2016) - Jul 12, 2018
"Jolly bitch-ism has seldom being so boring. A rather lifeless Austen popsicle, more so considering how bright and genuine some adaptations have been before."
39% Indignation (2016) - Jul 12, 2018
"Should've starred the dean instead of the bland atheist cute boy. Yes your read well: Bland atheist cute lil boy."
78% Piper (2016) - Jul 09, 2018
"As before, the formula of simple, touching stories, cute-amazing animation and careful mise en scene. Another short Pixar stunner."
39% Ready Player One (2018) - Jul 09, 2018
"Runs like a haze of visual wizardry, so detailed and fast that it can be hard to take. And the movie's dead behind its pretty eyes whenever it tries to go for something else than videogame-awesomeness-F-U-N-!, which is not a lot thankfully. So, take it or leave it. Oh, and there are no giant killer ladies in THE SHINNING. That was extremely painful to watch. Steven, please."
59% Isle of Dogs (2018) - Jul 07, 2018
"(Just) Another quirky & pretty dessert from WA. You can do much worse."
12% A Quiet Place (2018) - Jun 28, 2018
"Was this a 2-episode pilot? Seriously?"
39% The Visit (2015) - Jun 25, 2018
"Is it time to give up on the idea that M. Night will one day realize he should just stop writing and direct other people's scripts?"
39% Disconnect (2013) - Jun 16, 2018
39% Kuroi ame (1989) - Jun 04, 2018
"This should happen to some people I know. And spare the sympathy."