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Celluloid Junkie - 2812 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 4, 2015

Location: USA

Age: 41

Bio: I love movies, just like you.

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82 50% Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell (2012) - Aug 10, 2022
"It's cheap and looks it, but if you're into campy, tongue-in-cheek, gore-soaked horror with a Japanese twist, check it out. It helps that it's only like an hour long."
65 10% Trog (1970) - Aug 09, 2022
65 10% Biohazard (1985) - Aug 09, 2022
"What is this movie trying to be? A horror? It's not scary. A spoof? It's not funny. Competently made? The opposite, actually."
68 15% Firecracker (1981) - Aug 09, 2022
"The only memorable scene is a martial arts fight between two thugs and a topless woman. Yeah, it's that kind of movie."
85 63% One Hit Wonderland (2012) - Aug 05, 2022
"The inverse of Trainwreckords, where Todd covers the background, brief moment of glory, and subsequent decline of music's most notable (or baffling) one-hit wonders. Pretty good stuff if you like Todd's schtick."
85 63% Trainwreckords (2017) - Aug 04, 2022
"Good concept (disastrous albums by successful bands or singers). Worth watching if you have interest in the artists in question."
72 22% The Pebble and the Penguin (1995) - Aug 03, 2022
"A dumb, obnoxious, low-effort showing from the once-tolerable Don Bluth. More work went into 10 seconds of the animation than into the entire script."
65 10% Killing birds - uccelli assassini (1987) - Jul 27, 2022
"Padded like an '80s women's suit jacket. Doesn't have nearly as many birds - or zombies - as the title(s) would have you think."
62 5% Night Killer (1990) - Jul 26, 2022
"Fredo Krueger lol"
75 30% Terror Creatures from the Grave (1965) - Jul 25, 2022
"Less than the sum of its gothic-y parts. The whole thing looks and feels like a lifeless (heh) episode of Dark Shadows. We don't even get to see the titular creatures, for crying out loud! For Barbara Steele superfans only."