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Bio: I'm well on my way to becoming a cranky old man, but I still love movies, just like you.

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92 T9 Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) - Sep 21, 2023
"This is more than a movie. It's a blast of giddy creative insanity, the kind that's only possible when a director has the freedom (and lack of inhibitions) to put his craziest, most random ideas on celluloid, unrestricted by studio notes or even conventional filmmaking rules. This is art. God bless Joe Dante."
92 T9 Gremlins (1984) - Sep 21, 2023
"Gizmo was just a single parent doing his best."
82 T6 Cat People (1942) - Sep 13, 2023
"Has the first documented movie jump scare - a dubious legacy to say the least. The filmmakers' less-is-more approach (dictated more by budget than style) didn't really work for me - when you spend the whole movie teasing an appearance by a transformed cat woman and (spoiler alert) you only get about 30 seconds of a panther at the end, you can't help but feel a little cheated. Overall fine but overrated."
92 T9 Midnight Mass (2021) - Sep 13, 2023
"Takes place in an alternate Stephen King universe where no one has ever heard of vampires. I hear a lot of bellyaching about monologues, but when they're as well-written and character-rich as these are, I say bring 'em on."
82 T6 American Gladiators (1989) - Sep 12, 2023
"Really dumb and really fun. I'm not saying this show gave young me a muscle fetish, but it did nothing to prevent it."
62 T1 The Nail Gun Massacre (1985) - Sep 12, 2023
"More like FAIL Gun Massacre, amirite? Eh? Eeehhhh?"
95 T10 Best of the Worst (2013) - Sep 12, 2023
"Bad Movie Night Simulator 3000."
78 T5 Action U.S.A. (1989) - Sep 12, 2023
"For better or worse, this is exactly the kind of movie you'd expect a former stuntman to make. The plot and characters are basic to the point of irrelevance, but, in our dark days of CGI and green-screened everything, seeing actual human beings perform a bunch of fantastic death-defying stunts is nourishing to the soul. Not a good movie, but a fantastic viewing experience."
68 T2 Spookies (1986) - Sep 12, 2023
"Sloppy, incoherent '80s horror movie with some admittedly decent practical effects, including some farting zombie mud monsters, a voyueristic werewolf, and a surprisingly combustible grim reaper. Feels like it was edited by a drunk ceiling fan. A goldmine of unintentional comedy."
95 T10 Heat (1995) - Sep 07, 2023
"Slick movie."