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Cinema Addict - 1035 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 6, 2011

Location: New Jersey, USA

Age: 39

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88 93% Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) - Feb 25, 2023
"It's been a long time since something felt original. It isnt perfect but it's fun, imaginative, and most of all it takes chances (and the 60 year old lead actress is the least of them). That alone makes it worthwhile."
78 47% Knock at the Cabin (2023) - Feb 24, 2023
"It was filmed 5 minutes from me. The dairy bar dressed up as Angie's Roadside diner is one of my lunch spots. My review is biased. This is a great looking film, but its also extremely underwhelming. Its kind of just there for 100 minutes and you can telegraph the ending after the first 20"
76 39% The Whale (2022) - Feb 24, 2023
"Classic Aronofsky cinematic chamber pop. I guess it can trigger anyone with an estranged daughter since it hits all those tropes and thats really all it does."
85 84% M3GAN (2023) - Jan 27, 2023
"It's less horror and more of a warning about the dark side of the current tech zeitgeist and the allure of robonannies raising our kids, and it's better off for it. There would have been people imitating Frankenstein's monster on tiktok if it dropped in 2023 but that wouldnt make it any less interesting."
50 6% Blonde (2022) - Jan 27, 2023
"It's nice to see that in the era of woke-ism there are still filmmakers brave enough to perpetuate the archetype of the sad, broken, helpless woman at the mercy of the male world"
72 19% All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) - Jan 27, 2023
"So just filming people getting blown up for 2 hours is oscar worthy? No soul whatsoever."
81 58% X (2022) - Jan 21, 2023
"It took 24 hours for the meta aspect of a film about making an artistic porn to dawn on me. The motivations are universal yet unique. It's rare for films in the genre to be worth our time."
74 26% The Pale Blue Eye (2022) - Jan 09, 2023
"All over the place. Uses Poe the way one might light blast their face to look better for instagram. Hudson highlands in a dreary setting were the best thing the film had going for it and it didnt seem to know it."
82 64% Slumdog Millionaire (2008) - Jan 09, 2023
"The editing dates it. Other than that it uses a cool device that lets some fresh air in on what would otherwise be a dark and suffocating coming of age as an untouchable story."
73 22% Empire Records (1995) - Jan 08, 2023
"This could go way lower without the nostalgic 90s factor."