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Member Since: Jul 20, 2009

Location: Croatia

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84 72% Succession (2018) - May 30, 2023
85 75% re:View (2016) - May 27, 2023
82 65% Kidding (2018) - May 27, 2023
77 53% Better Call Saul (2015) - May 27, 2023
"The show was pretty great, but the way some characters' stories were resolved didn't really make sense and felt like your standard dose of US American moralizing. No other explanation for resolving Nacho's story, as well as Jimmy's story, so out of character. A shame really, Better Call Saul could have been up there with Wire and Sopranos.."
80 61% Deadstream (2022) - Apr 09, 2023
5% Lost Ollie (2022) - Mar 26, 2023
"Not sure who is this intended for. Not for kids because of all the violence and social issues, not for the adults because the plot is from a kids' movie. Also, characters and the story feel sketched out and rushed. Pretty bad overall."
71 41% The Last of Us (2023) - Mar 13, 2023
"After S01: Not sure why everyone's so hyped up about this show. It's not crap, but season 1 is not as good as the first seasons of the Walking Dead. And considering how TWD deteriorated, I fear that this might follow a similar path. Also, the 1-2 episode arcs are too short so by the end of the season we don't really have established mission, nor the villain. The argument I hear is that it follows the game, but that might not be such a good thing. It's a different art form, a different medium."
68 36% The Northman (2022) - Mar 12, 2023
"Pretty good visually, but it's also too linear and doesn't really go anywhere."
45 21% Memoria (2021) - Mar 04, 2023
"45 is because of photography and sound, otherwise the score would have been lower (pun intended). This is one of those movies that I feel people are giving great score because it's essentially an art movie and they want to look clever. Art, by the way, should be a genre here at Criticker. A genre that would work as a warning. The movie is slow. Maybe if I knew, I would have watched it with different eyes. Today I wanted entertainment, so bleah."
78 56% Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021) - Mar 04, 2023