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58 29% The Social Dilemma (2020) - Sep 27, 2020
"Manipulative dramatization, a bit of fearmongering combined with a sleight of hand attempt to place the blame on something as abstract as an algorithm instead of tech companies shareholders and CEOs, and lawmakers. Nevertheless it's worth watching because it is spot on with pointing out the problem of increasing polarization. The solve to all this would be too painful for neoliberals to even mouth so the movie is left without a coherent conclusion."
67 35% Mignonnes (2020) - Sep 26, 2020
"It's an OK movie, a bit blunt, ultimately not a complete waste of time. As for the controversy surrounding it, I would wager that most of the outrage comes from parents that allow their kids to use apps like TikTok, Snapchat or Instagram but are also too lazy to talk to them about it so they get pissy when someone puts it in their faces. Well this movie is not the cause of behavior it depicts. Bad parenting and poor legislative not holding such companies accountable is."
77 52% I'm Thinking of Ending Things (2020) - Sep 20, 2020
"A bit of Kafka and a bit of modernized Lynch, which is not a bad thing but it left me missing the earlier Kaufman. Works great until the school sequence where it breaks apart some and doesn't really end up anywhere."
70 38% Travelers (2016) - Aug 25, 2020
"Pretty good though uneven. Cheese warning, but it's a US show so what else would you expect. Some interesting characters (Trevor, Philip, Grace). Main villain had great potential but didn't get enough treatment and it would have helped if the show was focused on the main story. I'm sure they were planning to drag it out to seven seasons so it's a good thing it got cancelled after three, because this way it maintained at least some focus."
82 64% A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017) - Aug 02, 2020
25 13% Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker (2019) - Jul 31, 2020
"I just watched it and already forgot about it. Usually I would leave a lengthier review, but there is nothing to write about, sorry :/"
78 55% My Life as a Zucchini (2016) - Jul 27, 2020
73 44% Mountain (2017) - Jul 27, 2020
"Beautiful photography but that's about it. Would be nice to hear some actual data instead of preachy poetry. At least mention the name of the mountain we're looking at fer chrissake. And it gets boring towards the ending when it switches from mountaineering to skydiving, skiing, boarding, yadda yadda. Still, it's good overall if you're into beautiful landscapes. "
80 60% Good Omens (2019) - Jul 18, 2020
20 11% American Sniper (2014) - Jul 18, 2020
"This is basically a bullshit US propaganda flick that tries to glorify a mass murderer. Although to be honest, that flag on a promo pic immediately made me barf into my mouth a bit so I didn't expect this to be anything above the typical pompous Hollywood garbage. Avoid if possible. I gave it 20/100 because Eastwood knows how to direct a movie. The rest is just too cringe-worthy. "