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Member Since: Oct 2, 2010

Location: Australia

Gender: Male

Bio: I originally started rating movies on IMDb, so my default rating scale is 1-10 with only whole numbers, and I don't understand why anyone would need more than that. (I didn't realise that Criticker's system doesn't require a 0-100 scale until it was too late.)

I don't go to the movies much, most of my watching is DVDs from a disc-mailing service that I specifically chose to watch because they looked interesting, and as a consequence my ratings tend to skew pretty high. It probably gives a bad representation of my taste (and it completely fucks up my tiers; 90 is tier 9, 80 is tier 6, and 70 is tier 4? What the hell?), but hey, it's not like I'm a professional critic being paid to keep up with new releases. (Though I'm considering adding my ratings for the movies I've watched through MST3K. I'm sure that'd balance it out a bit.) Also, some of my 10/10 ratings are from a while ago and probably need to be re-appraised. Anyway, I basically use this and Flixster to remind myself later which movies I liked and why. It's not like anybody else should give a shit.

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80 T6 About Elly (2009) - May 24, 2017
"Farhadi handles the chaos beautifully, and keeps the complex web of character interaction interesting and believable throughout. Sometimes it was hard to fully commit to the tension because it seemed like such a minor thing to get worked up about; I had to keep reminding myself that it's not so minor in a country like Iran. Though I think Farhadi comes as close in his direction as anybody could have, to making that inherently tense to me."
60 T3 The Anderson Tapes (1971) - May 13, 2017
"Turns into a reasonably fun heist after some initial clunkiness but never rises to the level of talent involved."
50 T2 21 Jump Street (2012) - May 12, 2017
"Gets points for making me laugh, but the plot is unfocused and not very compelling, so the jokes don't really have anything to hang themselves on. Most of the time it feels like a bunch of sketches stitched together into a movie, particularly in the messy first act. It is funny at times (loved the interactions between Tatum and the nerds), but it's so messy and poorly paced that I found myself annoyed with it more often than not."
70 T4 Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) - May 09, 2017
"John Landis beats you over the head with a hammer, screaming "DO YOU GET THE CLEVER SUBTEXT ABOUT THE EVILS OF RACISM?????", Steven Spielberg pours a 55-gallon drum of treacle on your corpse, and then Joe Dante and George Miller show up and they get it and it's suddenly fun to watch, and then it's over and you're thinking, I wish I'd had more time with the last two."
40 T1 Cookie's Fortune (1999) - May 01, 2017
"Basically two hours of Glenn Close dragging her fingernails down a chalkboard. Dutton and Beatty make it almost bearable, but Julianne Moore is depressingly wasted. An idiot plot if there ever was one."
50 T2 In a Better World (2010) - Apr 26, 2017
"So many clichés, I just couldn't swallow it after a while. Christian in particular is a hideous mess of them: Kids These Days, Innernet and Vidya Games; Dead Mother-Induced Psychopathy; Mental Illness Cured by Hugs. The way everything is wrapped up in a neat little package at the end was probably the worst part. I was practically gagging by then."
80 T6 Contagion (2011) - Apr 23, 2017
"I mean, watch it for the montaging and cross-cutting alone; Soderbergh, Mirrione, and Martinez put on a clinic of visual storytelling and tension building. It's a marvel to watch in that regard."
80 T6 The Underneath (1995) - Apr 18, 2017
"The plot is a bit silly and trashy, but as usual I had a lot of fun with Soderbergh's fuckery. The non-linearity, the split-focus diopters, the extreme colour-coding, the ten-minute segment shot entirely from the perspective of a hospital bed, it's all a lot of fun to watch. The ending is really great and really terrible at the same time, and I think I loved it."
60 T3 Take Me Home Tonight (2011) - Apr 17, 2017
"Had a lot of fun with this in the first half, but it fell victim to its own clichés in the second. Still, elevated by Dowse's chops in the cutting room."
70 T4 The Good German (2006) - Apr 10, 2017
"Once again I enjoy a Soderbergh experiment more than everyone else for some reason. The problem is that it's way more airless and self-serious than those war-time noirs really were, so it can get a little boring at times, but the arcane, impossible-to-follow-the-first-time plot and anti-climactic ending are both straight out of The Big Sleep and its ilk, and it looks gorgeous. Not the most amazing thing I've ever watched, but I found it entertaining."