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Member Since: Oct 2, 2010

Location: Australia

Gender: Male

Bio: I originally started rating movies on IMDb, so my default rating scale is 1-10 with only whole numbers, and I don't understand why anyone would need more than that. (I didn't realise that Criticker's system doesn't require a 0-100 scale until it was too late.)

I don't go to the movies much, most of my watching is DVDs from a disc-mailing service that I specifically chose to watch because they looked interesting, and as a consequence my ratings tend to skew pretty high. It probably gives a bad representation of my taste (and it completely fucks up my tiers; 90 is tier 9, 80 is tier 6, and 70 is tier 4? What the hell?), but hey, it's not like I'm a professional critic being paid to keep up with new releases. (Though I'm considering adding my ratings for the movies I've watched through MST3K. I'm sure that'd balance it out a bit.) Also, some of my 10/10 ratings are from a while ago and probably need to be re-appraised. Anyway, I basically use this and Flixster to remind myself later which movies I liked and why. It's not like anybody else should give a shit.

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40 T1 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) - Jul 22, 2017
"While home sick from school one day, a 12-year-old with no sense of humour saw half an episode of Bugs Bunny and a trailer for The Big Sleep and had a brilliant idea. One of the most annoying movies I've seen in a good while. I don't get how you can go to all the trouble of making a loving tribute to Looney Tunes cartoons and film noir while so fundamentally misunderstanding what makes them work."
50 T2 Friends with Kids (2011) - Jul 21, 2017
"On one hand I shouldn't be shocked that the writer of Kissing Jessica Stein came up with an extremely predictable (not to mention heteronormative) ending. On the other hand, I'm even more annoyed that she's done this to me twice now."
90 T9 Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (2011) - Jul 19, 2017
"I bet that sceptical doctor would be put in jail in President Erdogan's Turkey. That line about getting into the European Union is hilarious."
60 T3 Baby Driver (2017) - Jul 15, 2017
"There's two actual car chases in this movie, they both happen in the first act, and all the best moments from them were in the trailer. And they're surprisingly visually confusing. So that was a bit disappointing. My favourite part was actually the initial flirtation and romance between Elgort and James; they have good chemistry and their dialogue is fresh. Gets really grim and boring in the second half though. And there are no car chases."
50 T2 Winners and Sinners (1983) - Jul 14, 2017
"When people aren't fighting on screen (e.g., the first forty fucking minutes) it's one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen. And Jackie's role is a glorified cameo."
60 T3 The Dictator (2012) - Jul 03, 2017
"The older I get the darker I seem to like my comedy. Though it lacks the immediacy and danger of Borat to sell Baron Cohen's typical too-juvenile moments, the combination of braindead, aimless satire and the blackest of black and bluest of blue comedy pushed it into the realms of absurdist insanity that made me laugh surprisingly often. Also Jason Mantzoukas."
90 T9 Goon (2012) - Jul 02, 2017
"Fucking hilarious. Dowse's bad experience with the Topher Grace movie must have also been a learning one because this and Fubar II are exquisite academic examples of comedic timing and pacing in filmmaking. It's just this constant forward momentum, controlled chaos, cutting the perfect amount of time after a joke, yet with all these beautifully simple and clearly communicated character arcs and plot escalations. Pure joy from start to finish."
70 T4 Haywire (2012) - Jun 25, 2017
"I mostly dug this, especially the action and the tone (I have no interest in MMA but I like that kind of grapple-fighting when represented in action movies) but Carano's single facial expression and flat affect are a pretty big liability, and the plot is oddly paced and has no sense of scope so it feels unsatisfying at the end. I enjoyed myself but I can understand why you wouldn't."
80 T6 And Everything Is Going Fine (2010) - Jun 23, 2017
"Makes you realise how weird his '90s burst of celebrity was, watching him being interviewed on fucking E! and MTV by nimrods with no idea what he's talking about. I wasn't super into this at first (the way it's stitched together makes it more obvious how closely he skirts the line between incisive self-analysis and being a total drama queen) but I was close to tears by the end so that's something."
70 T4 Wheels on Meals (1984) - Jun 16, 2017
"Even though it's more of an action-comedy than a full-blown martial arts spectacular, it still has pretty bad pacing, with much longer stretches of situational comedy (& Spaniards "speaking" Cantonese) than I was expecting. But even if the action is poorly spread throughout, it's still good enough stuff to wait around for. That throwdown at the end between Jackie and Benny the Jet is the kind of thing you can't even believe is humanly possible even when it's happening right there on the screen."