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Member Since: Oct 2, 2010

Location: Australia

Gender: Male

Bio: I originally started rating movies on IMDb, so my default rating scale is 1-10 with only whole numbers, and I don't understand why anyone would need more than that. (I didn't realise that Criticker's system doesn't require a 0-100 scale until it was too late.)

I don't go to the movies much, most of my watching is DVDs from a disc-mailing service that I specifically chose to watch because they looked interesting, and as a consequence my ratings tend to skew pretty high. It probably gives a bad representation of my taste (and it completely fucks up my tiers; 90 is tier 9, 80 is tier 6, and 70 is tier 4? What the hell?), but hey, it's not like I'm a professional critic being paid to keep up with new releases. (Though I'm considering adding my ratings for the movies I've watched through MST3K. I'm sure that'd balance it out a bit.) Also, some of my 10/10 ratings are from a while ago and probably need to be re-appraised. Anyway, I basically use this and Flixster to remind myself later which movies I liked and why. It's not like anybody else should give a shit.

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70 T4 Magic Mike (2012) - Nov 04, 2017
"Really dug this as a shaggy, likeable hangout movie with naturalistic performances and great cast chemistry (apart from McConaughey's usual scenery-chewing bullshit, which I've ranted about before). So the mandated conflict straight out of Screenwriting 101 felt grafted-on and unwelcome. But Soderbergh directs the everloving fuck out of it, so it kept me invested throughout. The stripping scenes are truly bizarre, like some kind of surrealist art installation. People actually do this?"
80 T6 Killing Them Softly (2012) - Oct 29, 2017
"I think it's the pacing that gets people. This movie has weird fucking pacing. I ended up vibing to its wavelength, but I can see how you wouldn't. It strikes me as the kind of movie that will be revered as a stone-cold classic in a few decades."
70 T4 Killer Joe (2012) - Oct 24, 2017
"Starts and ends with a bang, and because it's a play it has a cool structure, but of course that makes it inherently uncinematic. And certain sections remind one of why Friedkin doesn't make movies anymore. Honestly I feel kinda depressed that I just watched Gina Gershon getting messed up like that. Wasn't on my bucket list."
60 T3 The Campaign (2012) - Oct 16, 2017
"If you can accept that this is a satire (or maybe just a parody) of election campaigns and not politics itself, you should have a decent time; the comedy is pretty uneven but it's mostly funny, and there's some clever exaggerations (the shooting springs to mind). That ending, though. I was expecting a cop-out, but good grief. It's like the ending of "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington" without the irony."
80 T6 Cosmopolis (2012) - Oct 09, 2017
"It's inherently a fool's errand, making real human beings say the deliberately inhuman dialogue of Don DeLillo. Every actor fails because it's impossible, & it's about as insightful as Robocop (I don't like DeLillo's cynical philosophies, but I like reading his writing) so I can't explain why I found this so entertaining. It's one of those Brown Bunny/Twentynine Palms type of things, where I should be hating everything on screen (in fact that's kinda the point) & yet I'm inexplicably enthralled."
80 T6 Harvie Krumpet (2003) - Oct 08, 2017
90 T9 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Oct 07, 2017
"Fuck off, Denis, I can't handle these feelings."
60 T3 The Bourne Legacy (2012) - Oct 07, 2017
"Kicks into gear pretty effectively once the stakes have been established with some dope action scenes, so much so that I started to wonder why everyone hated this movie. And then the unbelievably wrong-headed Manila chase sequence happened – that if I wanted to break down all the bad aspects of I wouldn't even know where to start – and I got really depressed. This is the same guy who made Michael Clayton?"
80 T6 Project A (1983) - Oct 02, 2017
"Sometimes I wish every action movie was paced and cut like this."
70 T4 The Past (2013) - Sep 26, 2017
"Liked it overall, but I felt the plot in the second half was a bit overcooked. I know this structure is Farhadi's stock in trade, slowly revealing the details of an event the audience was not witness to through conversation, but this time I felt he went a bit too far with it and I ended up losing sight of the story through the overabundance of plot as it twisted back on itself over and over. Not to mention Burlet and Rahim acting like sullen zombies for the whole two hours, that got pretty old."