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Cinema Addict - 1689 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 2, 2010

Location: Australia

Gender: Male

Bio: I originally started rating movies on IMDb, so my default rating scale is 1-10 with only whole numbers, and I don't understand why anyone would need more than that. (I didn't realise that Criticker's system doesn't require a 0-100 scale until it was too late.)

I don't go to the movies much, most of my watching is DVDs from a disc-mailing service that I specifically chose to watch because they looked interesting, and as a consequence my ratings tend to skew pretty high. It probably gives a bad representation of my taste (and it completely fucks up my tiers; 90 is tier 9, 80 is tier 6, and 70 is tier 4? What the hell?), but hey, it's not like I'm a professional critic being paid to keep up with new releases. (Though I'm considering adding my ratings for the movies I've watched through MST3K. I'm sure that'd balance it out a bit.) Also, some of my 10/10 ratings are from a while ago and probably need to be re-appraised. Anyway, I basically use this and Flixster to remind myself later which movies I liked and why. It's not like anybody else should give a shit.
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70 39% The Dreamed Ones (2016) - Feb 13, 2019
"Would have been cool if the meta element was more fleshed out, as I found the interaction between the actors more compelling than the angst-riddled letters themselves. I understand why it wasn't (I get the impression most of it was improvised), but it could have been a brilliant insight instead of this clever, interesting idea that doesn't really go anywhere."
70 39% Why Don't You Play in Hell? (2013) - Feb 09, 2019
"The first act is amazing, and the denouement is fun, but it sags in the middle once you realise where the plot is going and Sono just keeps insisting on dragging it out. Like, the time between "We need to make a movie before X happens" and "We found the guerilla film crew that was obviously going to help us all along" is kind of silly. But, I still had fun."
70 39% Resolution (2012) - Feb 09, 2019
"Kinda dug it for the most part, leans too heavily on the personification of audience while patting itself on the back for doing so, as if a thousand films hadn't done it before and much more subtly. The main source of tension for me was wondering when the characters were gonna turn and look at the camera. I don't know if that was intentional, but it was kinda fun, especially in the bit with the mirror. Anyway, everybody please watch The Tenant."
70 39% Keep an Eye Out (2018) - Feb 04, 2019
"Feels like a first act and an ending. Rated probably way too high because it's a very entertaining first act, but really, it's a lot of setup for zero payoff. (Maybe that's the joke. Haha, good joke.)"
80 64% Jiao you (2013) - Feb 02, 2019
"I'm too dumb to understand what happened in the third act, but I liked the movie anyway."
70 39% Winter Sleep (2014) - Feb 02, 2019
"People call it "novelistic" and "literary" betraying the fact they haven't read a literary novel. It's not bad, but the dialogue is quantity over quality (could be a translation issue, admittedly) and it just gets pretty mind-numbing after a while, a problem "Once Upon a Time" did not have. Has the smell of a filmmaker starting to believe in his own hype."
60 20% Valhalla Rising (2010) - Jan 28, 2019
"Turns out I was way too tired for this kinda pacing. Probably needs a re-watch."
70 39% Only Lovers Left Alive (2014) - Jan 27, 2019
"A beautiful film marred by bad wigs and baaaaaaaaaaad dialogue. Everything between Swinton and Hurt is almost physically painful to listen to."
70 39% Frank (2014) - Jan 26, 2019
"Gets really scattered and loses a lot of its momentum in the second half, and the music is never good enough to even make you think these people could break through (apart from the drummer for obvious reasons), but Abrahamson nails the delivery on so many of the dry British jokes that I couldn't help but like it. Really good "production cards to title card" sequence, too. (Is there a word for that?) If you were to make a list of the best ones, this would be up there with "Cabin in the Woods"."
60 20% Short Term 12 (2013) - Jan 26, 2019
"I try so hard not to predict where movies are going, but when it's this bleedingly obvious and schematic it becomes hard to turn off the plot-analyser in my brain."