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Cinema Addict - 1563 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 31, 2012

Location: Santiago, Chile

Age: 34

Gender: Male

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30 12% The Beach Bum (2019) - Jun 10, 2019
"Style over substance"
50 35% Love & Mercy (2015) - Jun 03, 2019
"It’s a nice average biopic, but the constant back and forwards in time where distracting and not very useful to the story."
60 50% Candyman (1992) - May 30, 2019
"It’s a interesting horor flick, well done and with an interesting story, worth watching."
30 12% Westworld (1973) - May 24, 2019
"An interesting watch, this is what happens when a great concept has a terrible development, story and execution, something that happens a lot in sci-fi. Some iconic moments like the homicidal robot and the designs, but the rest is pretty terrible."
30 12% Constantine (2005) - May 23, 2019
"This movie is based in a great source material and idea, but is poorly executed; the story and characters are underdeveloped and overall feels very silly when it should feel badass. "
55 42% Death in Venice (1971) - May 16, 2019
"I should make a t-shirt that says “I survived Death in Venice”"
65 60% The Wrong Man (1956) - May 13, 2019
"I shouldn’t like this movie, is slow paced and anticlimactic, but is made masterfully with incredible acting and details that made me go deep into this world. The kafkanian nature made it different and a very good psychological thriller. A very underrated movie that will stick in my memory."
30 12% American Graffiti (1973) - May 13, 2019
"You can see the hard effort and heart that went into this movie, but that makes it a bit stiff and uninteresting, made me realize that George Lucas is not really a good director"
70 70% Love & Friendship (2016) - Apr 29, 2019
"A very well crafted movie in the Stillman style, so a lot of dialogue and intricate relationships, really enjoyable."
50 35% Hello, My Name Is Doris (2015) - Apr 29, 2019
"It’s a cute picture, with some funny moments and good vibe around it, nothing unique or really memorable, but passes the time"