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Member Since: Jan 31, 2012

Location: Santiago, Chile

Age: 35

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70 70% Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy (2021) - Jan 26, 2021
"A chilling documentary that shows the corruption, bad government and racism behind the crack epidemic and the how much damage the war on drugs and war on communism did on the most vulnerable communities in the USA. In the end it should've been "Just say NO" to government funding terrorist groups, to racial profiling and criminalization based on lies."
60 51% Horse Girl (2020) - Jan 18, 2021
60 51% The Cabin in the Woods (2012) - Jan 11, 2021
"A nice spin on some familiar horror and sci-fi themes, the pacing is a bit odd but towards the end it becomes very fast paced and funnier and weirder which was a nice surprise"
50 35% Throne of Blood (1957) - Jan 11, 2021
"A movie with lights and shadows, sometimes is great sometimes is boring as hell and filled with missed opportunities to tell an engaging story. For me the most interesting thing would’ve been seen the prophecy sound like a blessing but given as a curse and the main characters trying not to fulfill it but in that struggling fulfilling it and producing the violence, instead we get something in between with no consistency."
20 4% Ava (2020) - Jan 04, 2021
"Incredible poor acting for a lazy story, it seemed like nobody really wanted to make this movie."
70 70% Mank (2020) - Jan 04, 2021
"Quite good for movie geeks, it really captures early Hollywood’s atmosphere and an awesome Gary performing some very good dialogues, but the controverted story didn’t do justice to the other characters and in the end didn’t make a good movie for everyone. "
60 51% Palm Springs (2020) - Dec 28, 2020
"A nice surprise for a very poor year, a light-hearted romantic comedy set on one of the most fun premises for movies in my opinion: the ever repeating day. This could be a genre in itself by now given how many spins they have done to it. "
50 35% The Judge (2014) - Dec 23, 2020
30 12% Everything Is Illuminated (2005) - Dec 09, 2020