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10 95% Alien (1979) - Rated 15 Aug 2012
"Back in 1979, something happened. A momentous event took place, one that would redefine things for years to come, its effects still lingering after all those years. Yet it is neither the none-too-peaceful Soviet meddling in Afghanistan nor the defiant revolt of Iran's ayatollahs I'm referring to. Something else. A dark vision, a glimpse into the distant void of space. Where no one can hear you scream."
10 95% Blade Runner (1982) - Rated 15 Aug 2012
"On top of all this philosophical questioning, we get some great noir-detective-like action and suspense. Roy Batty is truly a badass. Deckard's pursuit of him is a very fun engagement, as is the climax. Its flat out terrific. The pacing is wonderful, the visuals are astounding, and the story is enthralling. By now I'm guessing most have seen this cinematic masterpiece, but if not, you are truly in for feast!"
10 95% Brazil (1985) - Rated 15 Aug 2012
"Terry Gilliam describes Brazil as "Franz Kafka meets Walter Middy" - this sort of fits. Using the name of Arry Barroso's 1930s escapist song, Brazil is set in a nightmarish, fantasized dystopic future, Gilliam gives us a story about humanity attempting to escape reality by retreating into one's own dreams. Brazil is a visual and thematic tour-de-force which deserves a watch by all who are interested in having movies provoke deep thoughts, long after the film has concluded."
10 95% Ghost in the Shell (1995) - Rated 15 Aug 2012
"After Akira, a case can be made for Ghost in the Shell being the most influential anime ever. While Akira was the first anime to crack international markets, GITS rose anime to something "real,", and opened the doors for events like Disney's pursuit of Miyazaki, and eventually, the truly incredibly pace of anime we see today. More important for cyberpunk films, GITS provided a myriad of thoughts and visuals that have been expanded upon in virtually all subsequent cyberpunk animes."
10 95% Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004) - Rated 15 Aug 2012
"As for the details of the merging of traditional hand drawn animation, there are a few scenes where the Babylon 5-like ships or statues don't quite fit, but for the most part, the expansive scenes have incredible depth, and the close-ups are as exquisite as a portrait. You are truly missing out on a feat of artistic beauty if pass this movie up. And overall, GITS:2 is clearly in of the best new cyberpunk movies out. Watch it - you won't be disappointed."
10 95% La Jetée (1962) - Rated 15 Aug 2012
"La Jetée as a movie is one of the most interesting I've encountered. Virtually the whole movie involves narrating still shots. While this sounds like a glorified slideshow, its anything but. The pacing is magnificent. The mood created is truly immersive. In a truly astounding feat, Marker traps the viewer in this "slide show" mentality, and then, as the movie is discussing whether the character can decipher what's real or not, he pulls the run out from under us."
10 95% The Matrix (1999) - Rated 15 Aug 2012
"The Matrix is already one of the most influential in science fiction, and is truly one of the cornerstone cyberpunk movies in existence. We get it all here: terrific action, awesome cyberpunk concepts, incredible cyberpunk visuals, cool philosophical discussions, an absolutely awesome soundtrack and innovative FX. On top of this, all the leads were terrific. Reeves makes a perfect Neo, and Moss, Fishburne and Weaving give career-defining performances."
10 95% Metropolis (1927) - Rated 15 Aug 2012
"Most people probably think cyberpunk started in US in the early 80s. I say it started in Germany in 1927. Metropolis all but disapeared after its initial release, but slowly gained a following in drops and drabs, and then with the early 80s restorations, it began to truly take hold in the minds of most as something special in movie making history. Is it a coincidence that Metropolis gained prominence right around the same time as the cyberpunk movement took hold? I think not."
10 95% Technotise: Edit & I (2009) - Rated 15 Aug 2012
"Not often that a good cyberpunk movie comes down the wires. Lately, the better ones have been coming out of Japan's anime studios. Technotise could be the latest-and-greatest to come from the land of the rising sun... only it came from Serbia, not Japan, although the anime influence can be seen. While not enough to make those famed anime studios nervous... yet... it already has a live-action remake under development."
10 95% Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989) - Rated 15 Aug 2012
"For another movie that taps out the weird shitometer scale, and the pinnacle of J cyberpunk flicks, Tetsuo is simply terrific! I must warn you that this movie is NOT for everyone. We get a bevy of disturbing images, including extreme body manipulation, anal rape of a guy by a mechanically "enhanced" female, rape in the reverse by a man with a literal "power tool," and truly the most bizarre set of images one can imagine. But in all this, there are some truly interesting messages that emerge."