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60% Twisters (2024) - Rated 20 Jul 2024
"Wether it’s the extremely illogical amount of suspension of disbelief, the performances of both Edgar-Jones/Powell, or the polish of the CGI and the action sets, Twisters is dumb schlocky fun that doesn’t require really any previous homework to enjoy the movie to it’s fullest potential. However, nothing here is remarkable in any sort of way and feels hollow due to the extreme liberties it asks you to take, and doesn’t really capture the gravitas or connection of its predecessor. Decent enough."
60% Stillwater (2021) - Rated 17 Jul 2024
"Stillwater is very much a Matt Damon engine, as it truly lives and dies by his character. However, there is something to say about a lot of the secondary elements at play here between its cultural and political influences. McCarthy gives this whole story a lot more personality and its personal elements are slowly but surely more fleshed out with this attention of detail and pace. In some cases though, it does slow down too much and with some cliché conveniences, it falls slightly short."
95% Pearl (2022) - Rated 13 Jul 2024
"Pearl is somehow feels like a completely standalone story that somehow coincides within other entries in a trilogy. Its throwback presentation is so well induced by the slightly cliché, but influential norms of the time. It’s Oscar worthy performance by Mia Goth herself is more personal and carefully focused compared to X, giving more depth than expected. Best of all, West himself has some beautifully disgusting one takes in his cinematography portfolio here. Surprisingly, better than X."
76% Straight Outta Compton (2015) - Rated 08 Jul 2024
"Straight Outta Compton is very impressive on a technical & immersion critique. Its performances and cinematography are home runs and that alone makes the atmosphere of this project feel pretty enthralling. However, with little research, the lack of authentication and exclusion of complete character representation is somewhat disappointing, and that’s unfortunately what many of these type of projects devolve into, and while this is a very solid watch, it doesn’t reach its full potential."
60% A Quiet Place: Day One (2024) - Rated 01 Jul 2024
"Day One is a functional & competent film on most of the important levels. Between the cinematography, performances, and effects, it’s right there with its predecessors. However, it’s incredibly bland for any sort of artistic flare or presence. It’s relatively tame & safe in its whole approach. This story, while fine and overall pretty solid, is just not what I would expect with this talent involved. Its lack of ambition is disappointing, but it’s still a very solid entry to this world."
16% Madame Web (2024) - Rated 13 Jun 2024
"Madame Web is quite possibly a contender for worst super hero movie of all time. Whether it’s the dialogue, script, ADR, lack of interesting set pieces, or dull characterization…there is nothing here that is passable in comparison to other movies of the subgenre. However, this is hilariously bad in a very rare way that my experience was quite enjoyable. It’s impressive how DJ does not give a single fuck. 1/10 actual score, but as a bad movie it’s a 10/10. Quite amazing to be honest."
88% Bad Boys: Ride or Die (2024) - Rated 13 Jun 2024
"Bad Boys: Ride or Die seemingly fits into the summer movie esthetic. It’s vibrant, unapologetic, and kinda weird? Regardless, while the characterization of these characters are kind of stagnant in comparison to its previous entry, this is a whole lot of dumb fun that even flirts with some Fast & Furious suspension of disbelief. Better yet, this whole ensemble of characters is fun, and the people behind the camera clearly understand the material. A complete summer blast."
76% Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024) - Rated 13 Jun 2024
"Furiousa has quite the bag of ingredients. Its visual flare & pallet is very cartoonish in the style of a comic book appeal, for better and worse. It elevates much of its set pieces and overtly over the top characters and in many ways sets a great structure of immersion. However, it becomes somewhat distracting when the obvious green screen comes into focus. Though that can be forgiven, this movie feels dull on any further characterization of the character. Seems unnecessary, but great fun."
8% The Strangers: Chapter 1 (2024) - Rated 13 Jun 2024
"The Strangers: Chapter 1 is void of anything new in its sandbox. Quite literally porting over the majority of its elements into another whole production is so disgustingly lazy, and is even more appalling when they don’t even attempt to improve on the original’s issues. It’s low grade effort is setting the table for the discussion of whether we need its future installments, because this is as dull & generic as they come for an already generic sub genre. Pathetic on many levels."
60% Challengers (2024) - Rated 13 Jun 2024
"Challengers definitely has a lot of absurdly aggressive confidence in itself. Whether it’s between its convoluted story progression or it’s the overtly chaotic & ambiguous lead characters, it’s seemingly never really stops. It almost feels coherent, but it’s uncontrolled & messy, and while that seems to be the underlying prognosis of it’s artistic representation, it’s easy to see how this could’ve been tightened up in the editing room. Still, this is an interesting watch & I’m not disappointed."