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Location: Leiden, Netherlands

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90 94% Ivan's Childhood (1962) - Nov 24, 2021
"Tarkovsky's first feature shows the themes and methods with which he would later paint more sophisticated works. A continual theme seems to be how lost histories construct the present, how dreams, like water in a well, may be a reservoir containing in separation a representation of it that gets us to seek. This will later culminate in his masterwork 'The Mirror', where it is likewise this preverbal truth, perhaps a relation to the mother-object (Klein), is important. "
91 95% The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967) - Nov 23, 2021
"A girl dreams of the city, an American comes back from the 40's and will speak in parralel to this future; we get a detective plot of a murder to which the dream, the environment that is the film, remains immune. The elements are put there, though, and it is only upon our grasping them that the dream falls apart. This is the responsibility Demy forces us to - he is able to withhold himself from the act - leading to a kind of mono no aware. This hauntology precedes Derrida by a number of years."
74 80% L'Atalante (1934) - Oct 17, 2021
"A young girl from a village thereafter not named takes off to the waters, facing a variety of hardships. These are never resolved. "
35 26% My Octopus Teacher (2020) - Aug 25, 2021
60 58% Lamentations of judas (2020) - Aug 08, 2021
98 99% Day for Night (1973) - Aug 08, 2021
"The director takes great joy, and seems to wish the same for the audience, in submitting to the screen - to the analysis - various pieces of evidence and symbols that constitute his preoccupations with internal object relations; amidst the scenes that play out his life, he remains the observer, the person being asked without taking part. This joy from this position which is from without, makes Truffaut the Ozu of the west. An ode to the power of cinema by showing, phenomenologically, its power."
85 89% City Girl (1930) - May 21, 2021
"City girl: a redemption. Once seen as a threat or fall from an innocence with nature (Sunrise (1927)), here the city, the world of artifice, of imagination finally put to ladders that facilitate climbs towards the ends of rainbows, provides to nature what it had gained her: the act of growing up, of overcoming naivete and magical thinking."
63 62% The Last Dance (2020) - May 14, 2021
65 64% The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014) - May 14, 2021
"A documentary that follows the beat of an activistic drum, the artist: Swartz. "
50 43% The Flying Luna Clipper (1987) - Jan 04, 2021
"expressionist stoner art. except it is not stoner but japanese."