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Cinema Addict - 1630 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 3, 2015

Location: Leiden, Netherlands

Bio: Meditation teacher at student chaplaincy
student of Leigh Brasington in the lineage of Ayya Khema


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93 96% Vagabond (1985) - Nov 25, 2022
"Of all the characters the one known least takes center stage, and the seeming identities of those around her unfold after reflections through her, spinning back stories about their own lives: wanting to be alive, wanting dope, wanting to exploit, or that freedom is not possible because of the loneliness. All narratives and identifications fail. For the young woman escape from samsara was not possible, but this movie seems to showcase an attempt."
58 53% Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet (2021) - Oct 30, 2022
"Important but not exactly well-made. It also makes an idol of its protagonist in a way that seems superfluous."
60 58% King of the Belgians (2016) - Aug 14, 2022
72 77% Memoria (2021) - Jul 11, 2022
"Joe has a couple themes he runs: the inaccessibility of the echoes, dreams, memories which we hear, live through and comprise us. Something about skandhas, dependent origination, emptiness, samsara and rebirth. For some viewers, like me, it is - past a certain frustration barrier which is perhaps the desire for a narratological logicalness (once you accept the incoherence you can participate) - a relaxing ride. Not sure about the ending though."
65 64% Black Panthers (1968) - Jun 07, 2022
"Agnes shows us a day from within and aside the world of the black panthers, exploring the various moods and anthropological characteristics of the group. It gives a good taste, but it also remains a glimpse. Not much changed."
25 13% Anastasia (1997) - Dec 26, 2021
90 94% Ivan's Childhood (1962) - Nov 24, 2021
"Tarkovsky's first feature shows the themes and methods with which he would later paint more sophisticated works. A continual theme seems to be how lost histories construct the present, how dreams, like water in a well, may be a reservoir containing in separation a representation of it that gets us to seek. This will later culminate in his masterwork 'The Mirror', where it is likewise this preverbal truth, perhaps a relation to the mother-object (Klein), is important."
91 96% The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967) - Nov 23, 2021
"A girl dreams of the city, an American comes back from the 40's and will speak in parralel to this future; we get a detective plot of a murder to which the dream, the environment that is the film, remains immune. The elements are put there, though, and it is only upon our grasping them that the dream falls apart. This is the responsibility Demy forces us to - he is able to withhold himself from the act - leading to a kind of mono no aware. This hauntology precedes Derrida by a number of years."
74 80% L'Atalante (1934) - Oct 17, 2021
"A young girl from a village thereafter not named takes off to the waters, facing a variety of hardships. These are never resolved."
35 26% My Octopus Teacher (2020) - Aug 25, 2021