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Cinema Addict - 1607 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 3, 2015

Location: Leiden, Netherlands

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Bio: 1) Something about grace.
2) Fundamentally flawed in a myriad of ways.
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88 92% The Trial (1962) - Nov 28, 2018
"Kafka said he could live in a hollowed out tree. He also said he only ever accomplished anything because of his anxiety. The relationship between the two statements is the essence of Kafka. He creates imaginary rooms astray from reality, while, at the same time, upon entering these rooms, being anxiously overcome by the strangeness of leading himself astray. "
71 73% Song to Song (2017) - Nov 14, 2018
55 49% Irrational Man (2015) - Nov 14, 2018
93 97% The Ister (2004) - Nov 08, 2018
"In paradise emerged a snake. It disrupted conserved harmony. To God, and to Adam and Eve, it meant disaster. To the fellow snakes, it meant the universe. The snake, or the criminal: using contrived means, advocating technology, advocating disruption, but also holy: able to enter paradise, symbolizes a return to the fall, at the same time a moment of birth, and rebirth. The saint, a holy criminal, is the snake interacting with paradise; in its downfall, like a river, bringing life where none was."
80 86% The Pervert's Guide to Cinema (2006) - Sep 04, 2018
96 99% Mouchette (1967) - Sep 03, 2018
"In the words of Akerman: "I don't belong anywhere.""
96 99% Late Autumn (1960) - Aug 29, 2018
"In earlier work, Ozu focused on those for who spring was always spring: the young. Here, it is autumn. Loved ones are gone, children are about to be and, with them, a life lived where purpose is defined by ones own happiness being secondary. As purpose fades, practicalities - 'itches' (I can see Ozu and Noda laughing), or loneliness - re-emerge. They again conflict with the ideal. This again is manifested in 'Noriko', now mother, though this time we only get to see parts of it. "
70 70% Dead Youth (1967) - Aug 27, 2018
93 97% Taste of Cherry (1997) - Aug 25, 2018
""I got out amongst the drift-wood and then laid down in the bottom of the canoe and let her float. I laid there and had a good rest and a smoke out of my pipe, looking away into the sky, not a cloud in it. The sky looks ever so deep when you lay down on your back in the moonshine; I never knowed it before." ~Huckleberry Finn"