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70 71% The Saragossa Manuscript (1965) - 17 Feb 2024
76 82% Past Lives (2023) - 03 Feb 2024
0% Kona fer í stríð (2018) - 16 Sep 2023
"Might appeal to - or is a self-image of - a white, wealthy and left-wing cultural elite audience. The savior 'listens to the grass' in a ‘being in tune with mother earth’-ethic, which really amounts to some earth-sized crystal spirituality. Rather than the yang and yin sisters complenting each other into a 'dao', we witness a proto-communist delusion. It is dangerous also to its own cause. Being mostly vegan, non-flying myself, this is what people rightfully run away from."
76 82% Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) - 01 Sep 2023
"Christopher Bollas wrote something interesting on fate versus destiny. This movie shows the unfolding of the former: it wasn't Orpheus or Eurydice, it was always going to be both. But that doesn't mean that there wasn't ever choice, a destiny, that could have but wasn't turned to."
58 53% My Life as a Zucchini (2016) - 25 Aug 2023
"this kind of animation seems to disproportionately argue for itself that it should be able to get away with what in other formats are cliches. But really that is what is the case, notwithstanding that there are some low-key, touching moments."
93 96% Aftersun (2022) - 19 Aug 2023
"Wells writes absence, and an ignorance perhaps intimate to all, onto the screen. We only really join her until about an hour after the screening."
93 96% Vagabond (1985) - 25 Nov 2022
"Of all the characters the one known least takes center stage, and the seeming identities of those around her unfold after reflections through her, spinning back stories about their own lives: wanting to be alive, wanting dope, wanting to exploit, or that freedom is not possible because of the loneliness. All narratives and identifications fail. For the young woman escape from samsara was not possible, but this movie seems to showcase an attempt."
58 53% Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet (2021) - 30 Oct 2022
"Important but not exactly well-made. It also makes an idol of its protagonist in a way that seems superfluous."
60 58% King of the Belgians (2016) - 14 Aug 2022
72 78% Memoria (2021) - 11 Jul 2022
"Joe has a couple themes he runs: the substanceless of the echoes, dreams, memories which we hear, live through and we think comprise us. Going deeper and deeper into the vortex of samsara, a barrier of frustration emanates from the need for a narratological coherence, unity, though the dream can never provide it. The ending is doubtful or questionable."