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60 53% Dune: Part Two (2024) - 29 Feb 2024
"Gets lost in in its own beautiful desert. It could be Herbert straying into Jihadi antics, but more likely it's Villeneuve who seems incapable of sticking a landing. Uneven, rushed and meh."
80 80% The Batman (2022) - 20 Jan 2024
"Batman: The Detective. There is much to love about the direction that Reeves took the Caped Crusader, building a world of gritty noir held together by great performances from Pattinson, Dano and especially Farrell. The movie is too long and should have saved at least one character for the sequel (Catwoman would be my suggestion), yet considering the plethora of bland superhero movies to come out these past years, this one of the few you don’t want to miss."
85 88% Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) - 20 Jan 2024
"The Spiderverse series remains effortlessly top tier, both sprawling, playful, funny, deep, and wildly imaginative. That said, the superhero genre has served up quite some multiverses since 2018, and there is a lot of glitching, many scenes of emotional relations, and I didn't quite feel that the story carried the same oomph as the first one. This is a harsh review for a top three superhero movie."
95 96% Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - 20 Jan 2024
"An incredible mixture of art, animation and the love of story-telling. It's the kind of movie that makes you feel you'd make best friends with every single person who worked on it."
80 80% The Lobster (2015) - 20 Jan 2024
"I would argue that Lanthimos is the Yang to Wes Anderson's Yin. Both stage humorous puppet shows where childish characters engage in silly pursuits. Unlike Anderson's lighthearted worlds, Lanthimos offers a darker view of humanity. His self-centered characters strive to break free from their dystopian realities but are so hopelessly ingrained that they can only conform, even at the cost of self-harm. ‘The Lobster’ loses steam towards the end, but its ‘Brazil’lian world vision is hard to shake."
80 80% Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) - 20 Jan 2024
"Michelle Yeoh takes on teenage nihilism. Somewhere in one of the multiverses I am 30 years younger and 'Rick and Morty' doesn't exist. That me thinks that this is the best movie ever made."
75 72% Tár (2022) - 19 Jan 2024
"The score may be subject to change; I've yet to make up my mind about 'Tár'. It is a movie of two halves, of which the first is a fascinating, almost anecdotal introduction to the world of conducting. When the plot is introduced in the second half the movie starts feeling slightly uneven, though the themes that are revealed are relevant and important. For those interested in acting Cate Blanchett’s performance is a must see. 'Tár' has my cautious recommendation - for now."
90 93% Barbie (2023) - 22 Dec 2023
"If you want to shove feminist messaging down my throat, you had better be clever about it, and 'Barbie' is just that. In fact 'Barbie' is probably movie of the year for me. Also, can I just say, to all these people complaining about anti-male messaging. Ken is not a man. He doesn't even have genitalia. He's just Ken. He does Ken things. Think like a kid or grow a sense of humour or something ffs."
65 59% Godzilla Minus One (2023) - 19 Dec 2023
"The second best 'Godzilla' movie. Its strength lies in approaching the material as part war movie part family drama, but the monster itself is no match for 'Shin Godzilla'. (I wonder if my job as Criticker police is costing me acclaim. I want to write more but must spend my time chasing my SLACKER friend, who will happily blame small children for skipping reviews. It is an ungrateful job, but someone has to do it. I am. The Law.)"
70 65% The Deepest Breath (2023) - 08 Dec 2023
"This is by all means a deplorable documentary pretending to be a celebration of the extreme, while playing the "will someone die" tease throughout. But I like watching these people who risk it all. They're idiots. It makes me feel better about myself. I'm petty like that."