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80 90% Howl's Moving Castle (2004) - Rated 01 Feb 2024
"Feels like Miyazaki wanted to go back to give Porco Rosso a happier ending, while bringing in and further evolving elements from Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. We ended the endless escape, came to terms with who we are and discovered what we were fighting for. And most importantly, found that love and communality. The ending is a bit sappy and naive but works."
70 81% Through a Glass Darkly (1961) - Rated 24 Jan 2024
"Sparse and might fall apart without some great scenes from Harriet Andersson. There is a stark contrast between how the fits and actions of the son and the daughter are reacted to, which lends a creepy cult-like vibe. The ending monologue, while beautiful and profound, felt tacked on."
60 69% The Kitchen (2023) - Rated 24 Jan 2024
"Fails to convey anything new. Despite the topic, somehow manages to subscribe to the myth of social mobility ie. people breaking out of poverty if they just bother to work hard for a brief period of time."
80 90% Princess Mononoke (1997) - Rated 21 Jan 2024
"Surprisingly bleak and serious. Only those who are grown up in seclusion or literally raised by wolves are able to escape the culture of destruction we call progress. The ending is hopeful yet bittersweet - the peace and calm seem only temporary."
80 90% Porco Rosso (1992) - Rated 20 Jan 2024
"Keep on fighting, even though you have long forgotten what you were fighting for and haven't even subscribed to the rules in a long time, for opening up and daring to be vulnerable would be scarier. The plot is bizarre and silly yet charming, and gives an excuse for some wonderful animation."
10 7% Leave the World Behind (2023) - Rated 01 Jan 2024
"(Hopefully) the longest commercial you'll ever see. Their worst nightmares, i.e. the things that they are inflicting on the rest of the world, are coming true for some badly acted rich Americans. Even still, they are personally at worst inconvenienced by all this. Oh well. Death to America."
30 30% Barbie (2023) - Rated 24 Dec 2023
"Might be the most American movie yet. Hankers after the Hillary Clinton style second-wave feminism where it's all about a well-off traditional white man vs. a well-off traditional white woman eternally acting out traditional power structures. Barbie isn't interested in solidarity with the Palestinian woman who has had their family massacred and is waiting to be next. Barbie wants to be the one with the power - the one who funds the war, supplies the weapon, pulls the trigger."
70 81% Animalia (2023) - Rated 29 Sep 2023
"Let's say that everything has changed - let's also go on with our lives like nothing has. Many interesting themes that unfortunately never get developed enough - I really need a film exploring the animalistic societal function of congregational prayer. I can see the comparisons to Tarkovsky at times, but Tarkovsky would never stoop to telling instead of showing this egregiously."
70 81% Broker (2022) - Rated 24 Sep 2022
"Well put-together and entertaining. The traditional movie gender roles having been somewhat swapped with male characters being the most caring (because of their past trauma?) was interesting. However the movie doesn't really explore it's premise all that much. It tries too hard to be a feel-good-story, and the end's cop out with the villains suddenly turning into good guys between scenes felt awkward."
40 44% The Middle Man (2021) - Rated 21 Sep 2022
"Very shallow throughout. Feels afraid of having drama but the comedy isn't much to talk about either. I grieve for such an interesting subject having been wasted on something like this."