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88 87% The Lighthouse (2019) - Rated 07 Nov 2019
"I'm at a loss as to how to adequately describe this, but it has echoes of Sartre's No Exit mixed with the "tough men doing tough jobs"-visuals of Soviet silents along with the island-bound insanity of Through a Glass Darkly, the isolated dread of The Shining and the nightmarish masculinity of Wake in Fright. Plus, of course, nautical weirdness. A mix of myths, tall tales, madness, sodden realism and horror and it's up to you, dear reader, to figure out which parts of The Lighthouse are which."
49 40% First Man (2018) - Rated 29 Jan 2019
"I can't really fault this on any technical level, but my god what a dreary experience. It's just wall to wall sulking and moping- It's the moonlanding, people, not a fucking Simple Plan concert! Cheer the FUCK UP."
86 86% The Other Side of the Wind (2018) - Rated 29 Jan 2019
"Demands a hell of a lot from the viewer but if you know your stuff and if you're willing to accept this glorious mess on it's own terms and if you're a little drunk, it's one hell of a ride."
79 76% The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) - Rated 29 Jan 2019
"Apart from a plethora of good shit I could say about the movie itself, I'm loving how different everybody's picks for favorite episode are. Initially I loved 1, 4 and 6 and felt a bit let down by the rest of it, but the whole thing has grown on me since. Netflix, if you ever pull this from your site, I swear to God, I'll... I'll... well, I'll just have to watch Beverly Hills Cop again, won't I? ("What is it pertayening?" - Still gold)"
60 54% The Old Man & the Gun (2018) - Rated 29 Jan 2019
"This was nice- Lowkey, grainy and shot with what looks like natural lighting. There's not a whole hell of a lot to the story but the performances are wonderful. I mean, yeah- It needed more Danny Glover and Tom Waits, but you can say that about almost anything. Affleck was kind of a nonentity, but I guess he's still keeping his head down. Spacek needs to be in more stuff."
50 42% Green Book (2018) - Rated 29 Jan 2019
"I mean... it's nice enough, I guess- The kind of stuff I'd recommend to my parents. Essentially a film about the hardships of racism made by a bunch of well meaning, old white dudes. Ali was good in it and Mortensen does what he can with his ridiculous "'ey, I'm wohrlkin' heahr!"-role, bless 'im."
58 52% Avenging Force (1986) - Rated 29 Jan 2019
"The hell?! Not only is this Hard Target seven years before Hard Target, it might also be the only Cannon actionfilm I've seen with blatantly left-leaning politics. And yes, I realize that a) Hard Target is just a variation on The Most Dangerous Game and b) no one would ever call this woke, but still- This was a pleasant surprise. It's clumsier than two hamsters fucking in an empty pillow case, but that's how I like my 80ies action, gosh darn it!"
57 51% Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018) - Rated 29 Jan 2019
"Does a pretty good job of making the audience sympathize with a fairly loathsome creature. McCarthy is good and Grant is, as always, a delight but the script is a bit lacking, too tidy and too pleased with itself, and the directing isn't particularly strong."
59 53% Under the Silver Lake (2018) - Rated 29 Jan 2019
"I'm a sucker for weird shit and there was plenty of that in here to keep me entertained. Walking home from the theatre I couldn't quite shake the feeling that if Topher Grace were a movie, he'd be Under The Silver Lake: Capable enough, sure, but I get why some people find him incredibly annoying."
66 61% Mausoleum (1983) - Rated 29 Jan 2019
"This is one stupid movie. We're talking driving drunk with your bare ass on the steering wheel-STUPID. And of course, therein lies the fun. When I first heard of The Room I figured it was a horror movie and Mausoleum was pretty much what I pictured in my head. Needless to say, this isn't quite as gloriously misguided and insane as The Room but it's a very fine example of so-bad-it's-good cinema."