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Cinema Addict - 1979 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 25, 2006

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Age: 37

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85 83% Leatherheads (2008) - Apr 05, 2008
"Though this is a sports film make no mistake, it is no "Remember the Titans," "Coach Carter" or anything of that sort. Clooney has made a film in 2008 that feels like a classic which could've been made in the 1930's, 40's or 50's. Undoubtedly that was his goal and he certainly achieved it. The film was absolutely hilarious and the style of humor reminded me of the classic "Some Like it Hot" combined (slightly) with his earlier film "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind." Bloody hilarious film."
95 98% Syriana (2005) - Feb 25, 2007
"A powerful film with astounding acting, especially from George Clooney who well deserved the Oscar for best supporting actor. The movie is very fast paced but with dialog and plot progression, not action. This will undoubtedly overwhelm and confuse the average viewer, that and a very strong anti-globalization/Americanization message may turn off the average Joe. Still this is one of the best movies you will ever see if you can handle the subject matter and how it is presented."
66 47% The Blob (1988) - Oct 17, 2009
"I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I was expecting some seriously cheesy 80's horror garbage but, though it does have plenty of bad 80's trademarks, it is a good horror film. Admittedly the plot is pretty cliche but the special effects are great and really make the film worth a watch. Worth checking out for sure if you're a horror fan and even if you're not, so long as you can stomach 80's movies."
97 99% Kingdom of Heaven (2005) - Feb 24, 2007
"I'm reviewing the Director's Cut here and I can honestly say it's the best Ridley Scott film and one of the best films I've ever seen. It's visually stunning with a superb soundtrack. Many didn't like Bloom but I found him perfect for the part he plays. Not a traditional tough-guy hero but a very moral one that relies on his intelligence and reasoning more than his brawn. Everyone else in fantastic as well. Jeremy Irons, Liiam Neeson, Alexander Siddig, the whole lot. Brilliant film."
86 86% Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) - Apr 20, 2007
"I loved everything about this film, except for the montages. I thought they went on just a little bit too long. Aside from that this movie is great. Redford and Newman are both fantastic as the likable, hilarious outlaws. One of the best westerns for sure."
86 86% The Duellists (1977) - Nov 13, 2007
"An interesting film for sure. It's got some great scenic shots and cinematography. You can really see the beginnings of Ridley Scott's style in the film however you can also tell it hasn't been fully developed yet. Keitel is great but I didn't think that Carradine was all that impressive. The duels themselves are very tense and reminded me of the Hiroshi Inagaki's Samurai Trilogy starring Toshiro Mifune. See it for sure if you want to see some realistic sword play or you're a Ridley Scott fan."
19 10% Terror at Blood Fart Lake (2009) - Oct 25, 2009
"In sections it's honestly funny in a "I can't believe they're passing this off in a real movie" way but overall it's nowhere near what I would consider a decent flick. This is something to rent with your buddies and get drunk watching but really you should get that from the title alone. If you've ever made a zero-budget film with friends you'll enjoy this more than you should, like I have. It's full or horrid wigs and terrible fake mustaches and makeup."
77 66% Arn: The Knight Templar (2007) - Dec 15, 2008
"Arn suffers from an overly long amount of time setting up Arn's character. The first hour of the film is spent on his melodramatic upbringing which. It isn't bad but dragged out. However, once he becomes a Templar the movie really gets going and kicks some serious medieval-movie ass. Visually the film obviously borrows from Kingdom of Heaven but you can forgive them for that because that KoH was gorgeous. This is the most expensive Scandinavian movie ever and totally worth the money."
85 83% Thank You for Smoking (2006) - Dec 16, 2006
"This movie is positively hilarious. One of the best if not the best satires I have ever seen in my life. Aaron Eackhart is fantastic and Rob Lowe is brilliant! In fact everyone in this movie is great. Sadly it drags ever so slightly during the final 20 minutes or so."
84 81% The Hole Story (2005) - Nov 06, 2008
"Wonderful documentary that really proves that you can make something worthwhile and incredibly entertaining even in the face of complete disaster. Alex Karpovsky's dedication to creating a suitable pilot, in the face of all odds, is motivated by his overwhelming fear of remaining a karaoke video editor for the rest of his life. With that in mind you can truly feel for him and his desire to make this work. The Hole Story has a hilarious charm making it well worth seeing."