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Cinema Addict - 1980 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 24, 2006

Location: British Columbia, Canada

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78 68% Van Wilder (2002) - Mar 10, 2010
"Essentially Ryan Reynolds makes or breaks this movie. If you find him funny you'll find this funny. If you don't then this will ultimately be tedious to sit through. However I find his deadpan delivery to be absolutely hilarious and uniquely charming. Sure this has plenty of gross out humour, some of it works some of it doesn't but overall it's entertaining."
78 68% Loaded Weapon 1 (1993) - Mar 05, 2010
"This was made back in the day when spoof slap-sticks were actually funny. The jokes are as rapid as in Airplane! and admittedly they don't hit as many of the funny buttons as Airplane! a lot find there mark. There's some absolutely superb humour in this and Emilio Estevez and Samuel L. Jackson make a great pair. Plus there are plenty of really good cameos. If you like slap stick give this one a go for sure."
86 86% Ginger Snaps: Unleashed (2004) - May 09, 2010
"Better than the first in my opinion and it honestly features the most gruesome and inventive death in any horror movie I have ever seen. The style, editing and soundtrack blend together perfectly to set the mood for the film, while it still retains the dark humor of the first. This is one of the best horror movies ever made."
84 81% The Hole Story (2005) - Nov 06, 2008
"Wonderful documentary that really proves that you can make something worthwhile and incredibly entertaining even in the face of complete disaster. Alex Karpovsky's dedication to creating a suitable pilot, in the face of all odds, is motivated by his overwhelming fear of remaining a karaoke video editor for the rest of his life. With that in mind you can truly feel for him and his desire to make this work. The Hole Story has a hilarious charm making it well worth seeing."
67 48% Hard Target (1993) - Aug 13, 2007
"One of the better Van Damme films in my opinion. Some decent action and good camera work, thanks to the direction of an earlier John Woo, make for a pretty decent action movie. Definitely better than the average Van Damme flick but honestly it's nothing amazing."
82 76% Jeremiah Johnson (1972) - Dec 23, 2009
"The vast majority of the film has aged very well. Redford is superb as the unwilling hermit hero seemingly destined to lead a life of conflict. The fight scenes are intense without feeling over the top or goofy but instead have a real life or death struggle to them. However I must say the soundtrack has become dated. Hearing someone sing a ballad about the main character is almost comedic, I'm sorry to say. Thankfully the vast majority of the film is superb."
75 62% The Blair Witch Project (1999) - Feb 20, 2007
"It's not great but it's still pretty freaky. I'm very, very impressed at how well it turns out for just being a student film. The entire film is unsettling with the "is it real or in their heads" angle. And the ending, my lord, I loved the ending. I honestly don't see why it gets so much hate."
87 88% The Rape of Europa (2006) - Nov 06, 2008
"An incredibly powerful documentary that uncovers a cost of World War II that is often forgotten: the destruction, theft and loss of incredible works of art. The documentary always remains grounded and acknowledges that, to soldiers' fighting for their lives, the preservation of art barely enters their minds, and understandably so, while still providing you with the grand picture of just how much of the world's art will never be recovered again due to World War II."
84 81% Slither (2006) - May 09, 2008
"Hell I loved it for it's sheer comedy factor. I think going in and expecting a horror movie causes people to give it a poor to middle of the road reception but expecting a very funny movie, with some seriously gross sections, results in this film delivering perfectly. I laughed so hard I cried for about 10 minutes hearing Malcolm Reyno-err Nathan Fillion saying "well now that is some fucked up shit" when he sees something that can really only be described as... well... fucked up shit."
93 96% High Plains Drifter (1973) - Sep 02, 2009
"Personally I find this to be a better movie than the Man With No Name trilogy. It's terribly brutal, dark and uncompromising yet, at the same time, it has an absolutely bizarre sense of justice and redemption. Clint Eastwood is absolutely superb in his absolute mockery of the town he claims he will help. This is an must see for any western movie fan, if you can stomach it."