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Cinema Addict - 1979 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 25, 2006

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Age: 37

Gender: Male

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99 99% There Will Be Blood (2007) - Feb 26, 2008
"I have been told by multiple people that "There Will Be Blood" is the best film of the past decade, even with such expectations the film did not fail to deliver on any level. Daniel Day-Lewis is astounding providing what may very well be the best performance ever but let's not forget about the support cast. Paul Dano is astounding and so is everyone else; every bit role is just perfect. The cinematography, the music, everything about the film is amazing. It will go down in cinema history."
78 68% A Few Good Men (1992) - Feb 08, 2008
"A good court-room drama that raises questions about the sacrifice of innocents for a perceived greater good. I wouldn't call it ahead of it's time but it's certainly relevant today. Nicholson is fantastic, Cruise, Bacon and Moore are all also quite good in their supporting roles as well. It's not a stellar movie as it does bend military reality quite a bit but still worth seeing."
85 83% Apocalypto (2006) - Jan 28, 2007
"It's an action-adventure movie set in a Mayan civilization. Amazing cinematography, costumes and sets. The action is great and the acting is quite good as well. This music is usually very, very good as well, although there were some bits that felt a bit out of place. It's a pretty violent movie at times but if that doesn't bother you this is certainly worth seeing."
89 90% Brick (2005) - Jan 28, 2007
"This movie is absolutely fantastic. I'm blown away at how perfectly film noir was adapted into a high school setting for this. It's witty, clever and smart. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is great, as usual. My only complaint was that the audio was a bit mumbly in some parts and, even after rewatching it multiple times, I had to turn on subtitles to understand what was being said. Of course this might've been the intent or the love budget but I still found it distracting. Otherwise absolutely amazing."
85 83% Taken (2008) - Aug 20, 2008
"Ever wanted to see a retired Jason Bourne with absolutely no qualms with killing anyone who gets in his way with the tenacity of Creasey from Man on Fire? Look no further than Taken. There's nothing more unrelenting than an overprotective father who's daughter has been kidnapped. No prisoners, no mercy. It sounds like a cliche but this film makes it work completely. Liam Neeson is more bad ass than he's ever been. Superb revenge film."
92 95% Wyatt Earp (1994) - Jan 22, 2008
"I don't know what's up with all the mediocre scores on Criticker because I found this movie to be positively fantastic from start to finish; all 190 minutes of it. Costner is in top form, Hackman and Quaid are great supporting actors and Michael Madsen is even quite good. It's far more based on the character and general life of Wyatt Earp than all the gun-slinging, but of course that does play an important part of the film. It's a great movie for any western fan."
70 52% Transformers (2007) - Jul 08, 2007
"I never found the Transformers cartoon particularly interesting or insightful but rather an excuse to sell action figures. As such I thought Michael Bay was the perfect choice to direct this as he knows how to make things explode. Sure it's full of cheese, just like the old tv show, but this is solid entertainment. The action scenes are fantastically filmed from a bystander of a giant robot fight perspective. If you enjoy fun mindless action flicks check this out. If not, pass on it."
87 88% Goldfinger (1964) - Oct 26, 2008
"Fantastic James Bond film with Sean Connery at his finest. I'll be honest and say that I think Casino Royale is the best James Bond film but I'll be damned if anyone but Connery is the best James Bond. This film perfectly blends entertaining acting with a great plot and all the elements that will become signatures in James Bond films since this movie. This is the movie to see if you want to see a fantastic womanizing spy be just that."
77 66% Waiting... (2005) - May 09, 2008
"Totally over-the-top and fake but it does have the essence of truth in the "this is how we feel in the service industry" way of things. A lot of it is really stupid dick jokes and I won't say that's it's charm. This movie has no charm, it's rude, crass and really in your face with how rude and crass it is. However this is actually funny unlike other films that attempt similar things (looking at you Epic Movie and almost every other _____ Movie). "
91 93% Pale Rider (1985) - Apr 25, 2010
"Though a lot of people consider the Man with No Name trilogy the highlight of Eastwood's western career, and with good reason considering they're excellent films, for me I'd have to go with Unforgiven, High Plains Drifter and Pale Rider. Like High Plains Drifter this involves slightly surreal and almost supernatural forces working through the Eastwood's "preacher" character which gives an interesting twist on the genre. If you want Eastwood this won't disappoint."