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Cinema Addict - 1979 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 25, 2006

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Age: 37

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74 59% Gremlins (1984) - Aug 14, 2007
"Totally silly horror fun. Doesn't even come remotely close to taking itself seriously and that's why it's so good."
92 95% Wyatt Earp (1994) - Jan 22, 2008
"I don't know what's up with all the mediocre scores on Criticker because I found this movie to be positively fantastic from start to finish; all 190 minutes of it. Costner is in top form, Hackman and Quaid are great supporting actors and Michael Madsen is even quite good. It's far more based on the character and general life of Wyatt Earp than all the gun-slinging, but of course that does play an important part of the film. It's a great movie for any western fan."
66 47% The Blob (1988) - Oct 17, 2009
"I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I was expecting some seriously cheesy 80's horror garbage but, though it does have plenty of bad 80's trademarks, it is a good horror film. Admittedly the plot is pretty cliche but the special effects are great and really make the film worth a watch. Worth checking out for sure if you're a horror fan and even if you're not, so long as you can stomach 80's movies."
97 99% Kingdom of Heaven (2005) - Feb 24, 2007
"I'm reviewing the Director's Cut here and I can honestly say it's the best Ridley Scott film and one of the best films I've ever seen. It's visually stunning with a superb soundtrack. Many didn't like Bloom but I found him perfect for the part he plays. Not a traditional tough-guy hero but a very moral one that relies on his intelligence and reasoning more than his brawn. Everyone else in fantastic as well. Jeremy Irons, Liiam Neeson, Alexander Siddig, the whole lot. Brilliant film."
86 86% From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) - Feb 27, 2010
""I'm peachy, Kate. The world is my oyster, except for the fact that I just rammed a wooden stake into my brother's chest because he turned into a vampire, even though I don't believe in vampires. Aside from that unfortunate business, everything is hunky-dory." I doubt there's another movie on the planet that pulls a U-Turn like this. George Clooney is superb and makes the black humour work perfectly. Highly recommended vampire killing flick that has no illusions of being realistic."
90 91% Louis and the Brothel (2003) - Apr 11, 2009
"Incredibly insightful as it allows you to view a rather well established brothel, the Wild Horse, and it's staff as real flesh and blood human beings. While I can't say that brothels, escorts or prostitution are something I approve of, this documentary is a real eye-opener to lifestyle that's certainly alien to a lot of people. Louis Theroux is a masterful interviewer who really manages to get people to open up and it's subjects like these that really let him shine."
90 91% Dogma (1999) - Aug 14, 2007
"My favourite Keven Smith movie, although I think to fully appreciate it you need to have a pretty indepth knowledge of the Catholic Church, as well as a sense of humour. Every character in this is hilarious. The only part I didn't like is the "shit demon" which just felt tacked on and silly. Aside from that I was laughing from start to finish."
78 68% The Hunt for Red October (1990) - Feb 28, 2010
"In technical terms this isn't a great movie by any stretch. None of the cinematography is really impressive nor anything else in terms of film making. However it is still a strong film due to the story and magnificent casting. Even the bit parts have good actors. There appears to be a lot of dislike for Connery's accent but he's speaking English. If you really find that someone speaking English with a Russian accent is somehow more realistic than just speaking English you're deluding yourself."
95 98% WALL·E (2008) - Jun 28, 2008
"Pixar has not only done it again but with Wall-E they have made one of the best animated films ever. It's a beautiful and touching love story with the one of the sweetest protagonists ever conceived. It's incredible how much emotion Pixar manages to get out of WALL*E without (almost) any speech. The animation is top notch, the movie is packed with great humor and it's got some impressive social commentary. This movie is an absolute must see for for anyone, adults and kids alike."
89 90% Tropic Thunder (2008) - Aug 14, 2008
"Pure comedic hilarity that oozes with film and film celebrity satire. I don't think one would be able to really enjoy the film unless you "get" all of the aspects of film culture that it references. Some are pretty blatant (such as Jack Black's lampooning of Eddie Murphy) while others might be missed. This film does have a decent enough plot to hold it above being a garbage "____ Movie" and Downey Jr. is absolutely fantastic. A must see."