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Cinema Addict - 1979 Film Ratings

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87 88% Louis and the Nazis (2003) - Mar 06, 2009
"Incredible interesting look into the lives of modern-day Nazis in America. It really manages to capture how people are indoctrinated into that belief system. Louis Theroux amazing ability to get people to open up to him about their lives is really put to the test here as his personal belief system comes heavily into conflict with his interviewees. Still he manages to get some great material and this is well worth watching to see modern Nazis as people, misguided people, but still people."
71 53% Fatal Instinct (1993) - Mar 06, 2010
"Fatal Instinct has some flat out stellar comedy moments. Armand Assante plays each moment with complete film-noir sincerity, in fact if this wasn't a slapstick comedy he'd be able to pull off a decent noir lead, plus Sean Young is super hot as the femme fatale. The downside is that the film is just too long and drags in places. Really it should have been cut down by about 15 minutes as jokes end up being recycled too much. Still it has some of the funniest slap stick I've ever seen."
82 76% Ice Age (2002) - Aug 14, 2007
"One of the best CGI family comedies out there. Admittedly the CGI itself isn't all that impressive but there are enough great adult jokes to make this fully entertaining for the parents."
75 62% Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) - Mar 06, 2010
"It's a funny screwball comedy that manages to lampoon those crap sports films by turning the most unmanly, but admittedly fun, sport of Dodgeball into an epic battle. Sure the story is contrived but as long as you can look past that and appreciate it as a completely insensitive comedy that manages to insult just about every sensibility then you'll be entertained. Vince Vaughn is superb and it's got a great supporting cast for this kind of comedy."
87 88% Bronson (2009) - Feb 07, 2010
"Superb surreal film. I can't say I've seen anything like it. Oddly enough, as absolutely brutal as the film is, I find it absolutely hilarious in parts due to how absurd it is. Undoubtedly it's comedy of the blackest possible kind but if you get it, it's fantastic. Tom Hardy is absolutely brilliant and manages to not only display who Bronson is but what happens in his mind as everything unfolds from his mind, no doubt as he has spent the majority of his life in solitary."
90 91% The Proposition (2005) - Dec 23, 2009
"Brutal western that doesn't glorify the Australian outback and it's near-lawlessness during the late 19th century. A fantastic cast, with Guy Pearce as a semi-reformed outlaw and Ray Winstone as a lawman trying to do what is best in such harsh conditions. An absolute must see for any western fan or film enthusiast in general."
92 95% Drive (2011) - Sep 18, 2011
"Drive is a brilliant film. It's artsy enough to excite the film connoisseur but still enjoyable by a more common movie goer. The supremely 80's vibe oozes style. The majority of the film is slow and methodical but when the action heats up it's tremendously intense and brief. Refn, who's not one to shy away from violence, doesn't do so here either. You see every horrible death in full brutal detail. The entire cast is superb, especially Gosling as the protagonist."
84 81% Mystery Team (2009) - May 27, 2010
"I went into this film completely blind, as I had never heard of Derrick Comedy, and I can assure you I was very impressed. Not every single joke is dynamite hilarity and some do fall flat. However a lot of them are downright hilarious. If the thought of The Hardy Boys investigating gritty crimes like on CSI appeals to you then this will certainly entertain. Sure some of the acting is spotty in places but this is still well worth seeing."
100 99% Citizen Kane (1941) - Feb 25, 2007
"One of the most important films ever made. Powerful and beautiful imagery, incredible special effects, which still impress to this day, and superb sound enhance an already compelling story. Complete this with excellent acting, which is even more impressive considering this was the first film of Orson Welles' acting troupe, and you have a cinematic masterpiece everyone should see to at least understand why it is so often called the best film ever made."
87 88% 300 (2007) - Mar 15, 2007
"Visually it is an absolutely beautiful film, the Oracle dance is breathtaking. Every action sequence is nothing short of sheer perfection, honestly this movie will become text book "how to make ass-kicking look awesome." Certainly the plot is on the thin side but it is told in the manner of a glorious psyching-up legend that it feels just right. Gerard Butler is fantastic as the larger-than-life Leonidas and I thought the rest of the cast did decent jobs all around. "