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Cinema Addict - 1979 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 25, 2006

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Age: 37

Gender: Male

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83 79% Pitch Black (2000) - Aug 14, 2007
"Great futuristic sci-fi/horror/action flick. Vin Diesel plays the very memorable anti-hero Riddick. A decent plot, complete with the cool character of Riddick, as well as some stylish visuals make this a very solid watch."
86 86% Once Upon a Time in China II (1992) - Feb 27, 2007
"A great sequel to a great martial arts movie. It's even better than the first in my opinion. Superb action scenes that use wire-fu but who cares. It's an absolute riot and downright fun."
70 52% The Thirteenth Floor (1999) - May 23, 2008
"Well shit I liked it. It doesn't have the special effects of The Matrix. It's not as cerebral as Dark City but it does have a good style unto itself. I think the big problem was that it came out after Dark City and The Matrix so basically this movie has been done before, twice, and it was done better, twice. Still that's not to say it's bad because it's not. As its own film it's good but when compared to The Matrix or Dark City it's just subpar."
85 83% Sin City (2005) - Aug 14, 2007
"Fantastic visuals. Absolutely fantastic. If nothing else anyone should be able to appreciate how beautiful the movie looks. The soundtrack is amazing and fits the movie perfectly. The entire cast is fantastic, especially Mickey Rourke as Marv. If you enjoy film noir then definitely check this one out."
91 93% Pale Rider (1985) - Apr 25, 2010
"Though a lot of people consider the Man with No Name trilogy the highlight of Eastwood's western career, and with good reason considering they're excellent films, for me I'd have to go with Unforgiven, High Plains Drifter and Pale Rider. Like High Plains Drifter this involves slightly surreal and almost supernatural forces working through the Eastwood's "preacher" character which gives an interesting twist on the genre. If you want Eastwood this won't disappoint."
88 89% Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) - Mar 14, 2010
"Quite hilarious but I think I have to agree it gets vastly over quoted to the point where it feels like a Monty Python movie for people who aren't really Monty Python fans. Even so it's terrifically hilarious in it's absurdity while still remaining to be intelligent and historically accurate in a bizarre Pythonesqe way. Personally I prefer the Life of Brian but this is still very entertaining."
92 95% Heat (1995) - Feb 24, 2007
"An intelligent and very different cops and robbers film. Excellent acting from all people involved with some of the most amazing action scenes you will ever see (the street shootout remains one of the most intense gunfights I have ever seen)."
40 24% Not Another Teen Movie (2001) - Apr 02, 2007
"Unbelievably low brow comedy that really started the SPOOF EVERYTHING AS MUCH AND AS FAST AS POSSIBLE ALL AT ONCE genre of "satire." Thing is it does have a couple of laughs throughout. Low brow really stupid laughs. Certainly by no means what I'd consider a good film but hey, I laughed."
80 72% 3 Days of the Condor (1975) - Mar 22, 2007
"Relatively straight forward thriller which I find to be most refreshing as quite a few now seem unnecessarily complicated. Certainly a bit dated but the core story is certainly worthwhile. Redford is quite impressive. Worth seeing."
86 86% Ginger Snaps: Unleashed (2004) - May 09, 2010
"Better than the first in my opinion and it honestly features the most gruesome and inventive death in any horror movie I have ever seen. The style, editing and soundtrack blend together perfectly to set the mood for the film, while it still retains the dark humor of the first. This is one of the best horror movies ever made."