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60 22% Shaft's Big Score! (1972) - Jan 16, 2019
"The good stuff ... the writer, director and star return ... as does Moses Gunn and Bundini Brown. The bad stuff ... Isaac Hayes does not return. That's kind of indicative of the problem here. If you think about what's memorable about "Shaft" and what really works about it, you probably wouldn't say much about the plot or the direction. It's serviceable and gets a lot of mileage out of Roundtree's charisma, but it's not a remarkable Blaxploitation outing."
70 36% Studio One in Hollywood (1948) - Jan 14, 2019
80 56% Zatoichi Challenged (1967) - Jan 14, 2019
"This is an odd, but amiably entertaining Zatoichi outing. The performance troupe add a bunch of musical numbers to the film, which is certainly a first for the series. The film is lighter in tone than most films in the series due to it's focus on the relationship between Zatoichi and the child. So ... it's kind of a family, musical chanbara film about pornographic dinnerware ... "
100 93% Firefly (2002) - Jan 14, 2019
40 8% Histórias que Só Existem Quando Lembradas (2011) - Jan 14, 2019
"I kind of hate this film, which is a shame. It has an okay premise, but the premise alone would support nice short film, while this is about 100 minutes long. If the characters had been well-developed and interesting, it could have supported long stretches of nothing happening. As it is, this is painfully long and dull."
80 56% Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance (1972) - Jan 13, 2019
"The first film in the six film series that adapts the popular manga. The shogun's executioner is betrayed and framed for death by the leader of a rival clan and he hits the road with his only surviving family member ... his infant son ... seeking vengeance. In the first film, he accepts a contract to kill three samurai who are hiding out at a spa with a gang of unsavory thugs. These are immensely stylish and immensely brutal films and I love them."
70 36% Babel (2006) - Jan 12, 2019
"Iñárritu's film is well-acted and really well-made, but he seems to be gesturing at something with the film's title and the interconnectedness of these stories, but what it is, I don't really see. Yes, these stories are all connected, but that doesn't really reveal a deeper truth ... they are connected really because he says so. He wrote them that way, and really ... the connections are arbitrary."
70 36% The Murder at the Vicarage (1986) - Jan 11, 2019
"These BBC Agatha Christie adaptations are pretty much comfort food. Joan Hickson is the best Miss Marple ... and this particular one also has Paul Eddington as the titular vicar. "
70 36% À propos de Nice (1930) - Jan 11, 2019
"The first of four films Vigo managed to make in his sadly abbreviated career. This one takes the form of a travelogue vignette about Nice that morphs into a fairly savage satire on the lifestyle of it's affluent citizens. It's not as searingly brilliant as his later work, but it's beautifully shot by Boris Kaufman."
80 56% Conrack (1974) - Jan 10, 2019
"This is kind of a perfect example of a nice movie. It's episodic, amiable and inspiring, even though it doesn't really have a happy ending. Voight is really good in what isn't a particularly challenging role, but could easily become a cardboard "good guy" character. He's supported by Paul Winfield as a moonshine making buddy and Hume Cronyn as his deceptively nice boss."