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90 85% Summer Stock (1950) - Dec 04, 2020
"This is an absolutely magnificent musical with both Kelly and Garland in top form. Kelly in particular is even more charming than usual. He shares a fantastic dance number with Garland and has a wonderful solo number with a creaky floor board and a newspaper. It's gorgeously shot ... absolute eye candy. "
60 20% Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964) - Dec 03, 2020
"I suppose a musical gangster take on Robin Hood starring the Rat Pack (minus a couple of members) seems like an okay idea, but it's not well realized. The idea of just using the Robin Hood characters names is ... puzzling ... resulting in head scratchers like Falk's Italian mobster being named "Guy Gisborne". It's especially odd when the movie reveals that everyone knows who Robin Hood is, yet nobody thinks it's a weird coincidence that they all have the same names as these characters."
70 38% Yesterday (2019) - Dec 03, 2020
"This movie uses the premise to tell a very average love story with Patel realizing he's always loved his manager and friend Lily James. Okay. It does that pretty well, but it's such a decidedly average thing to do with this idea. "
70 38% Victor/Victoria (1982) - Dec 02, 2020
"It's an admirable film in many ways, with it's heart clearly in the right place. A lot of the focus of the film is how much better off we would be if we worried a lot less about other people's sexuality and let people be. But ultimately, the film ends up siding with Garner's homophobia by suggesting it's a great thing for Andrews to be able to stop pretending to be a man because now she can date Garner without him having to worry about seeming gay. "
90 85% I Am Mother (2019) - Dec 01, 2020
"This Australian produced sci-fi flick is built out of the parts of other films ... most notably "Ex Machina" and the Terminator series ... but manages to forge it's own identity by going places that none of the other films go. It's difficult to say exactly where without spoiling some critical mid-film twists, but I found this one to be quite compelling. "
60 20% Good Omens (2019) - Dec 01, 2020
80 64% 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) - Dec 01, 2020
"This film is a beautifully constructed suspense machine featuring really great performances from Winstead and Goodman. It's a shame that the film is marred by a clumsily tacked on last half hour that tie the film into the "Cloverfield" franchise. "
70 38% This Gun for Hire (1942) - Nov 30, 2020
"I must confess ... I don't really like Ladd and I'm not too fond of Lake, so there's probably a ceiling on how much I could enjoy this film. It speaks well of this film that I hit that ceiling and poked my head through a little bit."
90 85% The Beast of the City (1932) - Nov 29, 2020
"MGM's answer to Warner Brothers' gangster films is really tough little pre-code number. Ford and Harlow share a really racy seduction scene, and the violent climax is right out of a Sam Peckinpah film. Mickey Rooney has his uncredited screen debut as Huston's son."
70 38% Crimson Peak (2015) - Nov 29, 2020
"Guillermo del Toro tells something like a gothic romance with ghosts added for ... really no good reason ... and smothers it in so much ornate visual imagery that it becomes very difficult to care about the story buried underneath. This may sound like I dislike the film. but that's not quite true. There's so much impossible architecture and Mario Bava lighting on display that you can't help but marvel at what he's put on screen. But I ultimately didn't care much about the characters. "