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100 94% Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - Jun 19, 2019
"There's a kind of madness here ... it's a 4 hour film with no romance (in fact no female characters at all) and not a ton of action about a man that a lot of people will have a lot of trouble warming up to. Shooting a film on 70 mm in the middle of the desert for a year only makes it seem crazier. It's an almost perfect film though that I never tire of watching."
90 82% Atlanta (2016) - Jun 19, 2019
90 82% Swept Away (1974) - Jun 18, 2019
"Lina Wertmüller's ferocious political satire is more than a little difficult for modern audiences to consume. I think the film is largely about how power relations warp social relations, and when the normal financial power relations are rendered completely irrelevant. He becomes the dominant one, and Melato's willing submission to him to the point of loving her own humiliation mirrors how we are normally supposed to feel about our social betters."
90 82% The Plague Dogs (1982) - Jun 18, 2019
"Martin Rosen follows up "Watership Down" with another animated adaptation of a Richard Adams novel. The animation budget is obviously not very high, but it's used to magnificent effect. The film does a superb job of immersing you in the dogs's world creating an environment that feels constantly threatening. Like "Watership Down", this is a dark and disturbing, but very rewarding film."
80 63% Cinema Paradiso (1988) - Jun 17, 2019
"The parts that work in this film are so utterly sublime that they tend to overshadow the parts that don't quite work. A lot of the body of the film where it paints village life in loving detail is joyous and memorable, and more than a little reminiscent of "Amarcord". It makes such a powerful impression that you tend to forget that it could stand to be quite a bit shorter. "
80 63% Attack (1956) - Jun 17, 2019
"Robert Aldrich's gritty action melodrama has a superb cast (Richard Jaeckel, Buddy Ebsen. Peter van Eyck and Strother Martin all turn up) and builds to astonishingly bombastic climax that belongs to Palance (although Albert's despicably weasely performance gives him a run for his money)."
50 15% Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) - Jun 16, 2019
"So ... I am not the audience for this as demonstrated by the fact that I did not know that this was a TV series first. It feels like an extra long episode of a TV show slapped onto the big screen. The computer animation is not good, but ... it looks like the TV show, and maybe that's all that's required. This is fitfully amusing. The deliberately retro look coupled with 80's new wave pop music carries it far enough. "
40 7% Herbie Goes Bananas (1980) - Jun 15, 2019
"Despite all these talented actors being on board, 80% of the movie's screen time is devoted to the kid and the car, neither of which are real characters we give a damn about. It's also kind of over-plotted and under-written. A ton of stuff happens, but most of it so under motivated you couldn't possibly care how it turns out. It's not a giant surprise that this was the last Herbie film for 25 years."
60 23% Springtime in the Rockies (1937) - Jun 14, 2019
"Autry is the foreman of a local ranch that has just been sold to a city slicker ... a woman! She has a university degree in animal husbandry and she's going to do things all scientific like. She arrives and what does she bring with her? SHEEP! In an effort to save her skin, Autry plays an elaborate trick on her leading her to believe that his run down little patch of land is the ranch she bought. Lots of comic shenanigans and lots of musical numbers are packed into an hour."
70 39% I Live in Fear (1955) - Jun 14, 2019
"A relatively minor Kurosawa film ... especially since it falls between "Seven Samurai" and "Throne of Blood" and pales in comparison ... but even minor Kurosawa Of particular interest for seeing 35 year old Mifune playing a man in his 70's, and seeing a lot of the cast of "Seven Samurai" in a contemporary drama."