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90 83% The Insider (1999) - Oct 15, 2019
"This is Michael Mann in top form. The film is his follow-up to "Heat", and in many ways it's a companion piece. It's about two men who's life circumstances are irrevocably tied together as they mirror each other. In this film, both men must face the importance of telling the truth in face the great adversity. Both actors turn in powerful performances, and, somewhat surprisingly, Crowe is the more impressive of the two. "
80 64% Gator Green (2013) - Oct 14, 2019
"A bunch of crazy Vietnam vets living in a run down alligator farm kill a drug dealer and his girlfriend. A short film shot for the purpose of raising finance for a full feature, it lacks much context, but certainly delivers on what you expect from Jim Van Bebber. It's gory, stylized and really unhinged ... I enjoyed it."
60 24% Brief Moment (1933) - Oct 13, 2019
"This pretty silly romantic melodrama asks us to believe that the only valid choices for our hero are working a low level job or wasting his days drinking, kind of forgetting that with all that money and free time, he could do far more productive things like charity work. Lombard is good, but comedy is where she really shines, although she does get to sing here. Donald Cook shows up as Raymond's brother."
90 83% Attack of the Clones Review (2010) - Oct 13, 2019
50 15% Mardi Gras Massacre (1978) - Oct 12, 2019
"I'm not going to pretend that this is exactly a good movie. It's super cheap and the acting is terrible, and the folks involved don't seem to know exactly what they are doing ... the lighting is awful, the sets are flimsy and actors can be seen reading straight from the script. This film has character ... even if it's mostly weird and sleazy. It exists pretty much just to deliver nudity and gore and it does that, if not artfully, with a minimum amount of imagination. "
30 3% Teen-Age Strangler (1964) - Oct 11, 2019
"I'll be honest ... the set up of this film seems promising with peculiarly bad acting and bizarre staging providing amusement. When we go to the local eatery where the teens hang and are treated to a girl singing the song "Yipe Stripes", this flick seems too good to be true. Ultimately though, this movie is a snooze fest that's 80% sitting and talking. SPOILER: The killer is the most obvious suspect even though he is very obviously not the actor used in the actual murder scenes."
20 1% Throw Out the Anchor! (1974) - Oct 10, 2019
"This ultra cheap regional family film is not, strictly speaking, terrible, but it's supposed to be a comedy and seems to have replaced the laughs with mind-numbing tedium. It's cool to see a young Philip Baker Hall in a tiny role, but that's about all this has going. "
60 24% Hustlers (2019) - Oct 10, 2019
"A tepid, pale imitation of Scorsese. All surface ... no depth."
60 24% Grindhouse (2007) - Oct 07, 2019
"I don't know what this is meant to be. It's not a homage. "Chinatown" is a homage to Film Noir in the sense that uses many of the standard elements of that genre to tell a new story that was relevant to it's own era (also see "Body Heat"). This is not like that at all. It's almost parody, only it doesn't contain jokes. Taking generic action films and ramping everything up past 11 does not make something a Grindhouse homage. "
80 64% Hard Labour (1973) - Oct 06, 2019