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50 10% Jennifer's Body (2009) - Sep 25, 2022
"I'm not suggesting that this movie really shifts from one tone to another so much as never fully shifting into one at all. It's not really ever an outright horror film or ever all that funny. It's sort of a very mediocre comedy with lots of gore."
60 18% Haiti Dreams of Democracy (1988) - Sep 25, 2022
"It's ... pretty good. Clearly two things interest Demme ... letting a cross-section of regular Haitians talk about what they hope for and musical performances. What he's not very interested in is imposing enough structure on this to really provide context for much of what you're seeing. 35 years later, what's really compelling is the music, but there's not much to really tell you what you're looking at."
90 85% To Be or Not to Be (1942) - Sep 24, 2022
"This is such an elegant comedy. So beautifully constructed that it just eviscerates Nazis and fascist ideology without really coming at it straight on. The last hour is just magical."
70 36% Desperate (1947) - Sep 24, 2022
"This film's an odd hybrid. A decent, tense crime flick during the first and final act, and a not-so-terribly-interesting domestic drama during the middle. Brodie and Long set up house in rural settings until Burr catches up again ... like an episode of "The Fugitive", "The Incredible Hulk" or "The Littles Hobo". It's Anthony Mann, so the good bits outweigh the duller ones."
40 4% Ciao Manhattan (1972) - Sep 24, 2022
50 10% Flight of the Navigator (1986) - Sep 23, 2022
"I'll be honest. I hate this movie. It's kind of a cheap Disney knock-off of the kind of movies Spielberg produced in this era, and I'm not even a fan of the actual Spielberg productions. The set up of this one is intriguing, but the script is full of giant gaping holes, and the entire last act is just this horrible little kid dicking around with the spaceship."
70 36% Outlaw Women (1952) - Sep 22, 2022
"A bunch of plotlines collide in this Ron Ormand B western shot in Cinecolor ... a crude Technicolor imitation. It's pretty much everything you expect ... some action, some romance, some comedy and a few songs. It's pretty damn okay if you know what to expect."
90 85% Swimming to Cambodia (1987) - Sep 21, 2022
"Jonathan Demme's film of Spalding Gray performing his best and most famous monologue is not talked about as much as "Stop Making Sense", but is another really great filmed performance. Demme knew how to not get in the way of a performer, but to still deliver something much richer than just pointing a camera at them."
80 63% Pearl (2022) - Sep 21, 2022
"I wasn't sure how much I really liked this until Mia Goth delivered a long monologue straight into the camera that really tied the film together and made it feel like a prequel to "X". I like "X" better, but this is one strange, daring film with a really great performance from Goth. It's her film all the way, right through to the incredible last shot that sustains through the closing credits."
100 96% Night Moves (1975) - Sep 21, 2022
"What's fascinating about this film is that it does something completely different with this kind of plot. Hackman is a man in middle-aged doubt ... no longer the athlete he once was and unable to find a new person to be. His marriage to Susan Clark is failing (he does a bit of accidental detective work and catches her sleeping with Harris Yulin ... which kind of mirrors the main plot), and it seems like the only thing he can latch onto is being his vision of an old fashioned private detective."