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80 61% Captive State (2019) - Mar 21, 2019
"If you grafted a less subtle version of "The Battle of Algiers" onto the mini-series "V", you'd get something a lot like this movie. It's very much a procedural with the alien menace being a MacGuffin that drives the terrorists-in-action plot, with John Goodman seeming to fill the Jean Martin role as a cop trying to stop the plot. It's a solid film that many might find a little hard to follow since it lets many of the pieces unfold with no explanation until it all comes together in the end."
70 34% Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (2018) - Mar 20, 2019
"I'm not a DC comics guy, so I freely admit to not knowing much about Suicide Squad. What I do know is that this movie did not suck. It was a little generically comic booky as many of these animated DC flicks are, but it passed the time in a completely non-objectionable fashion. They aren't kidding when they tell you up front that this is full of adult content."
70 34% Limitless (2011) - Mar 19, 2019
"Setting aside the idiotic plot, this is a very solid execution of a really dumb idea, and looked at in that spirit, it's really fun and entertaining. Cooper is his usual reliable self, but it's De Niro who's really surprising here. Something about this film seems to have clicked with him and he's not coasting. He's actually pretty damn good."
100 93% Nocturnal Animals (2016) - Mar 18, 2019
"I absolutely love this film, but can see why people wouldn't. It's about 95% surface and 5% content. The performances are all very good, especially Michael Shannon who appears as a cop in the book within the film and Adams who's performance in the astonishing last few minutes of the film is breathtakingly subtle."
60 16% Outlander (2014) - Mar 15, 2019
50 11% Valhalla Rising (2010) - Mar 14, 2019
"Mads Mikkelsen is a mute one-eyed viking. He joins some crusaders to go take the Holy Land back. They end up somewhere else and stuff happens. I generally love Refn's films, even ones where fuck all happens, but this one strained that impulse to the breaking point."
40 5% The Secret Life of Pets (2016) - Mar 13, 2019
"I think this is a good idea for a film ... depicting the lives of pets while their owners are away at work. It starts out grounded well enough in reality so that you can accept the premise ... the animals are anthropomorphized, but what they are doing feels compatible with the completely realistic portrayal of the humans. The whole thing gradually collapses to the point that the sublimely irritating rabbit voiced by Kevin Hart (never a good thing) is driving a bus. I hate this movie. "
80 61% I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore (2017) - Mar 12, 2019
"This flick is written and directed by Macon Blair (who also has a small cameo), who has appeared in a trio of films from Jeremy Saulnier. That's a reasonable comparison. This is like "Blue Ruin" with a slightly lighter tone. "
90 79% Annihilation (2018) - Mar 11, 2019
"One of the best movies of 2018."
80 61% Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018) - Mar 10, 2019
"It's not that you can really choose your way to different endings so much as you can repeatedly fail and need to revisit your choices to get where you want to go. In the process, it becomes a meta-commentary on video games as well as a joyously self-referential bit of satire. It's not amazing, but it's nice when something this ambitious manages to succeed. "