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80 T7 Gummo (1997) - 09 Dec 2023
"I can't argue in favour of this film. You either slip into it's vibe or you'll find in repugnant. I do the former. Max Perlich and Linda Manz (her first role in 16 years) pop up, as do skater Mark Gonzales (epically fighting a chair). Korine himself has a small role and I think no director has ever been this drunk in his own film. Werner Herzog is a fan and specifically loved the strip of bacon taped to the wall in the infamous bathtub scene. He's not wrong."
90 T9 Alcarràs (2022) - 07 Dec 2023
"I really loved this movie. It primarily depicts the rhythms of a vanishing way of life and I was enthralled by every minute of it."
60 T3 Abouna (2002) - 07 Dec 2023
70 T5 Godzilla Minus One (2023) - 06 Dec 2023
"This film has characters (and by extension a plot) that are deep FOR A GODZILLA FILM. By the standards of say ... a drama about WWII ... a good standard to apply given the film ... they are shallow. The characters are shallow, the acting is overwrought and the plot has some really weird holes in it."
80 T7 The Americanization of Emily (1964) - 05 Dec 2023
"This is an odd little gem that positions itself as a romantic comedy, but ends up being more effective as a vehicle for screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky's antiwar sentiments. Garner and Andrews make a really charming couple, and both are top form here, but their romance is never examined in much more depth than resolving American vs. British stereotypes."
70 T5 The Shooting (1966) - 05 Dec 2023
"Unlike the standard revisionist westerns of the period, which take western tropes and strip them down to just violence and mythology, Hellman strips out the mythology too. This is a western as a brutal, existentialist road trip with our quartet of protagonists marching through harsh desert landscapes to either their goal or death."
80 T7 Viridiana (1961) - 05 Dec 2023
80 T7 The Face Behind the Mask (1941) - 04 Dec 2023
"A low budget, horror-tinged crime outing of value mainly for Lorre's fantastic performance. That was enough for me. The scene where Lorre's disfigured face is revealed was clearly an influence on Tim Burton's "Batman"."
80 T7 It Always Rains on Sunday (1947) - 04 Dec 2023
"This pretty remarkable film feels like the bridge between the French poetic realism of the 1930's and the British kitchen sink dramas of the following decade. The prison break/crime plot is the main focus, but the film also follows a host of side characters through their lives on the Sunday, painting a portrait of life in post war East End of London. It's beautifully acted by an ensemble cast and stylishly directed by Robert Hamer, just a year before he would direct "Kind Hearts and Coronets"."
60 T3 Grotesque (1988) - 04 Dec 2023
"This is one weird fucking movie. Given the set up, you think you understand the trajectory, but Apisa's abrupt arrival throws the film into a completely new genre. By the time we enter the third act, a whole new genre starts up with two twists ... one obvious, one not quite as obvious. It's far from being a great movie, but it entertains the hell out of you, mainly by refusing to sit still. The film ends by completely shattering the fourth wall and becoming some kind of weird meta comedy."