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80 64% Pulling (2006) - Sep 19, 2020
80 64% Faces (1968) - Sep 18, 2020
"It's not my favourite Cassavetes film. It has a tendency to feel more like an acting exercise than a fully fleshed out film. I don't really mean that as a serious criticism, I just think he got better at this as he went on."
50 12% Here Come the Tigers (1978) - Sep 18, 2020
"In between producing "The Last House on the Left" and directing "Friday the 13th", Sean Cunningham made a couple of children's films. This one is so clearly a rip-off of "The Bad News Bears" that you pretty much know exactly what is going to happen at any given moment ... it will be like that film, only not as good. It is amusing to see Cunningham, Steve Miner and Henry Manfredini all show up in the credits of a kids's flick"
70 37% The Mechanical Monsters (1941) - Sep 17, 2020
"The 2nd of Max Fleischer's Superman cartoons is a beautiful Art Deco masterpiece. Sadly, the Blu-Ray release of these shorts is a travesty. Digitally scrubbed picture, sound not properly synched and worst of all, the company puts their watermark in the bottom corner of every short."
40 6% The Octagon (1980) - Sep 16, 2020
"I really wanted to like this film since it has a goofy streak running through it that is miles wide, but oh boy does it have problems. Three actresses drop into the lead role at different points in the film, and they not only cannot act, they deliver stunningly odd line reading full of unmotivated pauses and weird robotic inflections. Amazingly, with all this oddness, it still ended up being a bit dull and overly long."
50 12% Hamilton (2020) - Sep 16, 2020
"I'm not the intended audience for this, mainly because I am not a fan of modern Broadway musicals in general. Every time I see one, it seems to me that character and narrative are sacrificed for spectacle and a wall of songs that favour bombast over melody. I think this is an extremely good idea whose implementation fails to grab me at any point. "
100 95% Autumn Sonata (1978) - Sep 15, 2020
"I think that this is my favourite Ingmar Bergman film. It's also the one I have watched more than any other of his. Ingrid Bergman and Liv Ullman are simply astonishing here ... turning in subtle and complex performances in a film that focuses so closely on their faces, that you feel any false note would just scream at you off the screen. There's a point in this film where I usually end up feeling afraid for Ullaman, she so insanely powerful and unhinged, totally lost in her character."
30 2% My Old Man's Place (1971) - Sep 15, 2020
"I found this to be a profoundly irritating film. Very little happens, and what does happen is the most egregiously obvious war metaphors. I normally like Devane, but he's a constant irritation here."
40 6% Hachiko: A Dog's Story (2009) - Sep 15, 2020
"Let's not mince words. I hate this fucking movie. It's not that it's poorly made ... although it kind of is, but that's not my real issue. My issue is that in order to maximize the emotional manipulation in the climax of the movie, the details of the story (it's based on true story that happened in Japan) are altered to maximize the callousness and stupidity of the humans in the movie, and change a story of animal loyalty into a story about animal abuse."
80 64% Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) - Sep 14, 2020
"The cat should have won an Oscar."