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60 19% The Cabin in the Cotton (1932) - Sep 22, 2021
"While it's hard to imagine Curtiz making an outright bad film, this comes perilously close largely due to Barthelmess' dull and stagy performance and his complete lack of chemistry with Davis. Davis is great despite the fact that Curtiz did not hide the fact that he didn't want her in the film. She almost looks like a completely different person with her hair bleached blonde, but she's kind of the one ray of light in this one."
80 64% The Passion of Anna (1969) - Sep 21, 2021
"Good heavens, this is really a great film. These are four of the greatest actors from this period really giving vivid life to powerfully written characters. (And in a strange, but compelling move, you briefly see each actor telling you how they see the character they are playing.) It was made as a somewhat impromptu follow-up to "Shame", and although it really doesn't share any of that film's concerns, it has the same really beautifully barren rural atmosphere. "
100 96% Le Cercle rouge (1970) - Sep 20, 2021
"This crime thriller is amazingly spare even by Melville's standards. He seems dedicated to using only the minimum amount of dialogue necessary to tell his story, and it results in a wonderfully cool and tense film. "
90 85% Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) - Sep 20, 2021
80 64% Lovelorn Leghorn (1951) - Sep 19, 2021
"I watched two Foghorn Leghorn cartoons in so many weeks. What's the world coming to? I remember seeing this one frequently as a kid. A hen looking for a husband gets into the middle of your usual dog vs Leghorn kerfuffle. Is it funny? Damn straight ... it ends with a Rube Goldberg rooster trap gag that made me chuckle heartily."
40 5% The Little Things (2021) - Sep 19, 2021
"Washington is fine, although not exactly exerting himself much here. Malek is weird and mannered, and I really disliked his performance until Jared Leto arrived and totally broke the film. What the hell is Leto doing these days? He invents a weird, off-putting character here seemingly for no reason at all."
80 64% Hua yang de nian hua (2000) - Sep 18, 2021
"Wong Kar-Wai creates a montage of actresses from films of Hong Kong's golden age of cinema set to a song by Zhou Xuan. A really beautifully haunting reminder of complete cinema worlds that are somewhat lost to us."
80 64% The Two Mrs. Carrolls (1947) - Sep 18, 2021
"This is a slightly mad, but quite wonderful film. Bogart and Stanwyck have wonderful chemistry and it's a shame they never worked together again. The supporting cast really shines. Ann Carter plays Bogart's unusually mature daughter from his first marriage, and every second she's on screen is wonderful. Bogart and Smith have a wonderful aggressively flirtatious chemistry. Nigel Bruce shows up as a bumbling, drunken doctor, bringing a little Sherlock Holmes magic to the film. "
70 37% Dark Passage (1947) - Sep 18, 2021
"The gimmick damages the film by robbing it of it's greatest asset, the casting of Bogart and Bacall. The best reason for casting them in a film together is their very natural chemistry and the film restricts that by separating them for most of the running time. Beyond that, everything in the POV shots is just a little awkward and stilted, and the film lacks energy up until the point that this gimmick breaks. It's by no means a bad film, but it's the least of the four these two made together."
90 85% The Cranes Are Flying (1957) - Sep 17, 2021
"There's nothing startlingly original here, but that's really kind of the point. Soviet film had been driven for decades by programmatic concerns. This is one of the first films to take advantage of a loosening of restrictions and tell a simple human story that reflected on the war and it's toll on society. It's an absolutely gorgeously shot film with stunning hand-held cinematography and it's a really lovely and sad melodrama."