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Eric WK


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100 99% Stalker Stalker (1979) - 11 May 2009
"Perfect direction by Tarkovsky with fascinating and beautiful scenery. This is a film about man's desire or need for peace and understanding, and perhaps, for meaning if it's a means to that end. By the end of the two and a half hours (don't worry, it's brisk), we realize that the answers lie not in money and power or in escape or in religion, but within ourselves. After seeing this film, there's no question I'm a different cinephile and who knows, maybe a different person."
100 99% Playtime Playtime (1967) - 05 Sep 2009
"Two of the best and most enjoyable hours I've ever spent watching movies. I could discuss the elegant mis-en-scene, insane set work or subtle humor and attention to detail, but it's better seen than heard. Put simply, Play Time is an incredible film. It is smart, funny, beautiful and creative and it ends up simultaneously playing as escapism and as constant reminder that this absurd thing we call life is nothing if not wondrous. It may very well be perfect."
100 99% Days of Heaven Days of Heaven (1978) - 04 Jan 2009
"I would say it's redundant to mention how stunningly and beautifully Days of Heaven is photographed, but it really can't be said enough. What is equally stunning and beautiful, though, is everything else about the film - the poetry of the narration; the wonderful score; the subtle examination of love and trust, of morality and human nature, of life and death. This is one of my favorite movies."
95 95% Hannah and Her Sisters Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) - 12 Jan 2009
"I love how Allen touches on so many subjects here: love and relationships, family and friendship, mortality and religion and philosophy. So often during his films, I get the urge to jot down a line or idea from the movie and that was certainly true here. I particularly enjoyed Allen's crisis of faith and of life - his epiphany at the film's conclusion was actually very moving for me. Great performances from all three women, as well as Michael Caine. Oh and yes, it's pretty funny too."