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65 32% Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) - Feb 04, 2023
"Campy fun"
75 61% Infinity Pool (2023) - Feb 03, 2023
"Ballsy for sure, and an appropriate continuation of the 2022 zeitgeist and its focus on toxic entitlement. While it eventually aims more for turning stomachs than turning hearts, it's still a heady cocktail of sex, violence, and privileged ennui. In other words, a chip off the old 'Berg."
58 21% Georgetown (2019) - Feb 03, 2023
"Great cast, predictable film."
75 61% Funny Pages (2022) - Jan 25, 2023
"A forceful subversion of the artistic coming-of-age story that's also a stealthy shot at the myopia of privilege. (Coming from the scion of two well-known actors, no less.) It's a bit rough around the edges, but that's almost fitting because nothing is sugar-coated here--especially not its teen protagonist's misplaced sense of importance."
84 86% The Cathedral (2021) - Jan 25, 2023
"Well, this certainly makes me look at BOYHOOD differently. A quietly powerful, mesmerizing tone poem that captures the blink-of-an-eye urgency of our formative childhood experiences. The snippets of footage from major news events/disasters underscores how our individual lives are also a homage to our continued survival. Can you believe we even came out on the other side?"
44 11% Missing (2023) - Jan 24, 2023
"Incredibly far-fetched from the jump (a teen has five *consecutive* ragers at her mom's house?), MISSING must be admired for plowing through an entire streaming season's worth of true crime twists in less than two hours. There's something to be said for a movie that's clich├ęd but never boring."
60 24% White Noise (2022) - Jan 24, 2023
"I wanted to like this more, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd much prefer experiencing this story in its literary form. A valiant effort was made to blend the zany and the meaningful, but aside from the movie's bracing middle portion--a family's kooky misadventures outrunning a biological disaster--it's kind of a solipsistic snooze."
70 45% Corsage (2022) - Jan 21, 2023
"Midlife crisis in a gilded cage. The best parts of this royal slow-motion breakdown--aside from Krieps' controlled performance--are all the keen visual metaphors for depression."
73 54% The Inspection (2022) - Jan 21, 2023
"Fascinating as a quasi-argument against code-switching--in the Marines, of all places! Also one of the most unique and personal depictions of military service I've seen in years, and the story never even leaves boot camp. Could've probed a bit deeper, but perhaps Pope, Union, and Woodbine were just so good that I wanted more."
75 61% Bones and All (2022) - Jan 21, 2023
"Lord help me, I was quite taken by this film. Though bookended by scenes that betray its YA simplicity, the meat of the movie is a surprisingly lyrical meditation on loneliness, abandonment, and desperation. I dunno, it's just easier to feel these intense emotions when the characters are also dealing with an unquenchable hunger for human flesh."