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75 59% Skate Kitchen (2018) - Jan 26, 2019
"SKATE KITCHEN is an achingly cool and poetic ode to girlhood. The low-stakes drama yields to the gorgeous visuals, which capture a sense of beauty and freedom for a marauding pack of female skaters tenuously exploring the world of adult relationships. Sure, the performances are a little stilted and blunt, but whose adolescence was the portrait of nuance?"
83 82% Hell House (2001) - Jan 26, 2019
"HELL HOUSE is an elegantly simple, matter-of-fact look at the custom of the haunted house, as only Evangelical Christians could imagine it. Aside from a few droll visual gags, it takes its subjects at face value and engages them without judgement. The sheer amount of effort involved in creating this type of macabre moral lecture is riveting, as is the seeming incongruity of churchgoing folk mounting a disturbing Grand Guginol spectacle--an irony that permeates the film like a humid air."
90 95% The Favourite (2018) - Jan 26, 2019
"THE FAVOURITE is Greek provocateur Yorgos Lanthimos' most cohesive, confident, and laugh-out-loud funny movie to date. It's like the most fastidious of Kubrick's works set to the tune of a randy English drinking song. Examining how feminine power, sexual fluidity, and social sadism have always complicated the so-called "natural order," it's also just a goddamn blast to watch: Queen Anne's revenge on all stodgy historical dramas."
70 45% Set It Up (2018) - Jan 26, 2019
"Cute but not cutesy, SET IT UP is an engaging rom-com about career inertia and inappropriate workplace behavior. The film wisely gives its main character coupling plenty of room to exhibit actual human behavior, saving the hot-blooded antics for the antagonists, perhaps as a tacit joke about the irritating broadness of typical Hollywood romances. The key is that we grow to like Deutch and Powell as they grow to like one another, putting in the work to gradually earn our affection."
61 26% Slipstream (1989) - Jan 24, 2019
"SLIPSTREAM is a weird little sci-fi orphan with a reach that far exceeds its budgetary grasp, though not for lack of trying. If Kurt Vonnegut and Harlan Ellison had a baby, and that baby was obsessed with Frank Herbert, post-apocalyptic fiction, and classic B-movies, then s/he would make something like this swashbuckling, cheap-looking, messianic gumbo. Worth seeing for its eclectic casting (though they don't interact as much as you'd expect) and its hilarious Bill Paxton one-liners."
86 89% Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - Jan 22, 2019
"Fresh, funny, and bursting with energy, INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE is an overdue makeover of the Spider-Man mythos and an effective study in dramatic contrasts. It's nostalgic and modern. It's irreverent and sweet. It's just for kicks and it's terrifically moving. It's a masterclass in the subtle art of giving the audience something they didn't expect but somehow desperately wanted. It's almost too frenetic to fully appreciate in one viewing, but this Spidey is surely going to stick around."
56 21% Green Book (2018) - Jan 20, 2019
"Stellar performances from Mortensen and Ali keep GREEN BOOK afloat, but otherwise the film doesn't distinguish itself from the many self-congratulatory racial parables that came before it. Its presentation strains credulity, and results in a film that's more like a story about a beloved relative told through the rosiest lens imaginable. I couldn't help but wonder how different this story would be if told from the perspective of Ali's character."
65 32% Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) - Jan 18, 2019
"RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET takes its core character dynamic to a wonderful new place, but in the process loses much of its predecessor's charm. Trading the specificity of old-school video gaming for a concept as broad as the internet allows for some clever world-building but also introduces too much flavor-of-the-month pandering. (An especially cringey bit finds Ralph becoming a YouTube sensation.) Their hearts are in the right place, but like the rest of us, their online lives feel contrived."
81 78% The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) - Jan 18, 2019
"The offbeat Western anthology THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS exhibits the typical strengths and weaknesses of omnibus films. Getting multiple films for the price of one tends to exhaust the viewer, but the Coens are far too talented and versatile to produce a true clunker. The sweet spot is definitely right in the middle, where the storytelling melds into the classic Coen concoction of unexpectedly moving, somewhat baffling, and appropriately bittersweet."
55 20% Tequila Sunrise (1988) - Jan 17, 2019
"TEQUILA SUNRISE is a surprisingly ho-hum affair, given the talent involved. There are moderate pleasures to be found in its low-key cat-and-mouse game and a stellar performance from Pfeiffer, but this is a prime example of a '70s movie hopelessly lost in the '80s, with all the gauzy, saxophone-scored hot tub sex that implies"