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82 78% Rocko's Modern Life (1993) - Jan 16, 2022
40 10% Frankenweenie (2012) - Jan 16, 2022
"For a long time, I haven't enjoyed anything Burton did. this is where I stop I think; it is a second serving of the same ideas with slightly better animation. But overall I found the film mean-spirited and ugly in its essence with an extravaganza of annoying characters (even Disney couldn't manage to make a reanimated dog corpse cute). I tried to watch it with my daughter, big mistake but luckily she got bored in 15 minutes nad left."
91 92% He Got Game (1998) - Dec 30, 2021
"Man, it just spoke to me at such an emotional level. I have a similar level of obsession with basketball as Lee and this movie as a tribute to the game of basketball with all its promises and warts is awesome. It is sad that the hypocritical, abusive College Sports system has only recently lost its cartel on kids like Jesus and the whole story of getting out of the hood, those who were left behind, the vultures, the timeless father/son dilemma... You can feel it it is made with love, this film."
93 94% A Prophet (2009) - Dec 30, 2021
"Wow, just wow... I haven't watched such an effortlessly realistic movie for a long long time. It is engorging, with unreal acting; so good that it feels like a reality show (hats off to Arestrup and Rahim particularly). It has such a tight and wonderful script on top of that. Particularly Reyeb, the guilty conscience as a criminal consultant trick (with smokes coming out of the cuts and all) is a masterstroke. Best prison story I have seen since OZ."
73 55% Loki (2021) - Dec 30, 2021
"Well, the story is rather flimsy and slightly uninteresting. But it is visually very appealing, the music is out of this timeline (also the opening credits) and there is great chemistry between Wilson, Hiddleston, and DiMartino. Ms. Minutes is a great Disney creation (again, how can you make a f*cking clock cute!!!). Yet, Hiddleston created a much more nuanced Loki in Avengers, I would rather have that character in a more conventional Asgardian story personally; but not bad."
77 64% Zombieland (2009) - Dec 28, 2021
"As far as the Zombie spoofs go, it is maybe the best one after Shaun of the Dead and that English series I couldn't remember the name of. Eisenberg and Harrelson have great chemistry and the writing is on the right side of the tongue-in-cheek with inner narrative technique has been used very well. the Murray part was hilarious, it is worth watching even for that."
61 28% Venom (2018) - Dec 28, 2021
"Well, it is not bad per se and Tom Hardy is a good choice as Eddie Brock. But beyond that, it is very stagnant, not very visually appealing. Venom as a concept and as a visual tool is the potential for a horror masterpiece; this is more of a run-of-the-mill anti-hero story. They tried to create a new character (or at least one I don't know of) in Riot; and failed pretty badly. She was supposed to be frightening I suppose, but she is more disgusting than that."
83 80% The Yellow Sea (2010) - Dec 24, 2021
"It is a special movie, it has a heavy, contrived story but it gets to tell it without being boring while injecting Asian-style high-octane action without overdoing it (well maybe a tad bit overdoing it, but still at an excusable level). At one point, it can be read as a big allegory of "borders" not only between countries, counties but classes, minorities as we watch this poor guy trying to live while being completely invisible. Really strong stuff."
29 6% The Fall (2013) - Dec 24, 2021
"I watched the first season and deeply hated it. It is like watching a snuff movie, I really questioned myself "why I am watching this?". Hyperrealism might have a strong effect sometimes but not with every subject (like open-heart surgery for example). Anderson's character is like cardboard with distaste drawn on it, I just couldn't take anything happening on the screen seriously; it didn't engage me at all. It is one of my worst watching experiences, despite okayish production quality."
95 96% Coupling (2000) - Dec 06, 2021