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100 99% Downfall (2004) - Rated 19 May 2024
"This is the best War movie I have ever seen. Maybe because I have seen recently Auschwitz or maybe because I live in a place that was invaded by Nazis; it gripped me emotionally like few documentaries/films ever did. Perhaps, because it showed the most evil part of Nazism; the rampant cruelty even towards themselves. I salute everyone who worked on this masterpiece; some movies have to be done by someone; this is one of them"
53 17% Moon Knight (2022) - Rated 18 May 2024
"Bob Iger said that they will do less of these series; I think that that is the right call. They did all these half-cooked, unimpactful things with big names without achieving much. Except for WandaVision a bit and Loki, none really worked. The best thing in this series is the end credits; that shouldn't be the case. The last episode was kinda interesting but the rest is very forgettable. They got the costumes right also; but these ar enot enough to keep you interested for 6 hours."
31 7% Black Adam (2022) - Rated 12 May 2024
"It is hard for me to admit because I'm extremely proud of my memory; but I saw this movie on flight and I do not remember anything of it; I don't even muster the origin story of Black Adam (and I'm a comic buff, mind you) out of it; it was that bad. DC couldn't even do decent movies with its main characters; I think it should stay away from this mailing the side characters business."
76 62% Twist à Bamako (2021) - Rated 12 May 2024
"An excellent time piece; done in a very tasteful way; showing the realities of revolutions without shoving them down your throat. The music part is very well handled and conveys the relationship of the main characters extremely well. It has a crushing and very strong ending; but it never really tries to be a tear-jerker. All in all, excellent film-making, storytelling."
41 10% Tales of the Jedi (2022) - Rated 09 May 2024
"I hate this Clone ars animation style, I find it unwatchable so emotionless, unexpressive. Besides, the stories were really mediocre and the music is blatantly overused. Only the fifth episode was half decent."
86 86% The Americans (2013) - Rated 08 May 2024
"It is one of the best things that came out of Cold War Spy genre. The depth of the characters, the complexity of the storylines, the attention to detail as an early 80s time piece; everything is just top-notch. My only beef with it, and it is not even a criticism, it is a bit too real. You really feel like you are stuck with these likable spies in this pitiless, non-rewarding life and there is no way out and it gets worse and worse. This is applaudable as storytelling, but hard to take."
81 75% Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) - Rated 08 May 2024
"As audacious as you can get; but somehow it keeps everything together. It has crazy concepts, "what they were thinking?" style scenes (I have never thought that I will see a Martial arts Scene with two guys with dildoes sticking out from their asses, but here we are), and yet it is quite touching. It also tells something quite profound about family life particularly the relationship between a mother and daughter. Something that is definitely worth rewatching it has lots of craftmanship in it."
88 89% Andor (2022) - Rated 05 May 2024
"Maybe the best thing that came out of Star Wars Universe. It is a multilayered story, no corners cut, everything just oozes effort and determination. It has all the details the main Star Wars series lack; we finally understand what is so bad about Epire; brilliant acting all around, it was really a joy to watch. It will even make me rewatch Rogue One I think."
70 45% Three Thousand Years of Longing (2022) - Rated 05 May 2024
"It was just okay; visually it had some really high points (the first appearance of Elba as Djinn particularly) and they got the feeling of Harem right (at least from a local point of view); the 1001 Nights thing is a bit too familiar for me to get engorged by it; but you don't get to see a movie that is in a hotel that you have actually stayed in that much; that was particularly enjoyable."
78 68% Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) - Rated 05 May 2024
"I find this the cutest film of the series. Sometimes established franchises come up ith this kind of work; they had nothing to prove, they knew that it will work; so they were very loose and honest with it. It has brilliant comedic movements, yet the comedy does not kill the story; it has a nice message also without being in your face. All in all, a very enjoyable film."