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92 59% The Concierge at Hokkyoku Department Store (2023) - Rated 08 Apr 2024
"A wholesome and lovely anime set in a lovely capitalist nightmare of a mall. Ok, it is actually a pretty and charming mall. The main character is a little clumsy, but not annoyingly, maybe more from lack of proper training. Her coworkers seem awesome, management is weird, and the animal customers are amazing (expect one). The animation is clean and bright which is prefect for this charming movie. If you have worked customer service you will appreciate this movie."
86 20% Hazbin Hotel (2019) - Rated 03 Mar 2024
"Songs are the best part of this. The story and pacing have issues, but overall it quite enjoyable. Deals with some serious themes quite well. Lots of trigger warnings so make sure you can handle it before watching. Overall B+ worth a watch."
92 59% The UFO Movie THEY Don't Want You to See (2023) - Rated 12 Jan 2024
"Wow! I wasn't expecting to be absorbed into this documentary like I was. Lots of great info presented in an interesting and engaging way."
97 97% The Boy and the Heron (2023) - Rated 18 Dec 2023
"This movie doesn't explain a lot of what is going on. It took awhile to realize that this is a feature of the movie and not a bug. I felt familiarity too other movies wash over me at different places and this was nice. At the end I sat my mind quiet but active on a subconscious level. I did not want to leave and break the spell."
89 32% Skandal! Bringing Down Wirecard (2022) - Rated 01 Oct 2023
82 11% The Kleptocrats (2018) - Rated 01 Oct 2023
"Starts out a little slow, but gets more interesting. A good intro movie on what happened."
92 59% Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) - Rated 01 Oct 2023
"Ask Why. The stock price must go up. The only thing that matters is making money. When told to do wrong, that it is right thing to do because the only thing that matters is making the company money people will act that way. Enron distilled Capitalism. This is capitalism. Ask Why."
90 40% All the Queen's Horses (2017) - Rated 01 Oct 2023
"A fascinating look at how one woman frauded a town of over 50 million dollars over 20 years. It goes into how easy it was for her and how she spent the money. It also touches on how it was able to go on for so long and the signs that were missed and sometimes outright ignored."
91 49% One Piece (2023) - Rated 12 Sep 2023
92 59% Barbie (2023) - Rated 30 Jul 2023