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72 27% Free Willy (1993) - 14 Aug 2007
"Inspirational? Yeah, but also rather too sappy and wholesome to fuly swallow."
84 73% The Interpreter (2005) - 14 Aug 2007
"An intelligent thriller from Sydney Pollack made better by the film's 2 stars, Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn who pull no punches with the material. Although the ending and final twist might let down the film somewhat, the film's intelligence ensures it rises above run-of-the-mill thrillers of its kind."
79 47% I'm Not Scared (2003) - 14 Aug 2007
"Eerie at first, but as the plot is revealed, unfortunately the tension wanes and becomes ever so slightly more preposterous."
80 57% Basic Instinct (1992) - 14 Aug 2007
"A guilty pleasure, but a relatively well-made one with a now iconic performance from Sharon Stone."
90 89% The Sound of Music (1965) - 14 Aug 2007
"Call it fluff or sappy, but this is a winner in my book. The songs are memorable and catchy, led by Julie Andrews in fine form."
90 89% The Constant Gardener (2005) - 14 Aug 2007
"An intelligent thriller based on a John Le Carre novel, directed by Fernando Meirelles pitches Ralph Fiennes as a widower seeking the reason why his wife was murdered. Rachel Weisz, in her Oscar winning-role, delivers a fine performance as the feisty Tessa in flashbacks leading up to her death."
70 21% Elf (2003) - 14 Aug 2007
"A fun, lighthearted movie starring Will Ferrell as an oversized elf lost in New York looking for his father. Whilst Ferrell isn't the most believable 'innocent', James Caan provides a nice counterpoint to him as his natural father."
55 10% Le Divorce (2003) - 14 Aug 2007
"Surprise, a contemporary movie from Merchant/Ivory, but ultimately rather dull and miscast with Naomi Watts and Kate Hudson playing American sisters in Paris."
90 89% Clueless (1995) - 14 Aug 2007
"A smart, witty teen comedy by Amy Heckerling, loosely lifted from Jane Austen's 'Emma'. Not just another teen comedy."
85 77% Miss Congeniality (2000) - 14 Aug 2007
"A more consistently funnier film than most people give it credit for, with a star turn from actor/producer Sandra Bullock."