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69 T4 Dredd (2012) - May 01, 2018
74 T6 Brigsby Bear (2017) - May 01, 2018
82 T8 Ghost in the Shell (2017) - Mar 26, 2018
"I loved the visuals and the story was enjoyable. I have no attachment to the source material, so I was purely in it for the cyberpunk journey and ScarJo delivered."
85 T8 Annihilation (2018) - Mar 15, 2018
"I really like this movie and the world inside The Shimmer. I didn't find it to be "mind-bending" as some others have, but I was intrigued nonetheless. Annihilation is not a masterpiece a la Ex Machina since the screenplay is sometimes stunted and it's clear the studio gave Alex Garland instructions to dumb it down for the audience."
61 T3 Mother! (2017) - Mar 10, 2018
"No, Darren Aronofsky, no. I did NOT need to see the graphic mutilation and cannibalism of a newborn baby. I picked up your banal themes of female empowerment and Christianity. I get it. I don't need this extreme violence bullshit in my life. Fuck this movie."
86 T8 Ingrid Goes West (2017) - Mar 06, 2018
"How is this movie so good when it's premised on Instagram stalking"
65 T3 John Wick (2014) - Mar 03, 2018
68 T4 20th Century Women (2016) - Mar 03, 2018
"Annette Bening was incredible, but I just couldn't care about any of the other characters or the plot or the indie film pseudo-emotional cliches."
88 T9 Black Panther (2018) - Mar 02, 2018
"I don't like Marvel movies. I liked Logan and I like Black Panther."
72 T5 The Shape of Water (2017) - Feb 27, 2018
"Disappointed by the simplistic narrative style here. Yes, the sets and customs are beautiful and the initial premise is catching. But I left the theater feeling like there should have been more to this movie. It feels beautiful but empty."