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22 0% The Dilemma (2011) - Rated 25 Aug 2011
"One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Although this was supposedly a comedy I felt like I was watching it in a library since there wasn't a peep from the audience (minus one person's sneezing fit). The "dilemma" with this movie is trying to find a likable character in it or to just smile during any portion of it. The fact that my date and I did not leave the film is the only thing that saved this from getting a score below Blackjack. Vinve Vaughn is all grows up, and sucks."
60 20% Something Borrowed (2011) - Rated 25 Aug 2011
"This movie lacks a backbone (inside joke for all my fellow viewers). Jim from the office changes his name to Eugene in this and becomes friends with Ginnifer Goodwin. Jim's dry humor was the only thing that kept me watching, especially the badmitton scene in the Hamptons. Overall the rest of the film is horrible, but {SPOILER ALERT} sadly I was too lazy to wake up during the credits, and found out that there is somehow going to be a sequal to this story."
53 8% The Parking Lot Movie (2010) - Rated 08 Apr 2011
"You know it's tough to make a 70 minutes movie about life in a parking lot interesting. I give these guys credit for trying, eventhough they ended up failing. Maybe this is because they are parking lot attendants and not movie producers, or showbiz actors. Look I get it. Your job sucks and people don't treat you with respect, but that's life. Most of these characters weren't easy for me to root for anyways. I actually started to root for the drivers instead by the end. NOW GO PARK MY CAR!"
85 84% Two Days in April (2007) - Rated 08 Apr 2011
"I wish I had somehow seen this movie when it first came out because I wouldn't have known how all these guys already panned out. Still it does a really good job following these college kids going through the process up to and during the draft. The part I found the most interesting was when one of them would be watching Kiper on ESPN talk about their value going up or down, like they are stock and not a person. Put things in a different perspective. Watching them watch the draft was good too."
81 74% Street Fight (2005) - Rated 08 Apr 2011
"I wish the doc was more objective and not biased toward one side. It still was an interesting look into politics in a place like Newark NJ. The work that Booker put in day and night his campaigning was great to watch. Some of the roadblocks that he faced surprised me because I would not think he would face those things in this time and day, but it just goes to show that politics can be a cut-throat business. I also enjoyed how they set it up as a countdown to the election day."
79 67% Tyson (2009) - Rated 05 Apr 2011
"As a fan of boxing, the montage to start the movie was fun to watch. They do a good job of letting Tyson tell his own story, and in his own words, which just made the whole thing more real. I think the stuff about him and Cus D'Amato is really good too. I always read how important the guy was to Tyson. The way he talks about him left me with no doubts that the guy was the single most important figure in his early boxing life. He pulls no punches when speaking which makes him more genuine."
86 87% Snatch (2000) - Rated 05 Apr 2011
"Ah great stuff. So many characters which can sometimes make things confusing but once things got going I think I was able to follow along pretty well. A lot of one liners that I actually found amusing too. Most of these actors I don't really watch but thought guys like Farina and Graham were pretty funny. The "attempted" conversations between Statham and Pitt were great too. Go down in the 4th Round! Nice surprise to like it, because I wouldn't think this is my type of film."
79 67% No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson (2010) - Rated 05 Apr 2011
"I was psyched to see that Steve James (from Hoop Dreams fame) was involved in this documentary about one of my favorite basketball players. The fact that James grew up in the same area as Iverson makes everything more genuine in my opinion. I would have liked to see them have some sound bites from John Thompson, but you can't get everything. James does a good job covering all the different oppinions in the Hampton area, to point out that still there is some racial tension in America."
79 67% Easy A (2010) - Rated 31 Jan 2011
"It's scary how much Stone reminds me of Lindsay Lohan from Mean Girls (another movie I liked way more then I thought I would), hopefully she doesn't go down the same path. Tucci was funny esp. with his spelling peas. Stone's mannerism and attitude actually had me laughing, which I think scared my date. It might be tough to defend her as a great comedic actress, but I tried. Look I am not proud of it, but I will continue to find these movies as a guilty pleasure. Only Mean Girls tops it."
96 99% The Fighter (2010) - Rated 28 Jan 2011
"Few movies would I actually buy to keep rewatching, and this makes that list. I love how they intertwine the actual broadcasts of Wards real fights into his fight scenes. I am also a C. Bale fan for life now. The interactions between him, M. Leo (the mom), and Amy Adams (the gf) are great. Wahlberg does a solid job, but the other three really steal the show here. The scene on Adams front porch where she speaks with Leo and Wards sisters is great. Oh man I can't wait to watch this again."